• Jamai Raja 12th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Jamai Raja 12th January 2017 Written Episode

    The Episode starts with Satya saves Shabnam’s lookalike. Inspector comes there and says she is mad, and thinks her husband will come, and then goons follow her. Krutika tells that she is a Shabnam’s lookalike, and tells Satya about Shabnam’s story that she was Roshni’s step sister, came to separate Roshni and Sid, but then she was changed and helped Sid in finding Roshni. Inspector says she is Shabnam’s daughter Kareena. Satya says I have to return Shabnam’s favors, and tells Inspector that they will take Kareena home with them. He asks Krutika. She says okay. They reach Khurana house….An emotional song plays…..Krutika tells Satya that it is his house. She goes inside. Satya sees Sid and Roshni’s pics on the wall. Marjawun ya Jeelun zara plays………….He gets emotional and happy.
    He tells Mahi that this is his family and his mum was like a princess.

    Krutika brings Raj there. Raj gets emotional seeing Satya. Satya folds his hands and touches his feet. Raj blesses him and keeps hand on his head. Raj calls him Sid…Satya kisses on his hand. Krutika says lets do aarti. A woman comes and asks her to stop. Satya and Mahi are shocked. Woman throws the aarti plate in air and asks how dare you to bring these people here, without my permission. She says I am your saas and still alive. She asks how dare you to take this decision. Mahi says she is Satya’s bua. Woman asks her not to interfere and says I am talking to my bahu. Krutika says mummy ji…Karanveer is my nephew and my Sid’s son, I thought I shall take him to my house. Woman says I think I shall make you remember you value and raises her hand on Krutika. Satya asks her to stop and says she is my Bua, whom I respect a lot. He says I like your dhamaka avatar, but I can’t tolerate if anyone slaps my Bua. Krutika asks him to go, and says he don’t want to mean this.

    Satya says I read my Baba’s diary and had cultured, but I am uneducated and uncultured. He says you have misbehaved with my wife also, but I kept quiet. Don’t raise hand on my Bua, and asks her not to do anything wrong. Woman asks Krutika why she is silent when Satya is insulting her. She says now see what happens later. She asks Satya not to jump and goes. Krutika cries. Satya asks her not to cry and says old radio makes such sounds, and will be alright. He hugs her. Krutika tells Satya that her husband Bunty left her and took her son Aryan with him. She says my son Aryan is still in touch with his dad, but not with her. She says my saas is not bad at heart and asks him not to hurt her. Krutika’s mum in law tells her that she is going to Aryan. Krutika says you can’t go. Her mum in law tells Krutika that Satya is an illiterate and looks like goon, will get all Khurana’s 1000 crores wealth.

    Krutika looks on and asks her saas to give a chance to Karanveer. Her saas tells that she don’t believe on Satya and is only scared about her respect. Krutika says Satya is Sid’s son and will never insult you. Kareena cries and tells Satya that her finger is bleeding. Satya puts ointment on her hand. Shabnam like a child, asks her to blow on her wound and kiss on it, like her mummy. Mahi looks on.

    Someone cuts the rope and makes the pillar fall on Satya and Mahi. They get saved somehow. Kareena tells them that aunty/Krutika’s saas have cut the rope. Satya looks on.