• Ishqbaaz: Shwetlana accuses Omkara of sexual harassment

    Shwetlana (Rehyna Malhotra) accuses Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) for sexual harassment to Tej and Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) in Ishqbaaz
    Star Plus’s leading show Ishqbaaz has taken very dramatic turn in Omkara’s life.
    Omkara who always engross in his painting word and his brothers but a storm named Shwetlana spoiled his life.
    Omkara follows to Shwetlana believing as he will collect proof for her and save Priyanka but he falls in her trap.
    Shwetlana makes Omkara unconscious and uses a man making video in which proves Omkara raped her.
    Shwetlana returns to Oberio mansion in injured condition and tells Tej that Omkara did all this with her that make both Tej and Shivaay shocked.
    Shivaay refuses to believe as Omkara can do it but Shwetlana show a video to Tej which proves Omkara culprit.
    Shivaay struggles to save Omkara from Shwetlana's trap
    Tej gets furious on Omkara and slaps him for doing this with Shwetlana but Shivaay goes against Tej for believing at Shwetlana.
    Omkara tells Shivaay that he did not do anything but Shwetlana’s emotional fake tears prove him culprit.
    How will Shivaay prove Omkara innocence?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.