• Ishqbaaz Shivaay lashes out at Anika accusing Rudra being married

    Verbal argument between Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika (Surbhi Chandna) over Rudra (Leenesh Matto) and Soumya marriage in Ishqbaaz

    High voltage drama is going to unfold in Star Plus Ishqbaaz when Rudra gets agreed getting married with Chaddha’s daughter for Tej’s happiness.

    Shivaay first refuses for this but Rudra’s confidence make him believes as this marriage can sort out every problems.

    Anika tries to stop Shivaay supporting Rudra but he makes her silence talking about high class and status.

    However, Anika knows about Rudra and Soumya are married but they hide about this truth to everyone.

    Anika tries to show photos to Shivaay but he lashes out her for talking useless.

    Shivaay stops Anika interfering in his family's life

    Shivaay gets angry on Anika for calling Rudra as married and also taunts her reminding her as he was earlier accused Tia is married but she could not prove it.

    Anika is tensed with Shivaay’s accusation while Shivaay furious on Anika.

    Will Anika go against Shivaay stop Rudra getting married with Chaddha’s daughter?

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