• Ishqbaaz latest twist: Soumya find ACP Ranveer torturing Priyanka

    Ishqbaaz: Soumya (Neha Laxmi) turns spy keeping an eye on Priyanka

    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will witness alot of twist and turns.

    Soumya observes that Priyanka is very tensed from some days.

    But she is not able to understand that why is she is so tensed and what is the reason behind it.

    So then he talks to Rudra about Priyanka, she tells her that Priyanka is very tensed these days maybe she is in some problem.

    Soumya talks to Rudra about Priyanka

    Rudra confront Priyanka and asks her if she is in any problem but she says that there is no problem.

    Soumya feels that there is something that Priyanka is hiding, she decides to keep an eye on Priyanka to find the truth.

    Soumya gets shocked to know that ACP Ranveer is blackmailing as well as torturing Priyanka.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist