• Ishqbaaz 6th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 6th January 2017 Written update
    Title: Shivay's Gift For Anika!

    Sneak Peek: Anika tells ShivOmRu and Soumya that whoever this person is, is a person with high reach and this seems like a very big conspiracy!
    Tia meets an injured Svetlana and tells her that we hit the bull's eye, now no one can save Oberois from their destruction and Svetlana smirks!

    Episode starts with Shivika running outside to see Tej's car that has a knife inserted in the tyre!   Both get shocked and exchange confused looks.   Shivay takes out the knife and Anika asks him  if now he believes her and accepts that she is telling the truth that his life is in danger and someone really wanted to kill him?
    Shivay gets thinking and says, this is not my car...Anika says, Brakes were failed of ur car as well right?  Did the attackers know that Tej Uncle is gonna take ur car?  All this means  that they wanted ur accident...Shivay holds his head and says, I don't believe this and he looks anxious!   RumYa too reach there and Shivay screams for Security!

    Khanna comes with his fellow colleagues and Shivay asks him if they work here r are here for time pass that anyone enters in the Oberoi Mansion, sabotages the car and no one comes to know?

    He asks him if they saw anyone coming inside and orders him to go and check CCTV footage right away and all Security guards run

    Rudra says, I doubt these security people so let me go and check myself and he takes Soumya along with him!

    Shivay goes to make a call to Tej  but he doesn't receive and Anika gets scared all of a sudden and starts staring Shivay, she moves and falls down near the car all lost in thoughts, she says...Chaaku...Brakes...Kaanch...samajhne ki koshish hi nahi karte ki inki jaan ko khatra hai, inhe kuch ho gaya to and she gets teary eyed while Shivay turns back to look at her still trying to reach Tej!

    He drops the call and comes and  sits near Anika and asks her what happened and she gets hyper and asks him that why doesn't he understand, his life is in danger !   Shivay says, mujhe kuch nahi hoga and Anika all crying asks him, ho gaya toh, aap bhi mujhe chod kar chale gaye to?

    She holds him and  says, sab mujhe chod kar chalke jaate hain, Shivay aap bhi chale jayenge kya?  Boliye aap mujhe chod kar kahin nahi jayenge and he holds her face tight and screams her name to bring her out of the trauma and asks her to listen to him!

    Shivay: Main kahin nahi jaaunga...Na main khud kahin jaunga na main tumhe kahin jaane doonga...Do u get that?   He says this while cupping her face and she looks into his eyes and cries!
    She holds Shivay's hands that are holding her face and asks him, Sach?
    Shivay gets teary too and makes a puppy face, almost guilty realizing the current scenario!

    Svetlana is shown unconscious in a room where Tej is present and a nurse, all medical equipments for her treatment are there too!

    Jhanvi and Pinky stand out of the room and  watch them and Pinky tells Jhanvi that Jethani Ji!  Maamla kaafi serious lag raha hai!    Jhanvi lost in her thoughts says, she has not yet gained conscious and  Pinky says, O My Maata!  I am not worried about ur Saut and my Half Jethani,  I am worried about someone else and Jhanvi asks who?

    Pinky says, You!

    Jhanvi says, what has happened to me? Nothing has happened to me and Pinky says, not yet, but in some days it will be ur O My Maata and Jhanvi gets thinking !
    They see inside where Tej is covering Svetlana with a sheet and Pinky says, ye Madam Svetlana na, hamare ghar mein tapak padi!

    Jhanvi tells Pinky that this is not the right time for all such talks as didn't she hear, Svetlana  saved Tej's life?

    Pinky asks her, Aur aapne maan liya?   She goes near Jhanvi and whispers in her ear that if u say,  Iske muh par takiya rakh kar iski O My Maata yahin par kar deti hoonShocked

    Jhanvi: Pinky please, how can u talk like this?

    Pinky:  Aapki bhalayi ke liye bol rahi hoon Jethani Ji, is Naagin ko full fats creams ka milks pilao mujhe kya    Par ek bar yaad rakhna, ye Svetlana iss ghar mein ghus toh gayi hai, par nikalne walon mein se nahi hai!

    Anika passes from there but stops hearing their talk and Pinky continues,  How did  Svetlana only reach there to save Jethji's life and no one else?  Out of so many cars, Jethji's car hot her car only?  Wah! Wats a Conincidence and Anika gets thinking!    Pinky asks, Kaise...hows?

    Shivika and RumYa watch the CCTV footage and they see the same servant cutting the wire and after which there is no footage and Shivay asks Khanna to leave !

    Anika recalls the incident where the same servant was the one to give her tea saying Shivay Sir doesn't want to have it and  she tells Shivay that this is the same servant who gave me that tea the other day!
    Anika tells Shivay that the tea was meant for u but he gave it to me and he was the one who  told us that the glass broke coz it was loose!  Shivay recalls the same servant telling him about window glass being loose... Rudra tells Shivay that someone in our own house is conspiring against us,  Bhaiya I will find it out and he again leaves with Soumya!
    Anika asks Shivay what next and he says, first of all I need to change this security staff, I can't trust them anymore!

    He calls someone and Anika leaves too and bumps into Tia outside the room!

    Tia gets a little careful seeing Anika and starts to leave without saying anything but Anika stops her asking where is she going?

    Tia says, that's none of ur business and tell me one thing, are u Shivay's bodyguard that you are around him all the time?  She again starts to leave but Anika blocks her way and  says,  Jab Pati ko buri nazar se bachana hota hai na, tab Patni ko kabhi kabhar body guard banna padta hai and Tia rolls her eyes and starts to enter SHivay's room but Anika tells her that I don't think u should meet Shivay at this time as his mood...
    Tia cuts her off saying, Excuse Me!  I really don't care about what u think and feel!   If u are so desperate to know then let me tell u, I am taking Shivay on a lunch date so that we can spend some quality time, away from you, Got it?

    Anika has a naughty smile and says, Oh! Achcha! Achcha!  Tum Shivay ko khane par lekar ja rahi ho...jao na...enjoy...jao jao!

    Tia says, I am not asking for ur permission, I am going and she enters Shivay's room while Anika laughs away

    Shivay screams at Tia telling her that she has lost her mind!  He asks her if she cannot see the atmosphere of this house?  My brother is saying he would leave the house and Bade Papa has met an accident and Svetlana is injured...to top it all  the security concerns of this house and amidst all this, u want to go on a date, a lunch date?
    Tia fumbles and says, I am sorry Shivay I just thought ur mood will get better and Shivay says, I don't want to make my mood right but the atmosphere in my house and she starts to speak further and tries to hold his hand but he  shows her a hand and says, Stop it, I am already very upset and I am very busy okay, u want to go on a date or a lunch or watever, just...if u listen to me then in this state, u need to take rest, u need rest and he goes away saying Lunch Date pe jaana hai rolling his eyes at her
    Tia fumes with anger giving killer looks to Shivay,  and turns to walk of out of Shivay's room stomping her feet just wen Anika appears there and Anika smiles and Tia leaves all angey!
    Anika looks at Shivay and a funny bg score plays, She smiles and keeps looking  at Shivay and he gets embarrassed and steals glances at her, she keeps smiling and he gives an explanation without her asking, and says, Don't assume things okay!  U must be thinking that I said No to Tia coz u told me all those things but I told her no bcoz ...I was not willing to go on a date with her today and Anika keeps smiling looking at him while standing near her wardrobe!

    Shivay says fumbling, I mean...I just didn't feel like...yeah...u r assuming He makes a Billu face and Anika asks him, why are u giving an explanation?

    He says, I was just telling u!   She says, but I didn't ask u anything!    He fumbles and asks her, why are u laughing?

    She asks, where am I laughing and he says, I can see u r  laughing, Oh...haaan...haann...tum iss situation ko enjoy kar rahi ho, u r enjoying this!

    Anika laughs and says, I don't understand what u r trying to say and she starts to walk out but he stops her asking, samajh nahi aa raha ke main kya keh raha hoon right?  Hindi mein kya keh raha hoon?

    She smiles and asks him, leave all this and tell me, u cannot eat out but u can eat inside the house right?

    He folds his hands and she asks, Ya usme bhi aap dikhayenge Nakhre Noor Jahan ke and Billu again acts like what did she say

    He says, tum kitne musqil shabd kehti ho mujhe kuch samajh nahi aata hai, tum kya roz Dictionary ko dekhkar decide karti ho ke aaj main ye naya word sikhungi aur Shivay Singh Oberoi ko jakar sikhaungi?

    Ye aaj kya tha...Nakh...Nakhre jiske bhi aur w Tadi aur  Bagad Billa...Chop, chop, chop

    Anika walks upto him and smiles, asks him, Khana lau?  He stops speaking and she smiles... an intense music plays and he says, Tum na...ekdumm...Anika ho!

    Both turn in other directions and smile and blush!   Anika laughs some more and both clear their throats and finally look towards each other and Anika laughs while Billu looks away smiling and gets serious for s second...(feels like he is relaxed seeing her smile like this  )
    At night, Shivika are seen walking down the stairs, Om walking out of his room and RumYa walking in corridor together...all gearing up for the secret meeting
    All gather in the hall and Rudra says, Bhaiya I searched the whole house, Ajay (that servant) is nowhere in the house!   Soumya says that no staff member also knows about him and Rudra says,  his phone is not reachable too!

    Om says that he spoke to that window repairer and he informed that someone intentionally broke that window with laser tech.
    Shivay gets thinking and Anika says,  this means Ajay is behind all this as he only told us that the glass was loose!
    Om says, No Anika, Ajay is just a pawn in the whole game while the real game is being played by someone else Shivay!

    Rudra says, O is right, Ajay was just following someone's instructions and Shivay starts to call the security agency to take out his information!

    He asks for Ajay Verma's details but is shocked to know that there is no employee with this name in their records and they never sent him here in Oberoi Mansion and all get shocked!

    Anika says, this means he was sent by someone else here and Shivay wonders, who that person can be.!

    Tia is shown listening to them from behind a pillar  and smirks, she goes to Svetlana and tells her, we hit the bull's eye Di, now no one can save Oberois from their destruction and both smirk!

    Anika tells them all that whoever this person is, is very smart, he is playing the game but not coming infront of us, we need to find this person out, this is sure a very big conspiracy and screen splits, first shows Shivay Anika  v/s TiLana, then Om v/s Ru
    Next Morning, Shivay is shown getting ready  infront of the mirror while Anika sleeps on the couch!
    He wakes her up and a funny bg plays!

    He says, Anika!  Hi, Good Morning but she doesn't respond!

    Shivay:  Anika...utho na!  He  shakes the blanket a little near her feet but she doesn't move!

    He goes near her face and screams Anika!

    Anika gets up all scared and starts moving around in the room asking Kahan...kya ho gaya...kahin  aag lagi hai...ROFL

    Shivay comes near her and calmly says, Subah ho gayi India Mein and smiles...says Good Morning and she sits making a cute face and says, Kahan ki Good Morning!  Kisi ko aise uthate hain kya?

    Shivay says, Tumhe toh aise ho uthana padta hai bcoz u sleep like a Log!

    Anika asks:  kaun log? Koi log hainjo meri tarah sote hain aur aap ko kaise pata un logon ke baare mein and Shivay says, Log!  L O G ...he shows with hand gesture what a log means and she shows him a hand and syas, dekkhiye,  subah subah na mujhe logon ke baare mein baat nahi karni hai, waise bhi meri neend ka aapne puncture kar diya hai isiliye mujhe aapke kamre mein nahi sona tha!
    Shivay folding his hands asks her, Oh Really?  Aur tumhe lagta hai ke jis tarah se tum ghode bechkar soti ho, dusron ke uthne se pehle tum uthkar andar aa jaogi, right?

    Anika smiles naughtily and gets up, says, Wah!  Aapne muhavra mara?

    Shivay:  Toh?  Basic Hindi mujhe aati hai!
    Anika: Sirf basic hi aati hai!

    Shivay:  Tumhari problem kya hai haan, bina fight kiye tumhari subah shuru nahi hoti hai!

    Anika: Ek minute, Chantomai banke aapne jhagda shuru kiya!

    Shivay tries to speak the word but fails and says, Chinese ya Hindi...Anika again explains him its Chantomai and he says, jo bhi hai, tum dhang ke kade pehno and get ready fast and she asks why fast?

    He says, bcoz I am  going to make breakfast, for u and walks away and she says, haan thik hai mirchi tez rakhiyega and gets shocked realizing he said he is making  it for her and her jaw drops while  Shivay stops!
    Shivay turns all embarrassed and she excitedly asks him , Ek Minute!  Aap...mere liye...mere liye breakfast banane jaa rahe hain?  She smiles and he says, Hindi mein shayad maine ye hi kaha and he smiles proudly!LOL
    She asks him, but why and he says, so that u can realize that  what is good food coz what u make is  not food...he makes faces and says, that's not...naaa!!!
    She rolls her eyes and asks, ek minute, aap apni achchayi kar rahe hain ya meri burayi and  says,  I don't need to praise myself coz my food praises me in itself and he makes proud hand gestures 

    Anika smiles and  rolling eyes says, Apne Muh Miya Mitthoo and he says, same to you, whatever !   folding his hand  and asks her to get ready fast and leaves and she turns back and wonders, Ye Bagad Bille ko kya ho gaya!

    Shivay stops and calls her name and she looks, he throws a gift in tashan and she catches!  She looks at it confused and he says, this is for u!  She asks what is it and he asks her to open it!

    She opens and its a new phone!  She asks, this?

    He says, actually Daksh had broken ur phone and u were using Sahil's phone so I thought  how inconvenient Sahil would have to face, bachcha hai wo and she keeps staring him with a smile!

    He fumbles and says, just use this and return Sahil's phone back t him and befre she could speak anything, he says, now don't start saying How can I take ur gift and  I will return each penny of urs bcoz ...yar just take it...he makes hand gestures utterly cute and asks her, lagao na phone kaan pe...lagao!

    Anika nods and says, Thank u  and he smiles, she says, le liya maine...mere nahi hain aapki tarah, Nakhre Noor Jahan ke!LOL   She blabbers, gift bhi dena nahi aata aur nashte ke liye nyota  (invitation) bhi thik se dena nahi aata, Stone Singh Oberoi!

    Shivay fumbles and says, I know...Stone...stone and she shows him a hand and says, yehi kaam aap achche se bhi kar sakte hain, pyaar se...their ru ru bg plays and he asks her,  Tum Chahti ho main pyaar se ye kahoon?   He comes near her and says looking into her eyes romantically, Main chahta hoon iss jhagde ke baad jitni bhi subah bachi hai woh Good Morning Ho jaye!

    Anika blinks her eyes watching him in disbelief and he says, that is why I am making breakfast for u!

    He holds her hands that are holding the gift and says, Woh bhi apne haathon se and Anika feels shy...he says, aur ye jo gift bhi main laaya hoon, maine khud choose kiya hai, tumhare liye and Anika blushes a little!
    Shivay:  Mujhe bohot achcha lagega  agar tum mere haath ka bana breakfast khaogi aur gift  use karogi and he smiles while she keeps staring into his eyes and he tucks her hair behind her ears and asks her, toh ye just pyaar se haan ya...dobara koshish karoon and she shakes with his touch 

    He leaves her hair and again asks her to get ready fast  and come down and leaves reminding her of the phone and she gets thinking...O jaana music plays and he again stops, calls her name and says, Anika!  Fir se blush kar rahi ho and she all confused says, Brush...Woh!   Aap jab mujhe jaane denge tabhi karungi na and  he looks in other direction and says Yeah...his phone rings and he says, gotta go,...brush LOL

    He leaves and she all confused yet smiling asks herself, ye blush kya cheeze hai jo main kar bhi rahi hoon aur mujhe pata hi nahi hai...she smiles !

    Soumya is shown dancing on Ladki Beautiful and Rudra and Anika come there...Anika praises her and Rudra asks her the special reason behind this dancing and she says,Ofcourse!  Its New years and music is playing, what other reason is needed and Anika  says,  if one more reason is needed then its there...that too Dhaasu reason and  they promote a new show DHH...Dil Hai Hindustani!Sleepy

    Rudra says, we should send Shivay Bhaiya there, kitne sureele hain woh and Anika says, Woh aur Sur...Huh!  Asur hain ekdum, koi sur nahi hai unme!

    Precap: ShiOmRu in the kitchen and Om asks Shivay what will they cook today and Shivay instantly says, Aaloo Poori 
    Rudra asks him why suddenly today he is finding Aaloo Poori so interesting, nutrition filled and Anika is shown walking inside the kitchen and SHivay looks at her, Rudra says kyonki Aaloo Poori Anika Bhabhi ko bhi pasand hai!  All three start cooking in full enthusiasm!
    On the Dinner Table whole Oberoi Family is present along with Tia and Svetlana and Jhanvi asks Tej why did he bring Svetlana here and Svetlana stares Jhanvi in Khoon Pee jaungi mode,   Om tells Tej aap meri Maa ke saath aisa nahi kar sakte and Tej shouts at him saying, Kaun mera hai ye main dekh chuka hoon, Ab main kisi se koi ummeed nahib karta and Om leaves the Dinner Table in anger and walks away!