• Ishqbaaz 5th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 5th January 2017 Written update 
    Title: Svetlana Meets With An Accident!

    Sneak Peek: Tej drives furiously and his car hits another car and Svetlana gets injured in the accident!  
    Shivay in presence of Anika & OmRu,   asks Tej how can ur car's brakes fail and Tej informs him that it wasn't my car but urs coz my car's tyre was punctured so I used ur car and Anika worries telling Shivay that u were the target for this attack!  OmRu get shocked too hearing this!

    Episode starts with Tej telling the family that I should be the one leaving the house and not Om as u all are on the same side and he leaves jerking his jacket in styleJhanvi runs after him and holding his hand, tries to stop him and pleads to him to not leave like this but Tej releases his hand of her hold and leaves in anger and Shivika run after Tej  to stop him and Jhanvi cries!

    The servant is shown doing some more damage with a car!

    Pinky tells Shakti that what is all this weird drama going on,  both the father and son are alike, threaten to leave the house on small matters and Shakti folding his hands asks her to calm down and keep quiet and she makes faces!

    Tej gets down the stairs and  Shivay who was after Tej gets stopped by Anika who comes running to him and tells him that she needs to tell him something important but Shivay tells her, not now Anika!  U r seeing the atmosphere in the house, I have to stop Bade Papa but Anika keeps running after him to stop him and listen to her, he jerks her hand and goes after Tej!

    Tej comes near his car and the driver informs him that the tyre is punctured of his car and he gets frustrated and impatient and asks for Shivay's car's keys, the car that was sabotaged by the servant,  Tej drives away in Shivay's car by the time Shivay reaches him!

    Anika still keeps asking SHivay to listen to her and he lashes at her that  bcoz of her, Tej left I and he couldn't stop him!
    Anika again pleads to Shivay to listen to her and the servant is seen overhearing their convo and  he calls Tia and informs her that everything happened as per our plan, Tej Oberoi has left in Shivay Oberoi's car and smirks 
    The guys who were harassing  Prinku inform Romi on a call while the police was taking them away that they have sent the MMS to her already and Romi shows the MMS to Svetlana and says, Congrats Di, we have received Prinku's MMs and Svetlana praises her saying, ur followers are very useful for us! 

    Svetlana says, now u have got a chance to be back in Rudra's life and now u know what u have to do further and Romi smiles proudly saying Yes she knows

    Shivika reach their room and SHivay says, Anika u r absolutely mad,. its my mistake that I permitted u to spy on Tia and Shivay gets irritated seeing the glass pieces still being there in his room while Anika gets shocked seeing them!

    She asks him what happened but Shivay makes a call to Tej not answering her!

    Tej drives furiously and doesn't receive the call!

    Anika again asks him  what happened here and he says, the glass fell by itself and broke and she gets worried and starts checking him if he got any kinda injury!

    He tells her I am fine but she keeps asking how did all this happen  and Shivay again  says the same thing, that it fell on its own and broke!   Anika panics and says, that I have been telling u again n again that ur life is in danger, why don't u listen to me but he says this was an accident, why don't u understand!

    The same servant comes again informing Shivay that the person has come to repair window as the glass was loose and hence it broke and SHivay again tells Anika that look, I was telling u it was an accident and u r unnecessarily stretching the small issue!
    Anika tells Shivay that u think this is a small thing but I am sure, it was a planned attack but u r just not ready to listen and accept that ur life is in danger and Shivay just gets irritated and asks her to stop and also asks the servant to leave and again a close up of the servant is shown smirking
    Shivay asks Anika to stop bothering him as he is already tensed and he keeps trying Tej's call but Anika again starts the same thing that his life is in anger and he ignores, calls Tej!

    Jhanvi also calls Tej but he receives none of their calls!

    Svetlana calls Tej and he receives her calls and she tells him that she wants to meet him and he also says that I wanted to meet u to, just then the brakes fail and Tej loses control and Svetlana smiles!

    She disconnects the call and says, ur life is gonna soon lose track too so how would brakes help u !
    She calls someone and tells him that the plan is on course and now we have to take our biggest step and Romi and Tia are shown on conference!    Romi who is keeping a track of Tej's movements informs Svetlana that Tej has crossed the Cross Road and Svetlana says, I am ready and Tia gets a little worried and asks her to rethink as its a big risk, what if something happens to her and Svetlana gets angry and tells her that I won't regret even if I have to lose my life to revenge my Dad's death!

    She reminds her of their Pledge and all three do their Dil Bole Kapoors Moment 

    Tej tries his best to control the car but loses it and a car is shown coming from front and the Car stops infront of his car and the accident happens, Svetlana's car rolls upside down and falls at a distance  while Tej gets an injury on his head!
    (How could Svetlana survive after this Shocked)

    Tej immediately gets down to check and a blood filled hand comes out of the car's window...Tej runs to check and is shocked to see Svetlana !

    He lifts her up and dramatic music plays as if she is his own    He takes her towards his car just wen Svetlana's car catches fire!

    Anika still runs after Shivay asking him to listen to her and he annoyed tells her that I have already heard u so many times, what else do u want ?  She asks him to use his mind, what is the use of inserting a simcard in the phone wen the phone itself is off and he asks her if she means, his mind is off? 

    He tells her  that her talks have no head or tail and its unnecessary doubt and he doesn't have time for her suspicions!

    She tells him, this is not my doubt but I know who wants to kill u and he asks her,  who?
    She hesitates but names Tia and Shivay gets shocked to hear Tia from her mouth and  asks her, Tia?

    Anika says yes Tia, she is the one who wants to kill u!
    He asks her if she knows what she is saying and if she has gone mad and she says, I know what I am saying!   I am taking her name coz she herself told me!

    He asks her if Tia informed her that she is up to kill Shivay?

    Anika gets confused and says, No, but she meant the same with her words, her words were ...aapke hone ya na hone se  use koi fark nahi padta!

    Shivay says, yes, bcoz she is upset with me so she might have randomly made this comment coz u must have been after her, irritated her!
    Shivay asks Anika that with just one comment of Tia, u believed that she wants to kill me, Right?

    Anika says, there is a reason I had to believe, it was not just like that!   
    The tea that I had before fainting, was made for u and I had seen Tia before fainting so I am sure she must have mixed something!

    Now this glass breaking in ur room Shivay...Shivay gets irritated and asks her to Stop It!  He asks her what will Tia get by doing all this?

    He asks her,  Tia wants to marry me right?   Anika says Yes!    
    Shivay asks her that Tia is saying she is pregnant with my child, yes or no?  Anika again says Yes!

    Shivay asks Anika that who will take her child's responsibility if something happens to me?  In all this, Tia is at plain loss, she has no benefit in killing me!   

    Anika confused says yes, u r also right with ur talks but...Shivay says, this is right!

    Anika says, I get that she is only at loss in all this but Shivay, she is a very Chaalu thing, we cannot even think what is going on in her mind!   Anika  says, Tia kuch khichdi paka rahi hai and continues speaking but Shivay stops her saying, tum na mere dimag ka dahi kar rahi ho,keeping a finger at his head

    He says that I just meant, u r thinking too much and Anika again starts saying please listen to me once Shivay Shivay runs away asking her to Shut Up and she still follows him!

    RumYa are shown watching SHivika argument and Rudra gets upset seeing this and almost crying tells Soumya that everyone in this house is fighting, first Papa Mummy and now Bhaiya Bhabhi !

    He worries what has happened to this house, ksisi ki nazar lag gayi hai and Soumya consoles him saying not to worry and everything will be fine!

    He asks her, wen as he cannot see this family breaking and Soumya assures him that everything will soon fall into place as Bade Bhaiya is there and he will make everything alright!
    Soumya tells Rudra that I know u r very much tensed, and though I cannot reduce ur worries but I can always share them with u and she asks him to share his worries with her, wenever he feels like that and they have an emotional eyelock scene where she holds his hand!

    At the trekking location in jungles,  Prinku asks ACP if he is fine? 

    ACP looks into her eyes and asks, what has happened to me?  She says, u have got such a bad injury and he says, Zakhmon se toh purani pehchaan hai,  Tang nahi karte ab!

    Prinku looks guilty and says, u have lost a lot of blood, let me dress ur wounds and he says, I am fine, let me go and she stops him and requests him to just get the wounds dressed and then he can leave

    She makes him sit and gets the first aid box, applies antiseptic and says, Thoda Dard Hoga, cleaning his wound!

    He looks into her eyes and says, Dard?  Jo Dard tum de chuki ho uske saamne toh ye kuch bhi nahi hai!

    They look into each other's eyes and she continues to dress his wound, then says a sorry coz he got so many injuries coz of her!  She says, I accused u so much, said so many thing to u !

    ACP: Main bura hoon!  Bura hoon main, par gira hua nahi, kisi bhi ladki ke saath aisi ghatuya harkat kabhi nahi kar sakta and he looks into her eyes while she looks down, embarrassed!

    He asks her if she is done?  Gets up in stile jerking his jacket but is stopped by Prinku who holds his hand!   She says, I am sorry, for doubting u and Thank u, for saving me!

    He takes off her hand and leave without saying anything  and she watches sadly but smiles later
    Shivika in hall where Anika still runs after him and he tells her that Anika whatever u r saying makes absolutely no sense, she keeps asking him to listen to her and he says, No, just no     

    Jhanvi comes running to Shivay informing him that Tej is not receiving her calls and even his Secretary doesn't know about his whereabouts and Shivay assures her not to worry and he would find out Tej!

    Shivay was about to leave but stops seeing Tej entering inside carrying Svetlana in his hands!

    Jhanvi gets embarrassed at this and Shivay asks what happened and if he is fine?   Tej says, i am okay but she is not and asks him to call a Dr. and Shivay asks Anika to call a Dr.!

    Whole family including OmRu gather and Om looks angry at this all  Dadi does her usual facepalm! 

    Jhanvi asks Tej what has happened but Tej ignores her and keeps trying to wake Svetlana up and asks her to open her eyes, He holds her face and rubs her palms to wake her up...Tia watches Svetlana from a distance and cries seeing her like this!

    Anika comes running and Shivay asks her if she has informed the Dr. and Anika says, yes, the Dr. is coming!

    Dadi asks Tej, what happened to her and Tej informs them all that he met with an accident and if it was not for Svetlana, her son would not have been alive today and whole family gets shocked while Om looks disgusted at all this!
    Tia cries and calls Romi  and says, how would we live if something happens to Svetlana Di Ermm   I can't do this, I can't see Di in this condition and I am going near Di and an annoyed Romi screams at her to stop,  and tells her that if she goes near her then their Di's sacrifice would go waste and asks her to be strong!
    Tia says, I can't, I can't see my  Di dying infront of my eyes and Tia comes and stands there in the hall but at a distance!

    Tej checks Svetlana and screams that she is not breathing, he tries to wake her up and Tej keeps asking her  to breathe!  He asks for a first aid box and Soumya runs to get it   (why didn't he take her to the hospital directly Ermm)

    Om watches all this angrily!  Tej rubs her palms and says, we have to stop her bleeding and he panics while OmRu and Jhanvi watched the drama, all embarrassed!  

    Pinky keeps her hand at Jhanvi's shoulder assuring her to be strong and Tia cries too while on call with Romi!

    Svetlana finally opens her eyes and Tia breathes a sigh of relief!

    OmRu makes faces when Svetlana gets up

    Tej Thanks God wen she opens her eyes while Tia runs away inside from there!

    Om folding his hands and all angry, asks Tej that if she was hurt so much , why did u bring her home instead of taking her to hospital and Tej's angry bg plays for a second and  he tells Om, that if I had gone to hospital taking her there, there would have been many questions  asked to me for which I had no answers!

    There would have been a scandal and unlike u, I value my family's reputation!  Om smiles mocking Tej's  explanation and says, Great!   Ofcourse, who would worry more for this family's reputation if not u!   U went to this woman, just to increase this family's honor!   Its obvious, upset with all of us, u went to meet her!

    Jhanvi tells Om that this is not the right time for all these talks and Tej gets angry and tells him that the woman at whom u r pointing fingers, let me tell u, she staked her own life to save my life! 
    U don't care at all if I am alive or dead but  Svetlana does!  Jhanvi and Om look away at this all embarrassed and Pinky makes faces too!

    Shivay asks Tej how did all this happen and Tej says, car's brakes failed!  Whole family gets shocked hearing this and  Shivay says, this doesn't make sense, how can ur car's brakes fail?
    Tej says, actually that was not my car, it was ur car and AniOmRu's eyes remain wide open at this!

    Pinky's jaw drops hearing this while Shivay  turns to look towards Anika!

    Tej says, my car's tyre got punctured so I took ur car and Anika tells Shivay, this means that u were the target and Shivay gets thinking!

    Precap:  Anika is shown terrified and asks Shivay what if something happens to u and u too go away leaving me like others did?   Shivay cups her face and tells her, nothing will happen to me, "Na main khud kahin jaunga, na tumhe jaane doonga"
    ShiOmRu and Soumya stand in the hall and Anika kinda leading the meeting,  tells them all that  whoever this person is,  is a person with high end contacts and this is a very big conspiracy and all three brothers listen intently!

    Tia tells an injured Svetlana that  Hamara Teer nishane par laga hai, now no one can save Oberois from this destruction!