• Ishqbaaz 31st January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 31st January 2017 Written update

    Title: Will Anika Return?

    Sneak Peek: Shivay asks Anika outside the Mansion somewhere...tum mere saath chal rahi ho ya nahi?
    Anika cries and he says, Jawab Do Anika...haan ya Naa?
    Anika cries and nods in a No !    Shivay leaves a hand slowly and sadly...Rudra is also standing there and Shivika look at each other in pain

    Episode starts with nurse and ward boys entering Shivay's room asking him to come with them to the Lab for some tests!
    ShiOmRu all ask what kinda tests?   Nurse just injects sedative in Shivay's drip and he feels sleepy...before falling asleep he holds Anika's hand and asks her if she won't leave him and go away from here and Anika says No!  He holds her hand and falls asleep!

    Nurse sends out Rudra to get medicines and all of them take Shivay out on a stretcher to the Lab...Anika watches from the glass window and feels sad!

    Pinky comes outside glass window and watches Anika with hatred in her eyes!

    Anika comes out and sees Shivay being taken in an ambulance and runs after the ambulance screaming Shivay's name!

    She keeps running and trips and falls down on the road...a car passing by stops and Pinky comes out of it...Pinky has Nafratbaaz wala bg  now 

    She comes out with her shades on in style and looks down upon Anika...removes her shades   

    She mocks Anika saying, Besharmi ki Heads hai tu!    Maine tujhe wahan se bahar nikala, tu  khote sikke ke tarah wapas laut aayi?

    Bhul gayi shayad...  khote sikke ki jagah bhikari ke katore mein  hoti hai, Mehlon mein nahi 
    Dekh khudko! Jis raaste pe tu padi hui hai na, asal mein teri aukaat yahi hai, raaste ki dhool hai tu dhool...aur raaste ki  dhool ko maathe pe nahi sajaya jaata,...pairon mein raunda jaata hai 

    She tells Anika, ab tu yahin padi reh...zara bhi sharm  baki hai na tujh mein Anika toh mere bete ke paas dobara mat lautna!

    She leaves threatening her wearing her shades back, NBs music in bg

    Anika keeps crying while sitting at the same place! 

    At home, Pinky makes Shivay sleep inside his room and  watches him from outside and smiles!
    OmRu come asking Pinky why did she bring Shivay home?

    Pinky tells Om that Shivay can be looked after well, at home and Om asks back, what was wrong with the hospital?  Atleast he was in Dr.'s  supervision!

    Pinky says, I brought him back with Dr.'s permission itself and Om asks, she didn't even inform them?  Infact she made sure  that they are not present there and  she brings Shivay back home as soon as they both disappear!

    Pinky asks if she needs their permission for this now and Rudra argues back  saying m u could have atleast informed us?

    Pinky says, achcha...taki tum us Anika ko phir se le aate mere bete ke saamne?  Trolley mein chupakar  kamre mein le gaye the, ab Ambulance mein chupakar ghar mein bhi le aate?

    OmRu get shocked hearing this and exchange glances and Pinky demands an answer from them!

    Om says, whatever we did was for Shivay's good... Pinky says,  Tumne jo kiya woh Shivay ki barbaadi ke liye kiya kyonki woh ladki barbaadi hai!

    My son is fighting with Life and Death coz of that girl and Om tries to explain Pinky that she is misunderstanding his Anika Bhabhi!

    Pinky says, I am understanding her well, but just like Shivay,  u both are blinded by her too...Rudra asks her if she agrees that Shivay also thinks like the two of them?

    Pinky gets thinking and stays quiet and Om requests Pinky to not break Shivika apart... as Shivay himself  asked Anika to stay with him and wen he wakes up, he will  again ask for her!

    Om feels sad and again requests Pinky to  please not do anything like this!

    Pinky asks Om if he will not explain to her the difference between right or wrong?
    Pinky:  Ye jo lectures  hain na apne Baap ko jakar dena, jo iss umra mein bhi jawan  bane firte hain and OmRu and Jhanvi get shocked and embarrassed hearing this!

    Rudra tells Pinky that they have come here to talk about Shivay  and they know she cares for Shivay a lot,  but she should also know and understand that they also care about Shivay a lot!

    Rudra says, baat jab Bhaiya  ki khushi pe aayegi toh hum chup nahi baithenge!

    Pinky complains to Jhanvi to see how her sons are threatening her today, and asks Jhanvi to tell them to stay within their limits as there is no need for them to interfere in her son's life!

    OmRu feel sad  and Jhanvi asks them both if they can't stay quiet and why are they interfering in all this?

    Rudra gets furious and asks, why Mom?  wen there is an problem in our life, Shivay Bhaiya is always there for us so now when there is a  problem will be there in his life, we shuld not do anything?  Shall we just stand and watch quietly?

    Jhanvi says,  there are elders to take any decision and u r young so behave ur age...Rudra tries to argue back but Jhanvi asks him to shut up!

    Om also tries to speak but Jhanvi asks them, whats wrong with them and why are they arguing so much wen Pinky has decided?  Just let it be as Pinky knows what is right and what is wrong  and she asks OmRu to leave and let Shivay rest!

    OmRu keep standing with sad faces and Pinky says, ab jaoge ya mera thappad khake jaoge?  Apni Maa ki baat bhi nahi sunoge?  Dafa ho yahan se and Rudra watch Pinky angrily

    Jhanvi drags them both along with her and the three leave!

    Pinky watches Shivay from outside his room and standing by the door she says,  don't u worry Shivay, now just see how all ur problems vanish slowly as the real problem is gone!  (teri saari balayein tal jayengi...asli bala jo tal gayi)
    I won't let any trouble reach you till I am there!   I know that girl tried her best to break us apart but see, how I sent her away from you,...mere aur mere bete ke beech main Anika kya, kisi ko bhi nahi aane doongi!

    Anika walks on the streets crying...says, Ab main aapke saath nahi hoon Shivay!   Par aap ab bhib mere saath hain and she recalls the Hospital meeting with Shivay!

    She says, aap meri fikr mat kijiye, aap bass  jaldi se thik ho jaiye, I promise, koi aur raite nahi phailaungi!  Aapke paas bhi nahi aaungi...par please...please aap jaldi se thik ho jaiye and she sobs!

    Shivay gets dreams of the gunshot on Anika and the Hospital moments...his sleep gets disturbed and he recalls how he asked Anika to not leave him and go away before  falling asleep!

    he wakes up calling Anika's name, all tensed and  puzzled and says, Kahan ho tum Anika?

    He rushes to meet Anika!

    Anika still walking on the streets sad and crying,...and a car comes and stops and Shivay gets out of the car...he walks with great difficulty and  and slips coz of weakness but Anika catches him screaming his name  and an O Jaana moment happens Heart

    She asks him to take care of himself as he was not hit by pebbles but a bullet and  Shivay just keeps staring into her eyes!

    She says, aapko rest karna chahiye tha...abhi gir jaate toh?

    Shivay:  Tum sambhal leti! 

    Rudra comes running out of the car!

    Anika keeps holding Shivay and he keeps looking into her eyes...she cries and asks Rudra,  itne bade dolle bana rakhe hain and  Rudra looks at his muscles
    She says, Akal itni si bhi nahi hai, iss halat mein koi patient ko bahar laatahai kya?   Why did u drive the car?   Why did u bring him here and Rudra says,   Main car nahi chalata toh Bhaiyaa khud hi drive karke aa jaate...jab aap kamre mein dikhi nahi toh Anika Anika karne lage 

    Anika looks at Shivay and Rudra says in a cute manner...ab meri kya galati hai isme...sab choto ko hi daante hain...kabhi kabhar badon ki bhi galati hoti hai!

    Shivay says making a puppy face, Galati tumhari hai Anika...meri iss halat ki zimmedaar tum ho!

    Anika looks at him confused and asks him, what is he saying?

    He says,  Jab maine kaha tha tum mujhe chodkar nahi jaogi, toh kis haq se tum wahan se chali aayi and Anika looks down!

    Shivay:  Jab main utha, toh tum  wahan kyon nahi thi?  Hamesha zidd karti ho...kabhi meri baat nahi maanti ho!    Aaj tumhari zidd nahi chalegi okay?  No...! 

    He holds Anika's hand and asks her to come with him but she stops him crying... she says, No Shivay, I can't come home!

    Shivay says, I have come to take u back here, and I won't go without taking u along!  Shivay Singh Oberoi ko Naa sunne ki aadat nahi hai!

    Anika says, please Shivay, I cannot come and he asks why?  Just bcoz Mom said  all that  to u?

    Tumhare liye unka gussa meri zaroorat se badhkar hai?  Anika looks at him helplessly!

    Pinky comes to Shivay's room where  Soumya is sitting guarding the pillows under the blanket and she does a facepalm seeing Pinky 

    Pinky comes inside Shivay's room and Soumya comes running blocking her way...Pinky questions here what is she doing here and Soumya gets thinking  and later makes an excuse  of coming to see Shivay but she was waiting for him to get up!
    Pinky says, I will wake him up as he has been sleeping for long and now he should also eat something but Soumya again stops her saying, let him sleep...she gets nervous but makes some  excuse of a Research done by the University of California...patient recovers faster if he sleeps more and Pinky  nods and asks her,  what are u hiding from me?

    Soumya smiles widely and Pinky asks, are u also a partner with OmRu?  Soumya innocently says No!  There is no planning, No khichdi and she was genuinely waiting for him to get up and Pinky starts to leave asking her to not disturb Shivay but turns back saying,  I forgot to do the work I came for!

    She  comes back and Soumya asks what?   She says, I got  Prasad from Pandit Ji after the Pooja for Shivay's well being and Soumya again says, give it  to me I will give it to Bhaiya wen he wakes up but Pinky wants to touch the Holy Flower to Shivay's forehead!   Soumya keeps stopping her giving excuses but Pinky doesn't stop and pulls the blanket and finds Om sleeping there in place of Shivay

    Om looks scared while Soumya looks away  and Pinky stares them both in anger!

    Shivay tells Anika  holding her...mujhe tumhari zarurat hai Anika;...I need u!

    Anika cries looking into his eyes and says,  its not hat easy Shivay, Pinky Aunty doesn't want me to live with u anymore !   I can't upset her anymore, main aur raite nahi phaila sakti... naye rishte banane ke liye purane rishte nahi tode jaate Shivay...aur phir, aapke paas to itna achcha parivaar hai, bhai-behen hai, itne saare rishte hain,...aur main...aapke aur aapke rishton ke beech mein nahi aana chahti...duniya mein kuch bhi ho jaaye, kuch bhi, Maa Bete ke beech mein  kabhi Deewar nahi aani chahiye, Maa Baap se badhkar kuch bhi nahi hota and Shivay keeps fumbling wen she speaks 

    She tells him that those who have a family are lucky and families should not break apart,  especially a Khidki Tod family like his!

    She says, I guess Pinky Aunty was right...From the time I have come into ur life, everything is gong wrong and some or other bad keeps happening with u...she was right,  main hoon hi manhoos..!

    Rudra makes a crying face and Shivay says, tumsahi keh rahi ho,...bura ho raha hai...par agar tum nahi aati na Anika,  toh bohot bura ho jaata!

    He says Stammering that how many times u risked ur own life to save mine...u saved my family...if u were not there Anika,  this Tadibaaz would not have been alive today!  Anika looks at him sadly!

    He asks her... aise hi khadi rahogi ya mere saath chalogi?  Tum mere saath chal rahi ho and he holds her hand and starts taking her along but she stops and says, why don't u understand Shivay?

    He asks what am I not understanding?

    She says crying, aise Maa ko dukh dekar bachche kabhi khush nahi  reh sakte...aapko unki baat ka maan rakhna hoga, aap samjhiye, main ab unhe aur dukh nahi  de sakti!

    Shivay says he will talk to his Mom but Anika asks him not to go against his Mom for her...bcoz if u do that, she would be heartbroken and I can't break a Mother's heart!

    She cries and Shivay asks her...Mere saath chal rahi ho ya nahi?  Jawab Do Anika...Haan ya Naa?????

    Anika nods in a No, all crying, recalling Pinky's words and her promise to Pinky and Shivay slowly leaves her hand...O Jaana sad instrumental plays and Anika cries while Shivay looks down and cries!

    Rudra cries watching them both!

    Precap: Pinky infront of the whole house screams at I know what all of u are doing, let my Shivay come...I will show ur true colors to him...Shivay comes  and asks her, wat do u have to show me Mom?  She runs to him and sees Anika entering the house and stands stunned...Om and Soumya smile while Tej looks angry!    Pinky stands shocked and upset!

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