• Ishqbaaz 27th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 27th January 2017 Written update

    Title: Shivay gets shot saving Anika! 
    Sneak Peek: Shivay sees Anika moving and a shooter aiming at her...he screams her name and she turns...he runs to save her and the shooter fires a bullet and Shivay falls on Anika and both lie on the ground! 
    Whole family gets shocked!

    Episode starts with Rudra telling Dadi that the Dhol Walas have come and the Shooter joins other Dholis and enters inside!
    Dadi asks the Dhol Walas to start playing Dhol as without  Dhol, all the happiness and Auspicious events in Punjabis are incomplete and Shivay smiles!

    Dhol starts playing and Shivay goes to Om who  stands alone and looking upset, Shivay asks him why is he standing alone and asks him to join and dance with everyone but Om says, he doesn't feel like it!

    Shivay holds his hand and asks him to join and burn all his anger in the Lohri Fire!

    Shivay and Om go to Rudra and Rudra asks Dadi what song they used to sing while showering Til in the fire and  Dadi tells the Punjabi song!

    Dadi starts singing and  whole family starts circling around the fire...Dholis play the Dhol!

    Anika is right opposite Shivay and he keeps staring her while throwing Til in fire and slightly smiles and she also steals glances at him!

    The shooter finds an apt place to aim at Anika  and sets his stuff and rifle!

    Om notices Tej bringing in Svetlana along with him and gets shocked !    He loooks at them in anger and Tej smiles...Jhanvi comes and watches them too and leaves with a crying face, Svetlana smirks and Om goes after Jhanvi!

    Mrs. Kapoor throws Til at Anika instead of throwing in fire and wen Anika turns to look towards her, she says sorry and  Anika says, its okay!   Mrs. Kapoor then gestures the shooter and shows him who is the target  and then thinks to herself, ab aayega maza!

    Anika stands alone and shooter targets at her, she was on point just wen Prinku came in between to talk to Anika!
    Prinku leaves and Shivay keeps waiting to talk to her and goes near her but she walks away and the shooter loses the aim again!
    Anika keeps walking, all lost in her thoughts and was about to walk near the Fire just wen Shivay pulls her and asks her what was she doing, if something would have happened to her ?  She looks confused at him and walks away saying  aapko meri chinta karne ki koi zarurat nahi hai and starts to walk away again but Shivay pulls her hand and  getting close to her  and checking if no one is around, says slowly that if there was someone else in ur place, he would have said a thank you!

    She says in a cold tone that if there was someone else in ur place, I would have said a thank u too and leaves  while Shivay looks at her, sadly!

    Anika goes to Dadi and the shooter keeps following her with his gun!   Dadi leaves and  Anika stands alone, just wen Shivay again comes infront of her and stands, he bends to pick something  and shooter again aims at Anika and was about to fire but Shivay stood up and he stopped!

    Shivay was handing over a pooja ka flower to Anika that she had dropped  but she doesn't accept it and walks away without looking at him and he watches her go, just wen he notices the shooter aiming at her and gets shocked!

    he looks at Anika and again at the shooter, screams Anika's name and she turns!

    he runs to save her and  Anika looks at him confused...the shooter keeps aiming and just wen Shivay reaches near Anika, he fires and whole  family gets shocked hearing a gun shot!

    Shivay holds Anika and starts to fall and both keep looking into each others' eyes...family does a facepalm while Shivay falls on Anika and her eyes close and Shivay's stay open!

    All look in shock and Om comes running from somewhere!

    No one moves for a while and dramatic reactions are shown from everyone, Anika opens her eyes and its Shivay who is shot and falls aside from over Anika and Anika has blood on her clothes...Shivay closes eyes and  all watch in shock! 

    Mrs. Kapoor watches furiously as Shivay got shot!
    Anika looks at the blood on her shoulder and shakes,...she gets up all panicked and in compete shock...her hands shake seeing the blood and finally she looks at Shivay lying hit with a bullet by her side, all unconscious!

    Pinky screams Shivay's name and  so do OmRu and all run towards him!

    Dramatic Labzo ka plays and me cryinggg!!!

    Anika  holds Shivay's face and shakes him,  whole family comes running and Shivay is shown on a stretcher inside the hospital...heartbeats  play in bg and  they take him inside, with the family gathered around the stretcher and all crying and running inside...Anika cries badly so do OmRu!

    Om asks the Dr. to save his brother and Dr. assures them  that they will do their best!

    Rudra asks too if his Bhaiya will be alright!

    Pinky breaks down wen a Nurse tells Om that we can't say anything right now and  Dadi and Jhanvi console her!

    Om cries badly and Rudra crying still smiling says, O!  Hamare Bhaiya  Superman hain...Superman ko kuch nahi ho sakta na and Om consoles him and both cry!
    Anika watches standing behind a wall, still in trauma and recalls how Shivay ran to save her and she shakes at the thought of the gunshot!

    Dr. comes and says, operation Theater is ready and Pinky asks him about Shivay... and Dr. says that he is in a very critical condition as the bullet hit him close to the main artery, very close to his Heart and he has a Heart condition already...all get shocked hearing this and Rudra crying asks the Dr...so?

    Dr. says, In mean, it won't be easy to save him and this surgery would be very crucial to save him and I am not sure if he would be able to bear this surgery and Anika who hears everything from a distance looks in horror, with her tear filled face,  and she is still in disbelief at the happenings...!  

    Pinky argues with the Dr. on how can he talk like this and all control her ...Om ru cry too!

    Anika hides behind the wall and breaks down crying and falls on the floor...remembering the blood filled hands and goes into trauma...keeps repeating Shivay ko kuch nahi ho sakta and OmRu notice her...come running towards her and Rudra consoles her saying...Nahi Hoga!

    She again cries repeating Shivay ko kuch nahi ho sakta and Om asks her, Bhabhi Sambhaliye apne aap ko!

    She says, Woh Shivay Hain!   Unki Jaan itni asaani se nahi ja sakti,...nahi jayegi na...bolo na and Rudra tries to console her and she cries badly...Rudra holds her face and says,  Bhabhi iss ghar mein sabse zyada rotlu main hu, crybaby hoon, bina baat ke ro deta hoon par main nahi ro raha Bhabhi...she keeps crying and he says, Kyon rou jab mujhe pata hai mere Shivay Bhaiya  ko kuch nahi hoga!

    He asks Om still holding Anika's face:  O! Main ro raha hoon kya and Om nods in a No and  Rudra says, Bhabhi dekho!   Main ekdum cool Rudy hoon...Bhabhi in doctors ko  kuch nahi pata ...ye mere jitne smart nahi hain,...nahi hain na Om and Om cries badly cupping his own mouth while Rudra and Anika cry too!

    Om controls himself and answers Rudra...bilkul nahi and Rudra says, Jab Bhaiya thik ho jayenge, tab ye Doctors tadi maarenge aur bolenge ke humne impossible ko possible kar diya!

    Anika keeps crying and Rudra says, Bhaiya hume pata hai Shivay Bhaiya ko kuch nahi ho sakta!   Anika cries more and Rudra says, Bhabhi aap roiye mat warna Bhaiya mujhse gussa ho jayenge, ke tere hote hue teri Bhabhi kaise ro sakti hai!

    He calms himself down and in a soft tone tells her, sab kuch thik ho jayega and she closes her eyes in pain and Rudra breaks down too...falls near Anika on the floor and Anika rests her head on his shoulder and both cry badly while Om cries cupping his face,  seeing them both!  

    He then runs to AniRu and holding both of them says, Kuch Nahi hoga Shivay ko!  Kuch Nahi!

    He hugs them both and all three cry while Om consoles them saying, Kuch Nahi Hoga Shivay ko!!   

    Jhanvi consoles Pinky asking her to trust Maata Rani, she won't let any wrong happen while Pinky keeps asking her if her Shivay will get alright?

    She  keeps talking in shock that my Shivay is not this weak and these Dr. are just fooling us to earn money and know nothing!    They think my Shivay can't bear an Operation?  Just one Operation?

    She says, mera Shivay zidd pe aa jaye toh maut ko bhi hara dega...harayega na Jethani Ji?  Maata Rani ke Aashirwaad se Mere Shivay ko kuch nahi hoga!

    My Shivay will prove everyone wrong and  Jhanvi says, nothing will happen to our Shivay and Pinky says,  wen any trouble on the family comes, my Shivay stands like  a wall for everyone...so today wen he has to fight for himself, he will fight right?  He has the same courage to fight for himself too right?  He will be alright,  this is a Mother's faith  he will be alright...he can't leave me for such a small argument!

    Pinky says, what did Shivay think?  He is upset with me coz I said son much to him, but u only tell me Jethani Ji, I won't worship him right wen he does a mistake...I am his mother and even a mom's beating is full of love and she keeps crying!

    She says, main dil se uska bura nahi sochti, uski bhalayi chahti hoon, saamne aata hai toh mann karta hai gale se laga loon par kya karu, kadwa bol jaati hoon kyonki main uski bhalayi chahti hoon, nahi chahti woh ladki  uski zindagi barbaad kare!

    Jhanvi tries to calm her down and Pinky says, I told u right, that girl is manhoos for our house,  I had told u Jethani  Ji she will destroy us but none of u heard me and see today,  my son is struggling for life and I am sitting here doing nothing...she cries some more!

    She asks Jhanvi,  why have we allowed to stay her in our house, all this is happening bcoz of her, why don't u all understand, why?

    Jhanvi hugs her and both cry!

    Anika tells  OmRu crying that I am responsible for this condition of Shivay!  She cries and sobs and says, na woh mujhe bachate, na  unhe goli lagi and she cries saying, kyon kiya aapne aisa Shivay!
    She says, woh goli mere liye  thi, mujhe lag jaati, unhone goli kyon khayi and  Om watches her sadly!

    She says, I will never be able to forgive myself if something happens to him and OmRu  cry hearing her words!

    Pinky comes and thinks to herself, I can never forgive that girl...to save her, my Shivay staked his own life...bcoz of her  my son is in a life and death situation today...bcoz of her there is so much tension in this house...iska siyapa toh main aaj khatam kaeke hi rahungi Jethani Ji and suddenly her tone changes and she screams, Main iska saaya bhi nahhi padne doongi apne Shivay par and starts to eave in anger but  Jhanvi holds her hand and stops her saying what are u saying Pinky, this is not the right time  for all such talks so don't even think anything like this!

    She screams at Jhanvi not to stop her and says, its all bcoz we kept waiting for so many days, that is why we are seeing such a day today, I wish I had thrown  her out of My Shivay's life long back!

    Now its too late,...too late...now no more delay and she runs...Jhanvi runs after her trying to stop her and she keeps running,  jerking Jhanvi's hand  while AniOmRu sit crying together!

    Precap:  Anika stands outside the ICU crying badly with blood stains on her clothes!  Pinky says, teri wajah se aaj mere bachche ki haalat aisi hai...jabse tere kadam  iss ghar pe pade hain na,  hum sab ka sukh, chain khushiyan sab khatm ho gayi hain!
    Tu mere bachche ki zindagi ko aur barbaad nahi karegi, nikal yahan se and OmRu Jhanvi wath her disappointed!

    Pinky drags Anika out of the hospital and throws her out on the ground, Anika cries badly

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