• Ishqbaaz 24th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 24th January 2017 Written update

    Title: Tej Slaps Omkara!

    Sneak Peek: Mrs. Kapoor threatens Shivay to stop supporting her and this is her final warning to him! She tells him that this time I won't be able to stop myself from disclosing the truth!
    Later Tia blames Sahil for stealing necklace and  Anika argues with her saying her brother cannot do any such thing and she is talking nonsense!   Shivay questions Sahil if he stole the necklace!

    Episode starts with Tej asking Svetlana who was that person and I won't leave him, just tell me the name!
    Svetlana points a finger and names Omkara...says he tried to molest me!

    Shivay screams what nonsense is she talking and Svetlana cries and says, m not talking nonsense Shivay...I knew no one would trust me, that is why I have this recording Tej, just see what did he do with me!

    Whole family stands stunned with the accusation while Tej watches the video and  his eyes remain wide open,  the phone falls from his hand and Shivay catches it 

    Shivay sees the video that has Om falling on Svetlana and Svetlana is holding his hands...from video it looks like Om fell or someone pushed him on her and he is trying to get up but she is holding both his hands tight, not letting him get up!

    Om tells her chup ho jao, Shut Up and she cries in the video saying his name

    Shivay is shocked to see this and Svetlana keeps telling Om to hear her and he keeps saying shut up!

    Shivay throws the phone in full force while Svetlana cries holding Tej's hand 

    Labzon ka dramatic instrumental plays and Tej still  in shock, walks upto Om and slaps him!

    Whole family's reactions are shown at this

    Tej holds Om by his collar and shakes him asking why did  he do this and slaps him again!

    Shivay still stands stunned, with tears in his eyes!

    Tej again picks up Om and says, sarr uncha karna toh door, tumne apne baap ka sarr sharm se jhuka diya and he was about to slap the third time but Shivay holds his hand and stops him!

    Svetlana looks like she would kill anyone and suck the blood outta them any moment when Shivay holds Tej's hand!
    Shivay says, bohot ho gaya Bade Papa, aapne maan kaise liya ke Om itni giri hui harkat kar sakta hai?

    Tej asks him to not interfere in between and Shivay argues back saying I will, if anyone falsely accuses my brother, I wil interfere in between!

    Tej looks at Om while Om doesn't look towards anyone and stands dumbfound!

    Shivay says, aap uss video ki baat kar rahe hain?  Agar Bhagwan bhi aakar kahenge  ki Om ne aisa kuch kiya toh main nahi maanunga aur yeh toh Svetlana keh rahi hai!

    Om aisa nahi kar sakta and Svetlana  screams Shivay's name saying I have proof and u just saw it...Shivay screams  at her saying I don't trust any proof!

    Jhanvi comes forward and holds Tej's hand saying even I don't trust, my son can never do this!   Tej screams at Jhanvi saying u just don't speak in between Jhanvi coz I  know its u behind all this, u must have emotionally blackmailed Omkara and instilled so much hatred in his heat against me and Svetlana that he took this step!

    Jhanvi shouts at Tej to just stop it and think before accusing and saying anything and Tej says, this is not an accusation but the truth, ur siding by Om and  Shivay's support has spoilt him! 

    Shivay says, No Bade Papa!   Om is not spoilt, my Om is this this good son of this house (achcha beta hai)!    A son who every father would be proud of, I am sorry to say u failed to understand ur own son!

    All get emotional and  Rudra makes a crying face!   Shivay says, Bohot bade business man hain na aap, uske bawjood aapko  itni baat samajh nahi aayi, ki Sone aur Peetal mein fark hota hai!

    Shivay asks Om why is he standing quiet?  He asks him to speak up, speak the truth !   He says, I know Om this woman is lying, just say something but Om stands quiet, not facing anyone, just lost  and keeps his hand at Shivay's shoulder  and says, Kya faida?

    He looks away from everyone and says, jahan bharosa hota hai na, wahan safai dene ki koi zarurat nahi hoti, lekim jahan bharosa hi na ho, wahan safai dene ka kya faida and  Dadi Jhanvi Anika all get emotional hearing this  while Shakti Pinky look upset too!

    Om leaves from there and Tej says, wen nothing is left to explain, what would he explain?  His silence is the biggest proof that he is guilty and  Shivay says, No!  Om is not quiet bcoz of the guilt, he is quiet coz he is hurt...he keeps his hand at his chest and says, chot lagi hai usse!

    Shivay says, Om ke apne usse accuse kar rahe hain and Tej holds his head and screams at Shivay to stop protecting Om everytime!
    Jhanvi says, Tej what u should have done is being done by Shivay?  U don't trust ur son, ur own blood?   

    Tej says, No...I don't have any trust on anyone...happy now?  I have started to feel suffocated in this house now!

    Tej looks at Pinky and says, Pinky u r right, wen there is nothing left in this marriage then  why should I take the burden of this marriage?   Wen my own son cannot calling me Dad, he has a problem with it then why  should I even stay in this house?
    So I have decided,  neither I want to carry the load of this marriage nor stay in this house anymore!  Jhanvi gets shocked hearing this!

    Tej says,  Jhanvi and Me...We're Over...Main iss rishte ko aaj tod raha hoon and whole family looks in shock, all hurt!    Svetlana smirks 

    Tej goes to Svetlana and pulls her Wheel chair and says, come lets go and starts to leave along with her!

    While leaving,  Svetlana looks at Tia standing on the stairs at the side and both exchange evil smirks!

    Tej reaches the door where Om is already standing, jusy wen Shivay calls him and Tej stops!

    Shivay comes and asks him, what is he doing?   Not to take such a big decision in anger and Tej looks at Om who is standing at a distance and says, Faisla ho chuka hai!   Jo harkat Om ne ki hai uske baad  main iske saath iss ghar mein nahi reh sakta and Svetlana covers herself with her saree or whatever she is wearing!

    Tej screams, Agar ye  mera beta nahi hota na toh aaj main iski jaan le leta!

    Shakti steps in and says, please Bhaisahab, this is my request to u, please do not leave this house right now like this, atleast  let the truth come out, let us all take a decision on what is the truth and who is lying!

    Shivay says, Bade Papa, until we all take a decision, please u also do not take any decision and Tej ignores all and starts to leave again but Shivay says, Ghar ki izzat ka sawaal hai Bade Papa and Tej stops again!

    Shivay says, if u leave today  like this from this house Bade Papa, people would talk a 1000 rubbish things  about us and u know Bade Papa and u know, u know it  that whenever there is a problem in the family, it directly affects our family business and even Chaddhas are coming tonight and I am sure u woud not want to spoil ur relations with them and Svetlana makes a crying face 
    Dadi and Anika keep  looking at  Tej and Shivay with tears in their eyes and with hope that Shivay would stop him, and Shivay tells Tej that give me some time Bade Papa, I will  sort this out, I promise u!

    Tej goes a little close to Svetlana and slowly tells her that I know how difficult it is for u, to stay in this house, and Svetlana makes a crying face at this while Jhanvi closes her eyes in disappointment, Om almost disgusted at all this...Tej says, I promise u, Tej ke hote hue, u will be absolutely safe here  and Tej's music plays 

    Shivay comes running to the poolside and Anika comes after him, she says,  ye Svetlana bhi kitni 2 Rs. wali Cheapdi nikli, itni safai se Om ko  phasa rahi hai par Om apni safai mein kuch bol kyon nahi raha hai Shivay?

    Shivay looks hurt and gets thinking and Anika observes him and says, Shivay, main aapki pareshani samajh sakti hoon!  Shivay immediately says,  Nahi Anika, tum meri pareshani nahi samajh  rahi ho, kyonki baat mere bhai ki hai,  tum iss maamle mein na ho pado and Anika looks a little hurt and says, Shivay lekin main beech mein nahi pad rahi hu, main sirf aapse baat ...Shivay cuts her off and  and tells her...mat karo Anika...baat bhi mat karo!   Maine dekha hai, ladkiyan hamesha Bhaiyon ke beech aati hain, tum mere aur mere Bhaiyon ke beech...he looks down and says, please...koi na aaye!

    Anika says, par main kahan aap logon ke beech aa rahi hoon?

    Shivay says, Main nahi keh raha ke tum hamare beech  aa rahi ho, main sirf itna keh raha hoon ki aisa nahi hona chahiye...mere Bhaiyon se badhkar mere liye koi nahi hai Anika!   Mere Bhai meri Jaan hain aur koi OmRu aur mere beech aaye na, ye main  bilkul bardasht nahi karunga!

    Shivay makes a crying face and  and Anika looks at him, almost admiring him and says, Aapki yahi baat mujhe sabse achchi lagti hai and Shivay looks at her surprised!   She says, OmRu ki aapki zindagi mein kya jagah hai,  ye main bohot achche se jaanti hoon, kyonki maine dekha hai, unki khushi mein aapki khushi hai, unke Gham mein aapka Gham!

    Ekdumm chote se bachche  ban jaate hain...she smiles and says, ye Tadibaaz SSO ekdumm chota sa bachcha ban jaata hai apne bhaiyon ke saamne,...Fikr aapko sabki hai, lekin pyaar OmRu se hi hai!

    A slight relief shows on Shivay's face and she says, Bhai kya hota hai,  ye main bohot achce se jaanti hoon, jaise mere liye Sahil hai and Shivay smiles a little,   she says, aise aapke liye OmRu!

    Shivay smiles and says,  Kehne ka  matlab ye hai ke,  hum dono ke beech kuch toh common hai!

    Shivay smiles a little and says, kehne ka matlab ye hai ke, hum dono ke beech kuch toh common hai, Bhaiyon ke liye pyaar and smiles some more and Anika says, Bhai rishta nahi hota...taakat hoti hai...aur phir aapke paas toh do-do bhai hain, isliye aap chinta mat kijiye...sab kuch thik ho jayega and she assures him with a smile while he looks a little relieved and content!
    She says, aur agar nahi bhi hua toh aap Shivay Singh Oberoi hain,  aap sab kuch sahi kar denge, Shivay Singh Oberoi kuch bhi kar sakta hai...haina?   He  nods and leaves smiling a little!

    Anika with tears in her eyes after he leaves,  says, Sach mein!  Shivay Singh Oberoi kuch bhi kar sakta hai, jis Anika ko pyaar ke naam se itni Michmichi hoti thi, use Pyaar karna sikha sakta hai and she smiles!

    She says with tears flowing, bohot koshish ki ke pyaar na  ho, par ho gaya!   Bohot koshish ki, ki inke saamne na jaau, raita na phailau, par raita phail gaya!   Aapne mere liye koi rrasta hi nahi choda...she sobs and still smiles...!

    Svetlana in her room, standing and cleared her makeup a little, with a little cuts on her faces still showing, says, this was bound to happen and the most interesting this is that we are making plans staying in their own house and  these people are just  unaware

    Tia is shown smiling behind and Svet says, how easily the so called Oberois are getting in our plan and she does her Nafratbaaz step 

    Tia comes forward saying, except Anika...I am still saying Di, Anika is a big threat for us, till the time Shivay and Anika are separated, we would keep on getting weaker and all are plans would keep getting ruined!

    Tia says, Di even u noticed right, these days Shivay and Anika are a bit too close to each other and Mrs. Kapoor walks in saying, u don't get tensed about Shivay, bcoz I have Shivay Singh Oberoi's weakness in my hands...u all just keep playing ur next plan and I will make sure that this time,  Shivay does not take Anika's side!

    Once if Anika is left alone,  she would forever be left alone and Shivay n Anika's closeness would turn into distance!  All three smile wickedly!

    Tia keeps a watch on Sahil who is doing some school work!  She slowly walks upto where he is sitting and  takes away his crutch!
    Sahil turns back and  finds his crutch missing and looks here and there, he stands on one feet and searches for his crutch!

    Tia smiles with Sahil's crutch in her hand and later, leaves it near a room!
    Sahil walks with great difficulty on one foot, looking for his crutch and finds it lying on the ground and  wonders, how did it reach here?

    Shivay comes searching for Om in his  room and turns back to find Mrs. Kapoor standing there and he was about ti bump into her so says sorry and she smiles wickedly and says, u should be!

    What happened?  Are u looking for Omkara?   Did he come to know?

    Shivay says, enough Mrs.Kapoor, stop blackmailing!   Koi mujhe dhamki de, mujhe bilkul pasand nahi and Mrs. Kapoor says, dhamki dene mein woh maza kahan jo karne mein hai aur waise bhi  Shivay I am noticing,  whatever I am telling u has no effect on you!   Wo do kaudi ki ladki meri beti  ki jagah lene ki koshish kar rahi hai, usse maarne ki koshish kar rahi hai,  Tia aur tumhare bachche  ko maarne ki koshish kar rahi hai and u r only  supporting her?  Being Tia's mom I am bound to get angry right? 

    Just bcoz u are my would be son in law, I am telling u for the last time that stop supporting Anika!  Shivay looks at her shocked and she says, if u do something that makes me angry then I would not be able to stop myself this time!  I would bring Omkara's truth infront of the world and she leaves,  while Shivay looks into shock!

    At the place (outside Tia's room I guess) where Sahil found his crutch, Dadi and Svetlana are present and Sahil too.,...Dadi asks Tia what happened and why is she angry at Sahil?

    Tia says, GrandMa, I am not angry at him, I was just asking him!   He was roaming around my room so I asked him what is he doing here  and he told me he has come here to take his crutch, that's it!   

    Dadi says, so what?  He also stays in the same house  and can roam around anywhere and Dadi leaves saying this!

    Later in the hall, Jhanvi Pinky TiLana and Anika stand and Tia has a necklace box in her hand, Pinky tells her not to worry and check her room properly once, she must have kept it somewhere!

    Tia says, Pinky Mom, I checked everywhere, I double checked only after which I came to u, I am unable to find it anywhere !

    Svetlana says, this means that necklace has surely been stolen by someone and Pinky says, aise kaise chori ho gaya?  Aise thodi na chori  ho jaati hai,  hum sab ghar mein maujood hain, security hai...Tia says, Pinky Mom I think Svetlana is right  and I am sure someone has stolen it!

    Sahil comes there looking for Anika and  Tia fakes getting surprised seeing Sahil and screams, OMG, Pinky Mom I am sure he has stolen this necklace and  all  get shocked!

    Anika asks Tia if she has lost her mind?  How can she blame Sahil and Sahil says, I have not stolen anything Anika Didi!
    Tia says, Really Sahil? Then wat were u doing outside my room?   Anika gets shocked hearing this and Tia says  Pinky Mom u can even ask GrandMa, he was making excuses that he has come to take his crutch there, did the crutch  come flying in my room?  She tells Sahil that I am sure u have stolen this necklace!

    Anika:  Oh Sure ki bachchi, kaan khol ke sunle, na toh mera Bhai chor hai  na usne koi chori ki hai!

    Pinky tells Anika to behave with Tia as she is the DIL of this house and Tia smirks!  Pinky tells Anika that we can't trust a word u say Anika!

    Shivay comes there  and asks, what has happened  and Tia says, Shivay Sahil has stolen my necklace and wen I am asking him,  Anika in return is telling me only!
    She asks Shivay to ask Sahil, where her necklace is and Shivay looks towards a pillar where Mrs. Kapoor is standing and she gestures him to keep quiet and shows him her phone!

    Anika tells Shivay that  Tia is talking nonsense and he knows Sahil very well and that Sahil has not stolen anything, she asks him to tell Tia that Sahil can  never do something like this and Shivay all helpless, with a straight face asks Sahil if he stole the necklace?

    Anika looks at Shivay stunned, disappointed and hurt!

    Precap: Shivika talk in the room and Anika cries infront of Shivay and tells him that u know Sahil is innocent,  still u did not hear him!

    She holds him and questions him why he was quiet?  She pleads and cries asking there must be a reason behind this but Shivay says, Main koi bhi explanation dena zaruri nahi samajhta!   He stands with a straight face and she is taken aback by his behavior and silence!