• Ishqbaaz 23rd January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 23rd January 2017 Written update 

    Title: Shivay Stands Up For Anika!
    Sneak Peek: Svetlana comes and accuses Om for trying to Molest her and whole family gets shocked hearing this!

    Episode starts with Shivay declaring that Anika would not go anywhere and would stay in this house itself!
    Anika looks on at him and Pinky says, ye tere bachche ko maarna chahti thi Shivay and Shivay immediately says, Main Nahi Maanta!

    Pinky argues back saying  how can u not believe wen all proofs are infront of ur eyes?  I myself saw her doing that and Shivay says its not necessary all that u see is true!   You might be having some misunderstanding!

    Pinky says, u r having a misunderstanding not me,  bcoz this girl is pretentious  and not what she portrays herself!   I am ur mom and ur well wisher and  Shivay says, Mom please!  Don't falsely blame Anika!

    Pinky starts emotional blackmail by crying and asking him if he feels she is falsely accusing?   She says, now u are saying ur mom is wrong and this girl is right? U don't trust ur mom anymore Shivay?

    Shivay says, I am not saying anything  such that I don't trust u Mom!  All I saying is that Mujhe Anika Pe Poora Bharosa Hai!

    Anika looks with tears in her eyes and smiles looking at Shivay all surprised and Shivay says, Woh aisa kabhi nahhi kar sakti!

    Pinky screams back saying she has done it, not once but twice,  previously Tia was just about to slip and now ...Shivay stops her showing a hand and saying,  Okay Bohot ho gaya...bohot ho gaya hai...aap jis din ki baar kar rahi hain uss din Anika ne Tia ko giraya nahi Tia ko bachaya tha... ...Anika ko khud ko chot lagi thi lekin usne Tia ko kuch nahi hone diya tha aur ye maine apni aankhon se dekha  tha!   Isliye main jaanta  hoon Anika kuch nahi kar sakti!

    Tia is shocked hearing this 

    Shivay says, aapko shayad meri baat ajeeb lage,  lekin iss poore ghar mein iss bachche ki chinta sabse zyada Anika ko hai! 

    Shivika have an eyelock and Anika feels surprised at Shivay's confidence in her!

    Dadi Soumya Prinku all smile  while Tia fumes in anger!
    Pinky cries and says,. ye mera Shivay nahi bol raha...iss ladki ne  jaadu tona kiya hai mere peeche se tujh par...!

    Shivay says without looking towards Pinky that  u think like that coz u don't know Anika at all... mujhe Anika pe poora vishwaas hai, main iss baat ki poori guarantee leta hoon ke Anika kuch galat nahi kar sakti!  Uspe koi ilzaam nahi lagayega kyonki  Anika kabhi kisi ko chot nahi pohcha sakti, kabhi kisi ko hurt nahi kar sakti...he says this looking into her eyes and her eyes fill up with tears  seeing his confidence!

    Pinky says, par tune aaj apni Maa ko hurts kar diya Shivay, dil tod diya mera!   Shivay looks at Pinky and makes a puppy face and tries to speak but fumbles and Pinky asks him to keep quiet and says crying that she will never forget this insult!

    Shivay stands feeling guilty and tries to speak but is unable to and Pinky leaves!

    Dadi puts her hand at Anika's shoulder and leaves and all others leave too!

    Shivay then takes Anika's hand in his and wipes her wound with his handkerchief...she screams in pain and he looks into her eyes, that are filled with tears and he says, I am really sorry, Mom ne jo kuch kaha uske liye main maafi maangta hoon tumse, I'll make sure ghar mein koi bhi tumse phir se aise baat na kare!

    Anika says, par Shivay, Tia aur uska bachcha?    Shivay says, the baby will be fine!

    Anika cries and stammers and says, aap mere liye...apni...Mom ke khilaf khade hue?
    Shivay says, Baat tumhari aur Mom ki nahi, baat sahi aur  galat ki hai aur Main jaanta hoon Anika, tum galat nahi ho sakti...I know it...!

    She asks him, how can he be so confident that she didn't do this?

    He looks into her eyes and says, Kyonki mujhe tum par poora vishwaas hai, I trust U Anika Heart 

    They have an eyelock and he leaves, she keeps watching him and smiles a lil!

    Dr.  checks Tia and tells them all that she is fine but u all have to be more careful now as  iniitial months of  pregnancy are most crucial and she should not have any stress!  Tia smirks and Anika brings in Soup...Pinky watches with disgust and jerks  Anika's hand and says, nahi chhaiye...!
    Dadi asks Pinky what is she doing and Pinky says, she doesn't  trust this girl!  Dadi says, I got this food prepared!

    Shivay just tells Tia to have food and she says, what if Anika really has mixed something in this and Shivay says, Aida kuch nahi hai, its absolutely okay so just have it and  Tia says, I can't eat this as I am scared!

    Shivay says, u need not be scared, u can eat this and takes the bowl from Anika and sits on Tia's bed and she smirks at this

    Shivay hands over the spoon to Tia but she brings her mouth forward to eat...>Shivay stops and asks her to hold the spoon and gives it, asks her to have it all and gets up...Tia watches in shock

    Shivay says, Tia needs rest we all should go out

    Tia looks on and Shivay leaves, Anika leaves too after him and Dadi Pinky too

    Tia fumes and calls her mom, informs her this plan failed too!

    Mrs. Kapoor  in a new get up and new saree says, What?  I thought Pinky would create a big drama and throw Anika out of that house, dhakke maar ke

    Tia says, drama was created but like always  Shivay took Anika's side and u know that infront of Shivay, no one is allowed to speak in this house and Mrs. Kapoor says, I think before Anika we  should do something of this Shivay!

    Tia says, I am so confused, target anyone but the other person comes to save  him and Mrs. Kapoor asks her not to worry, this time she will make such a plan that Shivay would never be able to come to save Anika...just wait and watch!

    Shivay tries to call Om but he doesn't receive and just then Shivay sees  Jhanvi telling Tej that Om is not here since morning and u are more worried about Svet. and Tej says, if Om is missing since morning, Svet is missing since yesterday, its been 24 hrs that too in such a condition!
    Tej says he is goin to call the police and inform them now but Shivay comes there and stops him saying not to include police as it would be a big scandal for them unnecessarily and he himself will  try to find out and handle the  situation!

    Shivay again tries to call Om and leaves!

    Shivay calls his Pvt. Investigator and asks him if he has found any leads on Svet and gets angry hearing no!  He instructs the investigator to find out where Svet is as the attacks haven't stopped on his family and  he wants to find out who is doing this and why!  He says, even though Svet is missing, I feel she is behind all this, he is just confused at Svetlana's motives and who was her target, Anika or Tia?

    Pvt. Investigator asks him who is Anika and Shivay screams why do u want to know who Anika is?

    Anika comes there happily smiling but gets confused hearing Shivay's ph convo and Shivay says, okay, this information is very confidential but no one should come to know this, no one at all...and Shivay says...Anika...meri Wife Hai

    Anika smiles and O Jaana instrumental plays!

    Shivay says, that is why I want that whoever is  behind these attacks should be found out soon kyonki main Anika ko problem mein nahi dekh sakta and Anika smiles again

    Main nahi chahta  use zara si bhi takleef ho ya uski jaan zara si bhi khatre mein ho!   Anika is very important to me and Anika wipes her tears of happiness and smiles ...Shivay says, find at any cost where Svetlana is, just do it !

    He disconnects the call and turns and finds Anika  standing there...looking away and he looks at her tears and asks, are u okay?

    He walks upto her and asks her if she wants to say anything?

    She says, Thank You kehna hai!

    He asks, foe wat?

    She says, mera saath dene ke liye, mujh par bharosa karne ke liye!

    Shivay says, bharosa kaise na karu,  he smiles and says, hamara toh rishta hi bharose par tika hua hai Heart   Agar tum meri pat...he stops in between his sentence and makes a puppy face and she asks him to speak, why is he quiet and he says,  mera matlab hai ke tum...he stammers and says, tum meri responsibility ho...he fumbles more and says, jab tak tum iss ghar mein ho...jab tak hamara divorce nahi ho jata...tum...meri...meri responsibility ho and she smiles and nods!

    Shivay says, I mean tumne meri jaan bachane ke liye itni baar apni jaan khatre mein daali, mera bhi farz  banta hai...mera farz banta hai...u're my...responsibility!
    She keeps looking at him with a smile and says, aapka matlab hai...zimmedaari!

    Shivay looks into her eyes and says, Zimmedaari...he nods and says, aur Shivay Singh Oberoi apni zimmedaari se kabhi muh nahi modta! Heart

    She smiles wholeheartedly looking at him and  he asks...What?

    Their ru ru  instrumental plays in a different version played before as well  and  she says, aap bilkul ajeeb hain...aapko pata hai woh Washing Machine... TV ke saath ek kitaab aati hai, jismein likha hota hai and Shivay says, its called User Manual!

    Anika says, Haan wahi!   Mere toaster ke saath bhi wahi aayi thi...mujhe lagta hai ke aapke saath bhi aani chahiye thi

    He goes Billu mode  and she says, jise padhke aapko bhi samjha ja sake!  Kabhi aap ek dum tadi baaz hain,  toh kabhi ekdumm chui mui Lajwanti type... kabhi aapko thank u sorry bolne mein itni michmichi aati hai aur kabhi aap ekdumm jhatke se  thank u, sorry bol dete hain,.,...she snaps her fingers 
    Kabhi aap mujhe ekdumm nakhre noor jahan ke dikhate hain,  toh kabhi aap mere liye aaloo poori banate hain,  aap aakhi hain kya?  Aap poori rangoli hain...aapki aankhein  satrangi hain toh aap khud sau rangi hain Heart

    He looks at her with folded hands amused

    She says, shade card mein jitne rang hote hain na, aap mein usse kayi zyada hain!  Heart

    Shivay looks into her eyes and his tone goes soft and he says, sach mein?

    Anika looks embarrassed and looks down and nods!

    He goes close and she moves back...she looks at him confused and he smiles and says, iska matlab, tumne mujhe notice kiya hai and she looks away and smiles!

    Shivay's phone rings and moment breaks ...he gets shocked and says, What?

    Whole family gathers in the hall and Tej screams at Jhanvi saying why this guy is so irresponsible?
    Now what will we tell the Chaddhas that we don't know where Om is?

    Shivay says, its not Om's mistake but urs that u did not inform anyone that Chaddhas are coming tonight from Dubai for Om's alliance!

    Tej says, I am sorry I didn't know Om will go missing like this!

    Shivay says, what ever it is, u cannot get Om married without his permission, I will not allow that!

    Tej asks him, really,  who are u to not allow it?  I am Om's father!

    Shivay says, if u r Om's father, then I am his brother and for me,  above everything else is my brother's happiness and  Rudra smiles at this!

    Jhanvi says, I agree with  Shivay, Om will never do such a forceful marriage!

    Tej screams at top of his voice that I will decide this!  All get upset at this and  Shivay again starts to speak but Pinky asks Shivay why is he interfering in between, can't he see how is Tej taking?  Let him do whatever he wants, as if he will speak he would have to hear more !

    Shivay asks her not to  interfere in this matter!

    Pinky says, yes now u will make me shut up, but u don't know why JethJi wants this alliance,  he wants his business to prosper more than urs that is why he wants to get Om married in Chaddha family and Tej screams saying, Exactly!  U r right Pinky!  That is why Shivay doesn't want this alliance!

    Shivay says, I have no problem with this alliance, I have problem with u forcing Om...if Om happily agrees, I am very happy, but if he has a problem this marriage won't happen!

    Pinky says, we would know that only wen Om returns but before that, Chaddhas would arrive!

    Pinky says, what will we answer to Chaddhas now?
    Shivay says, its fine, we will meet them but none of us  will say yes on behalf of Om as this would be Om's decision!

    Om comes and asks, what decision?  He asks Shivay again, which decision?

    Tej watches Om in anger and says, mil gaya time tujhe ghar aane ka and  Shivay asks Tej toto keep quiet!

    Shivay asks Om where was he since morning as he has asked him to always receive his call wen he goes out but Om again asks, which decision Shivay?

    Shivay says, Chaddhas are coming tonight to fix ur marriage with their daughter Sonia but u don't have to take any pressure about this as its just 2 families meeting!  We will take a decision later as per ur will only!

    Om keeps his hand at Shivay's shoulder and says, tu jo bolega Shivay, main wahi karunga!

    Tej watches all this and says, Wah!  Baap kehte kehte marr gaya, Bhai ne ek barkaha toh ...maan gaya...dekho to and he smiles mockingly!

    Om comes and stands infront of Tej and says, aise Baap aur aise Bhai mein se  koi bhi Bhai ki baat hi maanega Mr. Oberoi and  Tej asks him to Shut Up!

    Shivay notices Svet coming inside and  gets shocked...whole family gets shocked seeing her !

    Svetlana is shown on her wheel chair in torn clothes, injured!

    She cries and  extends both her hands crying and says, Tej

    Tej runs to her and sits near her wheel chair and asks her, where was she and what happened, how is she in such a condition?

    She immediately starts narrating that she thought the people in this house have a problem with her so she should move out and hence,  she went to look for a house and he came there...and he tried to molest her!

    Tej gets shocked hearing this and she says, I tried a  lot to stop him Tej, I pleaded, I begged,  but he didn't stop Tej!

    Om looks disinterested and stands folding his hands at this and looks away 

    Svetlana says, after that I fainted Tej and  I don't remember wat happened with me!

    Tej asks her, who is he?  Who did this to u? I won't leave him at all!

    Svetlana pretends to be crying and scared and pointing a finger says, Omkara and whole family gets shocked at this, Shivay in disbelief while Om disgusted!

    Precap: Tia accuses Sahil of stealing her diamond necklace and she tells Shivay that wen I am questioning Sahil on this, Anika instead is shouting at me, Shivay watched shocked and confused at this! ...Anika again says, Sahil ne koi chori nahi ki and  starts to walk away with Sahil just wen Svetlana moves her wheel chair intentionally and Sahil trips and falls,  the necklace falls out of his crutch and all get shocked!
    Tia says, I already told u all that Sahil stole it!
    Anika pleads to Shivay to stop Tia from calling the police  and that Sahil is innocent and cannot do anything like this...Shivay stands stunned!