• Ishqbaaz 20th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 20th January 2017 Written update

    Title: Anika Is Worried!

    Sneak Peek: Shivay is sleeping and Anika gets up before him and sits on the couch and tells herself that Anika u remember right, u don't have to come infront of him?   Later Anika is in kitchen and hears Shivay's voice and gets alert n sneaks out in a sitting position from the kitchen!
    Later, in the bedroom, Shivay wonders where is Anika and since morning she is nowhere to be seen and Anika is shown hiding inside the cupboard!  Shivay opens the cupboard and finds Anika sitting there and exclaims...Tum?  Anika smiles awkwardly!

    Episode starts with Sahil in Shivika's room talking about Pyaar ka Bukhaar and Shivay gets confused and asks...what?
    Sahil again repeats...Pyaar ka bukaar and Shivay looks at Anika while Anika gets shocked and embarrassed!   Sahil completes the sentence...film mujhe bohot pasand hai...aap mujhe le jaoge na mujhe wo film dikhane?  Uske saath saath Mr. Bagad Bille bhi dekh lenge wo film 

    Anika's jaw drops and she stammers and says, Shivay aisi picturein nahi dekhte...she looks away while Shivayb like a lizard keeps moving his neck from Anika to Sahil and asks...heyyy ye kaunsi picture hai...kaunsi kaunsi 
    Anika doesn't look at him and says, koi bhi picture nahi hai, ye pagal hai kuch bhi bolta hai, aap chodiye na!

    Shivay keeps looking at  Sahil to know more while Anika goes towards Sahil in a hurry and asks him to come with her and holds his hand, starts dragging him out of there but Sahil says, 1 sec. ...he looks at Shivay and says, aapko pata  hai aapko wo film  (he says flim btwin a cute manner)   dekhni hi padegi kyonki uss film ki jo heroine hai na woh  bohot ajeeb language mein baat karti hai...Anika again pulls his hand and he says., 1 sec. 1 sec...aur jo hero hai na...woh to ek number...he does Shivay's Ninja flick and says, woh to har samay Tadi maarta rehta hai
    Shivay's eyes remain wide open at this and  he looks at Anika while Anika starts dragging him out and Sahil leaves saying u will have to watch that movie...to Shivay

    Shivay screams, kaunsi picture hai...mujhe bhi...mujhe bhi dekhni hai...Hey Suno... Hey...ye dono bhai behen na certified pagal hain pagal and he does his Ninja flick

    Later Anika is shown sleeping and she changes sides...she slightly opens her eyes and sees a shadow coming towards her and wind blows...she gets up in shock and Shivay parts the curtains...O Jaana instrumental plays and Anika remains stunned...her mouth remains wide open and she rubs her eyes to check again...she again sees Shivay looking at her and smiling and she says...Shivay?
    He comes inside and she asks... aap?  yahan?
    Shivay in a seductive tone says, tum agar mujhe itna yaad karogi toh mujhe aana hi padega na yahan?

    Anika feels shy and looks away...stammering says...main?   main aapko yaad nahi karti!

    Shivay:  Nahi karti?  Toh mujhe  avoid kyon kar rahi ho?  Main batau?  Kyonki jab bhi main tumhare paas aata hoon...she shivers and he goes close...Bells start ringing and she moves back and he steps  forward...he keeps his finger at his chest and says, tumhare dil mein ghantiyaan bajne lagti hain!   Haina?

    He moves back...plays with the curtains and and asks...Ghantiyaan kam hui?

     He again comes forward and bells start ringing and Anika totally embarrassed and he says,  Ghantiyaan badhne lagi  

    She asks...aapko kaise pata?

    He says, mujhe sab pata hai Anika...and smiles...he says...batau?    

    Ishq Hai Aansu plays and Anika stammering looks away and says, aisa...aisa kuch nahi hai...sach nahi hai...!!

    Shivay says, maine toh aisa kuch kaha hi nahi!

    Anika asks, ye jo kuch bhi ho raha hai ek sapna hai na?

    Wind blows and he steps forward and says, iska matlab tum sapne mein bhi mujhe hi dekhti ho?   He comes close to her face and she breathes heavy and closes her eyes instantly seeing him so close and he asks...Kyon?

    O Jaana plays again! 

    Shivay disappears and Anika's dream ends!

    Anika exclaims...Phail Gaya Raita and says...Shivay toh tere sapne mein bhi aane lage...kuch kar Anika kuch kar...taki ye pyaar ka bhoot tere sarr se utar jaye, warna bete, tera band bajj jayega 
    She gets confused and says, main  kya karu? Kya karun main...main unse door jaati hoon toh wo mere paas aa jate hain...main unki taraf nahi dekhti toh unhe lagta hai ke meri tabiyat kharab hai.../..she panics and says, kuch aur sochna hoga, kuch aur sochna hoga... lekin kya,...kya?

    After a second she says, let me do one thing, I won't go infront of him, as much as I can, I will try to stay away from him, he won't be infront of me, so he won't come close to me and I won't hear the Bells in my ears     Aur ye pyaar ka bhoot mere sarr pe chad kar nahi nachega,...basss...!!

    Tia comes walking at a distance and watches Anika and says, Sleep Anika...who knows if u again get such a luxurious sleep or not?  Maybe u get such a sleep that u r never able to wake up again!   I will t throw u out of Shivay's life and trust me, this time,  not even Shivay would be able to save u!

    Next morning, Anika gets  up on the couch she was sleeping on and sees Shivay still sleeping!   She gets up and sits...looks at Shivay and recalls her love confession and  looks embarrassed...she reminds herself that Anika...remember...u don't have to come infront of him...stay away from him as much as u can!

    Shivay changes sides in sleep and she gets alert  that before he gets up, I should hide and she runs and hides!

    Shivay gets up and finds Anika missing and says,  What!  Lady Kumbhkaran itni subah subah kahan gayab ho gayi...itni jaldi uth gayi...itna bada surprise...huh...baki ka din kaisa hoga

    Shivay gets down from the bed and looks around and walks away...Anika peeps out from behind the sofa to check if he is gone and says, wo gaye...nikal le and sneaks out

    Sahil is shown with Rudra and both are doing some craft work...he says...Pehelwaan...Rudra replies, yes Chuhe!...Sahil says,   how easily we had caught Tia right?   We are both very intelligent and Rudra smiles like a lil  kid 

    Sahil says, So Yes Mr. Intelligent Pehelwaan...tell me, why do we fall in love?    Rudra starts thinking doing his logic gesture and gets confused and Sahil continues...isn't it weird to keep loving the same person?

    Rudra says, in this house, regarding love there are 3 different thoughts ...first is Shivay Bhaiya's...just hear and watch out and Rudra gets up...does Shivay's Ninja flick and says changing his voice...Pyaar sirf ek deal hai...aur kuch nahi Om!   Sahil smiles cutely and repeats the Ninja flick 

    Rudra says, Dusra dekh...Om ka...Life mein pyaar sirf ek se hota hai...Par poore dil se hota hai!
    He says, wo sher bhi maarta hai, sher sun:

    "Zindagi mein  mohabbat hoti hai ek se...candles pyaar karti hain cake se"

    Sahil claps and  Rudra sits and says,  Aur Teesra...Saint Rudy ka...Saint Rudy toh tujhe pata hi hai kaun hai...main!   Dekh mera ye maanna hai ke pyaar...pyaar kayi baar ho sakta hai!

    Par kabhi kabhar koi na zyada pasand aa jata hai and Sahil agrees...yes u are right...Sahil blushes and says, sometimes u start liking someone more and that someone becomes very special...!

    Rudra gets serious seeing him and Sahil gets a dream bubble that has Soumya and him and Soumya is touching his cheeks and he is shown blushing!

    Rudra gets a dream bubble too and he also sees Soumya who is talking on phone and  Sahil sees himself eating ice cream with Soumya!

    Rudra recalls his Marriage, Pheras with Soumya and gets a little sad and RumYa's cute instrumental plays ...he looks a little upset/ guilty   thinking about all that!
    Anika  is in kitchen and hears Shivay's voice and panics...what should I do, he is coming here and she sits behind the kitchen platform and starts to sneak out in the sitting position!
    Shivay walks inside while she sits on the other side of the platforms and peeps to check on him!  Shivay senses something and says, Anika?

    She crawls out and stops wen he says her name and says, Phail gaya Raita !

    She again moves back and Shivay turns back saying Anika?     He finds no one and again turns back saying why did I feel she is somewhere around?

    She again peeps out to check and runs away quickly and Shivay again feels something and instantly turns but finds no one and says, today is really a weird day...m just...he breathes in and says, Nahi Anika nahi!

    Anika reaches inside her bedroom running and says, I wish he gets some urgent meeting and he leaves for office early!  She again hears Shivay  on call with Mishra walking inside and she says, Ek jagah par chain nahi hai inko, ab kya karoon main and  she looks around and sees the cupboard and  runs towards it and hides inside it!

    Shivay tells Mishra, ofcourse I remember the Board Meeting  and he instructs Mishra and  Mishra mentions Saraswati Steels' fileErmm   
    Shivay asks,Oh I have this file and  he says, let me check and  goes towards the cupboard and opens it...he opens the drawer and looks for the file and turns to talk to Mishra who is impatient for the file and he says, have patience m searching!   Anika peeps from behind the clothes and takes out the file  from the drawer and keeps in Shivay's hand  wen he takes his hand forward while still busy on call and smiles seeing the file and says, I found it

    He closes the cupboard and Anika breathes a sigh of relief and says, Bach Gayi!

    Shivay opens the file and  looks towards the cupboard confused and says, ye file toh nikal nahi rahi thi, fir achanak se mere haath mein kaise aa gayi jaise kisi ne di ho

    He taps his head and says, main main...zyada soch raha hoon and  then remembers Anika  and says, Where is this Anika?  She is gayab since morning!  Oh  Yes!  She must be making  plans of spying! 

    He thinks of calling her and makes the call...Anika's phone rings inside the  cupboard and she jumps at the ring and Shivay wonders, its ringing somewhere around and looks towards the cupboard !

    Shivay looks at the cupboard and wonders,how is the ph ringing inside the cupboard and  goes to check while Anika gets tensed inside!
    He opens the cupboard and exclaims..."Tum"?? Anika smiles awkwardly and and they both raise  eyebrows at each other and he asks her what is she doing inside the cupboard?

    She starts pulling down the clothes and says, kapde nikal rahi thi main, kapde and she jumps down the cupboard and runs away without looking at him and  Billu stands wondering  and peeps out n says, Ise kya  ho gaya hai

    Tia talks to her mom and says, Mom today anyhow I will make sure Anika is out of this house and once Anika is out, we will easily tackle Shivay and smirks!

    Anika goes and hides under the couch near swimming pool and Shivay comes calling her name and says...Anika tum ye kya...he doesn't find her around so starts to walk near the same couch and says, suno main jaanta hoon tum yahin kahin ho!

    Anika looks at his feet and he marches around n says, main tumhe dhhund kar rahunga Anika!

    She blabbers, Itne bade businessman, inko bhi na mere saath chupan chupayi khelne ke alawa aur koi kaam hi nahi hai!

    Shivay notices her under the couch and bends down to check and sees her with her eyes closed praying for him to leave  and he gets up...fakes a call to Mishra and says,  I am coming to office,m just leaving, he intentionally bends down to make her hear what he is saying and  leaves saying office jaa raha hoon...khud se bol raha hoon

    Anika breathes a sigh of relief and comes out of the couch and sits on another couch there while breathing in and out 

    He comes and sits near her and says...Hi!

    She looks at him and stands up shocked...she looks in opposite direction and asks...aap...yahan?

    He also folds his hand and asks her why is she hiding from him and she says, Nahi toh!

    He gets a little serious and says, nahi?  Listen, since morning u have bee running away from me...first u got up early and then hid inside that cupboard  and now u were hiding under the sofa? Problem kya hai tumhari?

    Anika makes funny faces and says...aisa kuch nahi hai...rolling her eyes!

    Shivay laughs and says,  aisa kuch nahi hai?   Regularly tum aise uss sofe ke neeche chup jaati ho...lait jaati ho, ye normal cheezein hain right?

    Anika doesn't look at him and her hands folded and rolling eyes she says, aapko shayad pata nahi hai, main sofe ke upar thi toh  bohot garmi lag rahi thi mujhe...toh maine socha neeche thandi hai, lait jaati hoon!

    Shivay says... Haan!  Thandi thi na...woh mere cupboard ke andar bhi achcha khasa AC laga hua hai

    Shivay says, tumhe  achcha lag raha hoga cupboard mein bhi!

    Anika gets embarrassed but still doesn't give up and says, one thing is that u ask a lot of questions and I don't have time to answer ur useless questions, I am going and she starts to leave but he says Ruko! and she stops!

    He says, Kahin nahi jaogi tum...Anika...yahan dekho...look at me...main...main yahan hoon! And  he raises his hand and says, I am here!
    He waves his hand and says  Hello...Hi wen she slightly turns to look towards him !

    Finally she turns and O Jaana instrumental plays...he walks towards her and she stands stunned, not reacting!

    He keeps walking and she gets a little nervous...music stops and wind blows!

    He slowly raises his hand and touches her shoulder and wind blows and female O Jaana song plays...she keeps looking at his hand on her shoulder and almost makes a crying face !

    Her eyes fill up  with tears and she looks into his eyes...He looks at her confused and she breaks down in his arms...buries her face in his chest and he looks at her confused for a moment ...she cries badly and  he comforts her...caresses her and stammers saying her name...Anika...ro mat...kuch hua hai kya Anika?

    She crying says, wo hi raha hai...jo nahi hona chahiye Shivay!  Wo ho raha hai...aaj tak sab kuch sahi tha,...she sobs and says, Par ab raita phail raha hai...Shivay mujhe bohot darr lag raha hai...Shivay mujhe bohot darr lag raha hai and she hugs him tighter and he holds her and says, nahi...bilkul mat daro...kuch nahi hoga...Anika main hoon na...main hoon na!   Main sab thik kar doonga okay...main sab thik kar doonga... kuch nahi hoga and she keeps crying while he holds her in his arms

    Precap: Anika cries and tells Shivay who is comforting her that meri toh hamesha se simple, saadi, 2 Rs. life thi, usme  aaj tak kuch bada hi nahi hua!  Kuch bada ho raha hai toh mujhe samajh hi nahi aa raha ke main kya karu and Shivay listens intently and unconsciously blurts out that mere saath bhi kuch aisa hi ho raha hai!

    Later Anika is shown in kitchen preparing something and she goes to get something to add when Tia sneaks inside and adds crushed glass pieces to the mixture, Anika prepares the juice while Tia smirks looking at her!