• Ishqbaaz 19th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 19th January 2017 Written update 

    The episode begins with the Oberoi family gathering around sick Om and wondering how all this happened, they are thankful Shivika found him in time to get him home . Tej is worried for missing Svetlana and passes orders to look for her and get her home ASAP .
    Jahnavi is annoyed with Tej for being more concerned about Svetlana rather than his unconscious son ... they have nok jhok over this .
    Shivaye asks them to be quiet as Om needed rest n peace  .

    Anika is in her room and she remembers her confession to Shivaye and feels awkward .
    shivaye comes looking for her and she starts hearing pyaar ki ghanti .
    she starts managing her clothes in the cupboard in order to avoid him

    Shivaye is concerned about her unusual behaviour and asks if she was OK 
    she makes an excuse of looking for what to wear and keeps handling her clothes and piles them into a huge bundle and avoids him . he keeps coming closer and wonders what was wrong with her . she gets affected by his closeness and she stammers that he too needed a medical check up by the doc but he declines , as he moves closer she starts getting unnerved by the pyaar ki ghanti . she steps back and tries to avoid his touch as he suggests she was the one who needed to see a doc as she was injured at many places , but she declines.

    He keeps moving closer and she is pinned against the pillar by now and she is unable to bear the heart beats and pyaar ki ghanti .. she drops the bundle of clothes and shouts a "NAHIN !!!  ..." and scoots from there . Shivaye finds this very amusing and confusing .

    he comes closer and persuades her to get checked by the doc but she covers her ears as she hears louder pyaar ki ghanti .. Shivaye is amused and asks her what was wrong . she tells him about ringing of bells , he is confused , he wonders if she was hurt in her ears .. he tries to get closer and check but she jumps at his touch and screams NAHIIN !!!... 

    anika is sitting with sahil near the pool and he tells her that her symptoms were of falling in love with Baagad billa and he is amused at the thoughts of calling the guy Baagad jeeju now . Anika is too unnerved with her new feelings nd emotions asks him to stop chattering and refuses to accept that she was in love with Shivaye an she could not afford this. 
    they were mismatched and she did not want to him to make her weak .She did not want to feel the pain of betrayal and heart break .  she was happy just loving  sahil only . but Sahil insists she was already in love with Shivaye, and encourages her that she was strong enough to do manage . Anika scolds him . 

    In his room Om is lost in thoughts, his mother caresses him lovingly , doc asks him to take care. 
    tia watches Om secretly and informs svet that Om had not revealed anything to any one just as they thought . svet is happy that her plan succeeded. Tia laments that all plans succeeded except when they tried to kill Anika , she plans to get rid of her this time . she complains that Shivaye saved her every time . 

    At pool side Anika explains to Sahil her reasons behind not sharing her feelings with shivaye .. .. they were totally mismatched and not up to His expectations . he decides to keep her distance from Shivaye , she would get over this . Sahil says this idea would not work but she could try it out .

    Tia is seen walking like a drunkard and pinky notices this and gets concerned, Tia complains of her giddiness and nauseated feeling all the time ...and this was accompanied by the fear of anika trying to kil her baby was troubling her ever since she slipped on the oil spilled on the floor . pinky gets furious with Anika for trying such a thing on Tia and affecting he adversely in this condition.
    Tia wants to show Shivaye with evidence that Anika tried to kill her baby , she asks Pinky mom to support her , pinky agrees whole hardheartedly n reassuringly hugs Tia . .

    Anika enters her room feeling nervous about her feelings , gets all the more perturbed on finding Shivaye waiting for her .  Shivaye tries to find out what was troubling Anika while she tries to keep distance from him, avoid him, and looks the other way and adjust the curtains .

    Shivaye wants to discuss how they were guided the wrong way and attacked , but he is confused finding Anika trying to avoid him and refusing  to look at him while he spoke to her .he tries all the more to move closer to her but she moves further  away . finally she gets overwhelmed by her feelings and  not begin able to bear the ringing of pyaar ki ghanti she asks him to stop . he asks her if she was unwell .. he finds her shivering . 

    Sahil enters the room and declares that Anika was suffering from "Pyaar ka bukhaar "
    Shivika have eyelock, he looks confused and she is embarrassed. 

    precap for tomorrow 

    Shivaye comes close to Anika at night and she gets effected by the ringing of bells , he says he knew what was happening to her , she declines saying nothing was happening , 
    later Anika thinks she better do something about this pyaar ka buhaar or things will go  out of hand