• Ishqbaaz 18th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 18th January 2017 Written update 
    Title: Anika is In Love! 

    Sneak Peek: Anika cries with an unconscious Shivay laying his head on her lap and crying badly says, if something happens to u, I will die...I Love You Shivay...she says cupping his face!
    Tia and Rudra  fight for the phone and he asks her if the ph has her secrets and why is she so possessive about it?  If Anika Bhabhi was right  regarding her secrets and Tia sees Dushyant's pic open on her phone and gets shocked!

    Episode starts with Anika dragging up an unconscious Shivay in the cart with great difficulty and cries cupping his face...she gathers courage and moves the cart and keeps crying seeing his face!  
    She stops near the stairs of the old cottage looking confused!

    At Oberoi Mansion:   Shivay and Rudra indulge Tia in picking up the books and Sahil keeps changing Book names and asks her to pick that one...no the other one and Tia gets irritated at this and asks him, what is ur problem, how does it matter which book u keep first in the bag as all are books and going inside the bag

    Rudra hands over the bag and keeps all the books together in Tia's hand and it gets messy,  Rudra sees the chance and takes the phone from Tia's hand and hands it to Sahil and Sahil says, I will do it myself and Tia leaves saying a whatever 

    Rudra Sahil  do a Hi-Five!

    Anika brings Shivay inside the cottage and lays him down on the ground and tries to wake him up, holds his face and keeps pleading, asking him to get up and shakes him...she asks him to get up for her sake but he doesn't respond!

    She wonders what should I do and then runs to get his phone and recalls of the charger and runs!

    Rudra gets a call from Shivay's phone and he asks where is he...but its Anika who used the power bank and called Rudra...she panics and stammers and tells...Rudra...woh...Shivay...Aandhi mein behosh ho gaye, Saans nahi le pa rahe...please tell me what should I do and Rudra informs her that Shivay has an allergy with dust !

    He asks Anika where are u both and I will come there but Anika says, there is no time for all this and suggest me a way what I can do ?  She sits near Shivay and keeps looking at him as well while talking!

    Rudra says, Bhaiya has his medicines always lying with him and Anika recalls she was getting the medicines wen the box fell from her hands and she immediately disconnects the call  and runs while Rudra gets tensed on the other side!
    Anika searches for the medicines in between the fallen trees and something pricks her hand, she screms but keeps looking and says, I won't let anything happen to u Shivay, wen the bushes get stuck with her clothes and hurt her in the process but she keeps looing!
    Her injured hand gets more hurt and she cries in pain but finally manages to find the box and runs to Shivay!

    She tells an unconscious Shivay that I have got ur medicines, now u will be absolutely fine...her hands shake in fear and she searches through the bundle of medicines and gets confused which medicine to give him...She tries to wake him up again !

    Rudra marches through the hall in tension  just wen Anika calls him and he was just waiting for her call...she asks him she has found the medicines and asks which one to give him and he tells her the name of the medicine (which I can't spell)...she asks him again and he repeats the complicated name  and Anika tries to look for it through the medicines and  says, I am unable to find any such medicine!

    He says, try some more, its yellow in color and she looks again and finds it and a smile appears on her tear-filled face!

    She runs to Shivay again and gives the medicines to him and feeds water and  shakes him, asking him to get up atleast now...for her sake...she keeps pleading and crying and and lays her head on his chest crying!

    Rudra stands tensed in the Mansion wen Sahil calls him and says, Pehelwaan, lets search for that man in this phone!
    Rudra gets thinking for a moment and says, Rudra you have to do it as u won't get a better opportunity to throw Lady Baba out of Shivay Bhaiya's life!

    He goes and sits near Sahil and Sahil says, this phone must have that D named person's pic as she was talking while looking at this phone only and Rudra takes the phone from Sahil and looks through but it asks for a password!

    Rudra wonders what would be Lady Baba's phone's password and Sahil gets sad saying Gayi Bhains Paani mein, what are we gonna do now!

    Rudra types Universe as Tia's password and smiles...he screams Yess and it worked
    Tia gets annoyed in her room at Rudra and Sahil and calls them stupid for ruining her mood and suddenly remembers Romi...she says to herself that Romi must be waiting for me and looks for her phone and realizes, Rudra  & Sahil have taken the phone and makes an annoyed face

    Anika sits on the bed with Shivay's head laid in her lap and caresses his hair and asks him to get up...she says, Shivay please get up...r u listening to me and keeps talking to him while he is unconscious!

    Se cries badly and sobbing says, aap mere saath aisa nahi kar sakte...aap mujhe chod kar nahi ja sakte...main aapke bina nahi reh paungi Shivay...agaraapko kuch ho gaya na...she cups his face and says, mujhe aapki aadat ho gayi hai...aapki kanji  aankhon ki, aapki baaton ki, aapki Tadi ki...agar aapko uch ho gaya na toh main marr jaungi...wind blows and dramatic sad music plays...she keeps his face on his face and cries...she gets up again and says, I Love You Shivay...I Love You and O Jaana instrumental plays...she sits cupping his face and cries looking at him...!!!!! 
    Sahil asks Rudra to look in the gallery of the phone and Rudra searches through...Tia comes there saying Bad Manners and both of them get alarmed seeing her and she fumes in anger
    Rudra and Sahil exchange looks while Rudra gets up with a funny smile on his face and hides the phone behind his back and starts moving around...Tia asks him for the phone and he says, which phone...Sahil also moves behind Rudra protecting the phone !

    Tia keeps asking for phone and Rudra says, I do not have any phone and Tia starts to snatch it from him...Rudra asks her what are u doing Lady Baba and throws the phone towards Sahil asking him to catch and Sahil does!

    Sahil asks Tia to first  prove its her phone and she asks him to shut up...he asks her to look at the crow outside and she looks and Sahil throws the phone back to Rudra

    Rudra again starts to juggle the phone and Tia gets confused and keeps trying to get it back while Rudra again throws it towards Sahil and Sahil starts running around with the phone, on his crutches  and Tia starts to follow him!

    She keeps screaming for her phone and Tia finally takes it from Sahil calling him a bad boy and from  her back, Rudra comes and takes it from her hand calling her a bad girl and teasing her and she again runs after Rudra!

    Rudra runs around the table saying I won't give u and she also runs after him,...finally she catches him and starts to snatch the phone asking for her phone back and Rudra asks her why is she so possessive about this phone, what is there in this?  Does it have the same secret Anika Bhabhi was talking about and Tia asks him to shut up and give it to her, just then she notices Dushyant's pic open on the phone and gets nervous...Sahil notices the pic and changes his own angle by moving a little and stares at the pic and gets shocked...he calls Rudra and says, Pehelwaan photo dikh rahi hai, dekho...!!

    Rudra tries to see but Tia twists his hand badly and he screams in pain while she takes the phone in her hand!  She tries to delete the pic but Rudra again snatches the phone from her hand and  tries to run but notices Soumya coming in  and throws the phone towards her to catch but she was so unaware about the whole thing that she just missed the catch after trying to hold it and phone went inside the pool!

    All get shocked while Rudra looks at Soumya disappointed and Tia breathes a Sigh of relief!

    Anika still sits cupping Shivay's face and says crying, Mujhe aapse pyaar ho gaya hai Shivay...mujhe aapse pyaar ho gaya hai! 
    She says, abhi abhi  toh mujhe  pata chala hai ke mujhe aapse pyaar ho gaya hai,...hamari kahani shuru hone se pehle hatm mat kariye Shivay, please , mere liye uth jaiye please and she keeps holding his face ! 

    She again asks him to wake up for her sake!    She says, aap hamesha kehte hain na ke Shivay Singh Oberoi ki jaan itni asaani se nahi ja sakti, saabit kijiye...saabit kijiye ke aap tadi nahi maar rahe the...aapne mujhse wada iya tha ke aap mujhe chod kar nahi jayenge toh Shivay Singh Oberoi apna wada kaise tod sakta hai! 

    Nazdeek hai dil ke plays and she again pleads him to open his eyes, get up,  is he listening or not...but he doesn't respond and she again puts her face on his and crying asks him get up...Shivay please! 

    Her Tear drops on his face and he moves a lil...wind blows and his face has a slight movement!

    O Jaana lyrics play and his lips move...she notices his movement and gets up pleasantly surprised!

    Shivay opens his eyes and holding both her hands says, Anika...tu,...tumne...his voice cracks and he says, tumne fir se chot lagwa li 

    She asks him to take care and get up...he finally gets up and sits and keeps looking at both her hands tensed and asks her if she is fine...Anika says and her voice echoes...Mujhe laga tha ke maine aapko kho diya hai and he looks at her in surprise...she cries and he caresses her face and says, Shivay Singh Oberoi ki jaan itni asaani se nahi jayegi...maine kaha tha na tumse Anika  

    He smiles looking at her holding her face and she just buries her face in his chest instantly and hugs him...she cries badly and he caresses her hair and comforts her, saying its okay! 

    Soumya apologizes to Rudra and Sahil and says, bcoz of me everything went haywire...while Rudra stays quiet, Sahil says, maine bola na Soumya, aapki galati nahi hai, galati har insaan se hoti hai!
    Soumya says, if I had taken the catch atleast Tia's mystery could have been resolved and she gets disappointed just wen Rudra's phone rings and he gets up and leaves in a hurry...its Anika and she informs him that Shivay is now fine and Rudra breathes a sigh of relief and smiles Thanking God and asks them to come home quickly!

    Shivay comes and informs Anika that the storm has stopped but the car doesn't start and Anika says, Rudra is sending a car...Shivay says, hope car comes fast as we have wasted a lot of time already, we need to reach Om asap!

    Sahil again tells Soumya that its not her mistake wen Rudra comes and asks them why are they arguing?

    Sahil says, bcoz Soumya feels its all her mistake, but I am saying, its all ur mistake!
    Rudra says , yeah its my mistake I had thrown the phone in such a manner that even Kohli could not have taken the catch and Soumya gets more sad!

    Rudra says, one thing is sure, Lady Baba is surely hiding something and Anika Bhabhi's dount was absolutely right!

    Shivika drive back and while driving, Shivay looks at Anika who was staring him, she looks away embarrassed and Shivay asks her, if she is fine?    She asks...hmm?  He again asks her in a very soft tone, tum...thik ho?   She says yes and he says, aisa lag nahi raha hai...she asks why and he says, itni der ho gayi aur tum chup baithi ho toh...it feels weird

    Anika looks away and says, bas aise hi...Shivay gets thinking and nods his head and says, aise hi...he looks at her again and asks kya????  She also asks kya?

    He says, tum mujhe ghoor rahi ho! 

    She says, ghoor nahi rahi hoon...dekh rahi hu!
    He asks, haan, dekh kyon rahi ho?
    She asks, kyon, dekh nahi sakti?
    He says,  haan deh sakti ho...he smiles and says, obviously main itna handsome hoon ke mere chehre se nazar hatana thoda mushqil hota hoga tumhare liye bhi and he again smiles and she keeps staring!

    He gets confused and asks, sab thik hai na Anika?  She just lost into him completely says, sab thik hai!

    Shivay gets amused and asks, kuch...kuch hua hai?   She recalls  her ILU to him and says, raita phail gaya hai 
    He asks, matlab?

    Funny music starts and she gets into Anika mode and realizes what she said, she looks away and doesn't reply!

    Anika gets alert and says, Shivay, Om's car pointing a finger in the front!

    Shivay applies the brakes and they get out and find Om's car...Shivay runs screaming Om's name and checks inside the car but finds nothing!

    He then looks at the back of the car and gets shocked!

    He opens the door and finds Om lying unconscious at the backseat of the car!

    Shivay lays Om on his bed and tells Anika to call a Doctor!   He removes Om's shoes and Om wakes up...he asks him if he is fine and how did he faint?

    Om feels dizzy and tries to speak but keeps pausing while speaking...he says, Shivay...mujhe jaise hi pata chala...pata chala...Shivay recalls Mrs. Kapoor's threat and tells Om that its okay, no problem is so big that it can't be solved and I am there with u, u don't need to take tension at all!

    Om says, maine jaise ho apne phone mein and Shivay cuts him off and says,, nahi Om, ek phone  ya video hamari poori zindagi nahi  badal sakta Om, aur tu aise kaise bina bataye chala gaya...Shivay starts stammering and says, u know...mujhe tension hojati hai, I get really worried for u Om, u should have told me, had something happened to u then?   And we had decided that in life, if any problem comes we both will face it together and no problem is unsolvable...hum saath mein milenge, baat karenge and he goes on speaking...Om stops him and says, Shivay mere sarr mein bohot dard ho raha hai please meri baat sun and Shivay asks him to speak up!

    Precap: Anika sees Shivay coming towards herself and she stands shell-shocked...has a pile of clothes in her hand and her eyes remain wide open...she hears Ghantiisss...Shivay keeps coming forward and she takes back steps and hears Ting Ting sounds
    She drops the clothes screaming a Nahi and covers her ears with both her hands and Shivay watches amused!
    Anika and Sahil talk by the poolside later and Sahil asks her if she has really fallen in love with Shivay and she cries badly saying  Main Shivay se pyaar nahi kar sakti  Sahil!