• Ishqbaaz 17th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 18th January 2017 Written update 
    Title:  Can Anika Save Shivay?

    Sneak Peek: Anika goes near the car to take power back just wen someone from the back side puts a rope in her neck and drags her...she screams and Shivay hears her scream and comes out running but falls on the ground due to his own chest pain and as he lifts up his neck, he finds Anika hanging to the tree!

    Episode starts with Anika rushing out towards the car to get the power bank...she runs and finds it inside the car and just wen she closes the car door, someone puts a rope in her neck from the backside and drags her...a scream comes out of Anika's mouth and Shivay hears this and his eyes remain wide open in shock...he feels something wrong and says her name and just wen he gets up to go to her he falls in pain!

    Pinky tells Rudra I don't know where Shivay is, he left in a hurry without telling me so I thought u would no and Rudra says No!   Pinky says okay and asks, do u know where is Omkara as Shivay has gone after him and Rudra makes funny faces and says, O has also gone along, Dhokha Dhokha...they didn't take me along!

    Pinky leaves telling him u r useless, keep an eye on both of them they are ur brothers and hit him slightly in a fun way!

    Rudra says, Shivay Bhaiya has  gone after O without telling me, kuch toh gadbad hai just wen Sahil comes there and says, Pehelwaan to Rudra and says, Tia is going somewhere...Rudra does a Hainn...Tia is also  going somewhere, everyone is going so I should also go and Sahil asks him if he knows where Tia is going?   Rudra says, who cares wherever she goes, she should just leave this house and go away and Sahil says, arey mere bhai, kuch toh gadbad hai!

    Rudra asks him if he also feels so and  Sahil says, yes I felt so with Tia's talks and Rudra says, woh khud hi gadbad hai!

    Sahil says, No...I heard her talks on phone and she was doing some dialogue-baazi on phone with someone and Rudra asks him what?   Sahil imitates Tia's dialogues saying tum nahi ho toh tumhari yaadein mere saath hain...and says, woh aisa ro rahi thi!

    Rudra says, she must be talking to Shivay Bhaiya only and Sahil says, she was talking someone else's name...Rudra asks what name and Sahil gets thinking trying to recall the name and says, I don't know... Rudra prompts saying SSO?  Billu?  Shivay Baby?  And Sahil keeps saying No to all the options  and Rudra says, Bagad Billa keh rahi hogi...Rudra screams nahi nahi nahi...I know more names of SSO than u and  Rudra gets thinking...Sahil says let me recall and Rudra again tries to prompt but Sahil says, it was with D I am sure...with D!

    Rudra gets thinking and Sahil says recalling...Damdaar...No...Dil...Rudra recalls Anika's lines to Om that Tia is lying and we have to catch her lies, Tia is married and she has gone to meet her husband and  Rudra wonders, what if she was really talking to her husband, if this is the thing than its the right time to find proof against her and he sees Tia getting down the stairs and gets thinking!

    Shivay struggles and gets down the stairs of the cottage and with great difficulty he walks but falls down on the ground and as he lifts up his neck he finds Anika hanging to the tree and screams her name!
    He gets up and runs to save her...he holds her feet and says, tumhe kuch nahi hone doonga main...Anika!!  Anika's eyes are shown closed and he tries to balance her on his shoulders for a moment and also find a way to  save her so he  keeps looking around and runs on seeing a rope tied to the tree.,...!!

    Rudra comes running to Tia and says something like Dabba and blocks her way by jumping in there and asks,...Darr gayi?

    She says...excuse me and he says, excuse me toh thik hai ye batao kahan ja rahi ho and she says, to my Mom's place, all nervous!

    He says, okay fine lemme drop you and she says, its okay!

    He says, I insist and she asks, why?  He says, tum aisi haalat mein drive nahi kar sakti ho (so he knows abt her pregnancy)   and if Bhaiya comes to know I let u both go alone, he would be so angry at me!

    She asks...both?  He says, yes,...u and the baby!   Dekho!  Universe chahta hai ke main tumhe chodu!

    Papa ne kaha ghar chod do, Paro ne kaha Sharab chod do aur Tia ne kaha mujhe Juhu chod do

    She asks him to stop the nonsense and she would go on her own and starts to leave but trips and Rudra saves her  by holding her hand!  He asks her, aap ladkhada kyon rahi ho and he comes close and smells her to check if she is drunk?

    Hesays, aapne aisi haalat mein sharab pi hai and Tia looks confused and in 

    Shivay comes  with an axe and starts to cut the rope with it and Romi watches him from  a distance, hiding somewhere!

    Shivay feels dizzy but keeps trying and Romi says, however much u try Shivay, today u won't be able to save Anika and smiles wickedly!  She says, I should give this good news to Tia and calls her!

    Tia checks her own breath and says, what nonsense, u think I am mad that I would drink in pregnancy?  She gets nervous and says, I actually took a medicine and that is why am a bit sleepy and Rudra says, okay if u r sleepy then go to ur room and she argues back saying, I told u am going to my mom's house!

    He says, aisi haalat mein tumhe rest karna chahiye aur tumhe mummy ki padi hai...aur suno,...aisi haalat mein mummy ki yaad aaye toh  upar TV pe The Mummy aa rahi hai woh dekh lena!

    Tia gets Romi's call and gets shocked and Rudra looks at her suspiciously...she says its my mom's call and Rudra says, I will talk ... he tries to take the phone from her hand and says, Hello Aunty and they both do some snatching for the phone from each other...she snatches it and says, I told u I will talk!

    Rudra thinks to himself, Aunty nahi zaroor Uncle ka call hoga, wohib uncle jinka naam D se shuru hota hai ...Rudra u have to get this phone from Tia as all her secrets are inside this phone...!

    Shivay gathers courage somehow and starts breaking the rope again and Anika falls in his arms suddenly!
    O Jaana instrumental plays for a moment and Dhak Dhaks in the background...Shivay lays her on the ground and says,...Anika...uthao main aa gaya hoon Anika...he shakes her and caresses her face and tries to get her up saying Anika main aa gaya hoon and Heartbeats sound keeps  playing...he screams twice...Anika Utho...Utho and she breathes a little...she holds her neck in pain and he stammers and says, Anika main aa gaya hoon!

    She asks him...aapne fir se merin jaan bachayi and his voice cracks and says,...khabardaar...ye harkat dobara ki na toh...she opens her eyes slightly and he pulls her into a tight hug and she they have a long hug...she just comforts herself in his arms!

    Rudra again tells Tia to stop as she is unwell and takes the phone from her hand and says, aisa kya hai iss phone mein zara main bhi toh dekhoon  and she snatches back saying, I told u m  going to my mom's house, just let me go and he again takes the phone from her hand saying, battery is too low, lemme charge ur phone!   She takes it back saying No thanks, I will do myself and Rudra screams...Lady Baba Chuha and she starts jumping and Rudra keeps saying Chuha ChuhaROFL

    Tia keeps looking around and asks where and he says, it ran away!  Dekho...jahan Bagad Bille ke chote bhai fail ho jata hai waha saara kaam chuhe ko karna padta hai and he gestures something to Sahil standing at the back at a distance!

    Tia says, I am going coz if I stand with u some more I will go mad and she starts to leave and Rudra follows her saying give me ur phone...she comes a little far and sees Sahil's scool back lying haywire with all books lying  out in the hall...she asks, what is all this mess and Sahil cries saying meri bag se mera sab saaman bikhar gaya, please ise hatane mein meri help karo and Tia says, why r u so careless, u have gone on ur sister and he says, u r nice,  u can do it son please help me in picking up my books and Tia starts to leave saying, go and tell the servants as its their work!

    Rudra holds Tia's hand  and pulls her back and says, Oh C'mon lady baba...dekho kitna masoom bachcha hai aur tumhe bhi to bachcha hone wala hai...dekho!  Universe chahta hai  ke tumhari practice aaj se, balki abhi se  start ho and he sits on the floor and asks her to sit as well

    Shivay and Anika come out of the hug and he starts to cough badly...he says, tum bhi na, ajeeb tarah ki harkatein karti ho...upar kaise...kaise latak gayi?
    Anika:   Aap toh mujhe aise daant rahe hain jaise main ped par amrud todne gayi thi aur latak gayi
    Mujhe khud ko samajh mein nahi aa raha hai, mujhe lagta hai woh jo junglee jaanwar ko pakadne ke liye jaal bichate hain wo shayad galati se ...main galati se usme phas gayi thi

    Shivay keeps coughing and says, I had told u not to go out but u don't listen to me...he asks her to get up and she asks him if he is fine?   She gets up and starts walking and says, Waise galati meri nahi hai...aap soch rahe honge kitni ajeeb ladki hai, kabhi apne sarr phudwa leti hai kabhi haath par chot lagwa let hai, kabhi ped par latak jaati hai!

    She keeps walking and talking and asks him if he won't share this with anyone as everyone would laugh on her,  2 Rs. ki izzat reh jayegi meri ghar par sabke saamne!   She says, will u say something on be on the silent mode like this...Shivay...she feels something and turns back and gets shocked to see Shivay lying unconscious on the ground and she stands stunned!   

    She later screams his name and stands in a shock...not knowing what to do!...After a moment she runs and sits besides him, cups his face and asks him what happened...she keeps screaming his name and asks him to open his eyes...tries to wake him up but he doesn't respond!

    She checks his heartbeats and lies on top of him and senses something, tears flow down her eyes  and she picks him up a little and keeps his head in her lap and hugging him, shakes him asking him to open his eyes and get up! 

    She keeps moving him and cries screaming his name!

    Om reaches inside the house and Svetlana appears infront of him and says in a mocking tone, OMG...tumhe toh mere baare main sab pata chal gaya...ab kya hoga Om...please...please ab tum jakar kisi ko batana mat Om!  She laughs loudly and asks him, if he was waiting for this very reaction and gets a little close to him!
    He points a finger at her and asks her to stop her drama  and says, u knew very well that I am following u, right?

    She smirks and says, aadmi agar samajhdaar ho toh baat karna kitna aasan ho jata hai and he asks, u brought me till here, may I know the reason?

    She smiles and  puts her hand on his shoulder and says, jaan jaoge, sab  jaan jaoge and  getting close to his face in a very seductive manner says, bass!  thoda sa intezaar!

    Anika cries badly looking at the sky and keeps saying Shivay's name and wonders, kya karoon!

    She turns back and finds a car and brings it near Shivay by pulling it in a hurry, tears all over her face

    She picks him up with great difficulty and puts him on the sea-saw kinda cart by putting down its one side so its easy to pull Shivay on it!

    She struggles and with great difficulty and after a lot of effort, finally manages to put him on the cart and holds his face in her hands!

    Precap: Sahil gives Tia's phone to Rudra and says, this phone must have that D named person's pic inside it and Tia comes asking for her phone from Rudra...they both start fighting for the phone snatching it from each other and Rudra asks her why is she so possessive about her phone, does the phone have the same secret Anika Bhabhi was talking aout and Tia notices Dushyant's pic open on the phone and gets nervous!
    Aniks in cottage with an unconscious Shivay lying on her lap...She cries and says, I Love You Shivay...abhi abhi toh mujhe pata chala hai ke mujhe aapse pyaar ho gaya hai...hamari kahani shuru hone se pehle mat hatm kijiye Shivay...please and she sobs!  She pleads him to get up for her sake and holds his face in her hands...She bends on his face covering him with her face and cries!