• Ishqbaaz 16th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 16th January 2017 Written Update

    Title: Svetlana Plots Against Omkara!

    Sneak Peek:  Shivika in a cottage and Shivay sits on a chair and struggles to breathe, Anika keeps asking if he is alright and he says m fine u just go!   She again asks and he screams at her to stop it and there is nothing like that...main tumhe yahan kya lekar aa gaya, tumse kuch dinon se achche se baat kya kar raha hoon, tum Biwi ban baithi ho meri!
    Anika gets hurt at this but still holds his hand  and says, Shivay aisa kuch bhi nahi hai and Shivay again has difficulty in breathing, he just jerks her hand hard, asking her to stop it and she falls due to the jerk, at a distance!

    Episode starts with Shivay stopping car as their were two roads ahead and he gets confused which road to take...he then looks into one direction!
    Romi is shown sitting on the way on a stone, saying kaunsa raasta kahan aur kab, kaise khatam ho, kise pata!   Sorry Shivay, I won't let u people reach Omkara!

    Shivay again calls Om but he doesn't take the calls, Anika sees sign boards  that have written road closed and use this road on them and she points at the signboards showing them to Shivay...and asks Shivay to see there is only one road in use and  Shivay drives on that way!

    Romi comes out from the hide and again swaps both the signboards!

    Romi informs Svetlana that the work is done and Shivika won't be able to reach Omkara and Svetlana gets happy and praises her!

    Pinky asks Tej to behave and have some shame as Jhanvi is his wife and to think with a  cool mind that where is she wrong in her anger at him, which woman would like her Husband's Mistress to stay in the same house and her and not react at it?

    Tej listens quietly!  Pinky screams at Jhanvi saying I had already warned u not to let that woman enter this house, other wise she would start residing here itself and see that is what has happened...she has created differences between u both once again!

    Jhanvi cries and says, I am trying to explain the same to Tej but he  doesn't understand and Pinky screams saying how would he understand, he is blinded by that woman Svetlana...but JethJi, if u have forgotten, let me remind u that u have three kids who are yet to get married and  till the time Svetlana is here, no decent family would want to have an alliance in this family!    She folds her hands in front of Tej in anger and asks him to behave his age atlease...umra ka toh lihaaz kar lijiye!

    Tej asks Pinky to not interfere in their matters and Pinky says, u have not left any other option for me that is why I had to speak!   U still have time JethJi, come back on track as all families resolve differences calmly so u 2 also stop fighting!
    Tej says, somethings do not have a solution, never!

    Pinky gets agitated more at this and holds Jhanvi's hand and says, if it cant be solved then finish it...roz roz kasyapa hi khatam ho, Divorce de dijiye apni Biwi ko!

    Dadi hears this and screams Pinky's name and almost gets an attack...she takes back steps and is about to fall wen Pinky runs to hold her and Dadi watches TejVi, all hurt and in shock!

    Shivay drives furiously and doesn't find a way, Anika tells him that Shivay I guess we have come the wrong way and he asks her, u r telling this now?  She says, the board was pointing in this direction only, maybe the board changed direction coz of the heavy wind!

    Shivay again calls Om but  Om ignores and amidst all this, Shivay loses balance and his car hits a tree and both of them get shocked!   Shivay tries to start the car but it doesn't start and he gets more frustrated at this!

    Dadi goes to Tej and crying screams at him that I never thought I would have to see such a day in my life, u people are not kids that I have to remind u right or wrong!
    Tomorrow u will become parents in law and wat will you teach ur kids, ur DILs and SIL?  If u cannot handle ur own relation, how will you both keep ur family together?

    Its easy to break relations, but  to keep them tied together and to take care of them is very difficult, especially a relation like Marriage!   Till date, there has been no Divorce in this family and  Tej says, its not necessary whatever did not happen in this Khandaan till today won't happen in future too and  Dadi Pinky Jhanvi watch him in shock and disgust at this statement!

    Dadi tries to talk to Jhanvi but she leaves crying and Pinky asks Dadi to take care of herself and not cry like this!  Dadi says crying jaane kiski nazar lag gayi iss parivaar ki khushiyon ko and Pinky says, uss  Half Jethani ki...keede pade us aurat ko, Nark mein bhi sukoon  na mile uss kalmoohi ko!

    Dadi says, to think bad about someone is as wrong as doing bad and Pinky argues back saying what do I do, that woman has done OMM of this family, phool toh jhadenge nahi mere muh se uske liye!

    Dadi says, think of ur family  instead of outsiders and Pinky says, but family is also thinking about outsiders and JethJi has crossed all limits, she says, Mummy Ji only u r the one who can bring him back on track, just become a little more strong and hold JethJi's ears and ask him to throw Svetlana out of this house that's it!
    Dadi says, zor zabardasti se door toh kiya jaa sakta hai par dooriyan kam nahi ki jaa sakti !
    Om reaches a place and stops his car and gets thinking...Svetlana comes out of another car standing in front of him and Om gets shocked  to see her standing!
    She starts to walk to some place and in the meanwhile , Om gets Shivay's call which he disconnects and Shivay gets annoyed at this!  Anika asks him to call him back and Shivay says, really?   Why didn't I get this idea and Anika says, bcoz u don't get ideas but anger that eats away the mind and Shivay asks her to try herself, calling him and Anika says, ph is...Shivay says, battery is dead!

    She says, why didn't u tell me this earlier and  Shivay asks for the phone...she gives it back and he says, not mine but ur phone and she says, I didn't get my phone along!

    He gets more irritated at this and mumbles something like u r justtt...!!

    Svetlana walks towards the place she was heading for,  like a model walking on ramp and Om thinks to himself, this means Anika Bhabhi was  right, Svetlana is faking the leg injury and being unable to walk!

    Svetlana turns back and Om hides himself by bending down, Svetlana turns back and smirks!

    Svetlana gets inside a place and Om comes out of his car!

    Shivay sits confused, holding his head and Anika sees a cottage and shows it to Shivay and says, I guess we may find a phone there, lets go and Shivay agrees!

    They get out of the car and heavy wind blows...they struggle to walk!

    Om follows Svetlana and she smirks noticing him follow her!

    She gets inside an old house and Om gets thinking!

    Shivay walks with great difficulty as he starts getting the attack and Anika runs after him screaming his name!  Shivay almost falls down holding his chest in pain and Anika gets confused seeing him, he turns back and  asks her to get his medicines but she is unable to hear due to the storm and asks him what he said!

    He screams in pain and says, in the box  and Anika opens the car and starts looking for medicines!

    Shivay gets a flashback of the last time he was hospitalized and Dr. had said there is nothing much to worry, if his heart condition was  normal, he would have recovered faster!

    Shivay keeps struggling to stand and Anika finally hgets the medicines, but while she was walking towards him, she trips and the medicine box flies at a distance with the heavy winds!
    Anika tries to walk and Shivay notices a huge tree branch falling and screams Anika's name and Anika's eyes are shown closed due to the dust storm!
    The branch falls in between both of them and both get shocked, Shivay stands traumatized seeing the branch falling so close to Anika while Anika looks in horror!

    Om wonders, why has Svetlana come so far, m sure she has come to meet someone and this must be the same person who has instructed her to do all this!  I have to find out who that person is and slowly opens the window there and he looks through  it  but closes it back thinking this is not right, to get inside someone's house like this...he again thinks that I am not doing this for myself but my family, to bring Svetlana's real face infront of the family I have to do this and he starts to walk and sneaks inside the same place!

    Romi sees Shivay's car damaged and says, good Shivay and Anika have been stuck here, now Svetlana Di can continue with her plan nicely!

    Tia calls Romi and asks her if everything is going fine and Romi says, not just fine but perfect, everything is going as per our plan  and Tia asks about Shivika, Romi says, I have settled them here, I have laid such a trap for those 2 that they might not even be able to reach the house back, forget reaching Omkara!

    Tia asks her to make sure Anika is not able to come back to the Oberoi Mansion and Romi asks her what does she mean, Tia smirks and says something to her!

    Shivika reach inside the cottage and Shivay looks for the charger as he finds a charging  point...but then he sits on the chair and struggles to breathe...Anika keeps asking if he is alright and he says m fine u just go!   She again asks him and says I feel u r not fine, seeing ur condition u don't look okay and he again says, I am fine, just the allergy got activated due to dust and he starts coughing!
    Anika says, but Shivay u r breathing heavy and again asks her if he is okay and he screams saying I am okay and u go out and search for a way!
    She says, u r hiding something from me Shivay, please tell me if something is troubling u and  he screams at her to stop it and there is nothing like that...main tumhe yahan kya lekar aa gaya, tumse kuch dinon se achche se baat kya kar raha hoon, tum Biwi ban baithi ho meri!
    Anika gets shocked hearing this and looks hurt but asks him why is he saying that and he looks at her and asks her when did u  start taking this marriage seriously Anika?
    She still holds his hand  and says, Shivay aisa kuch bhi nahi hai and Shivay again has difficulty in breathing, he just jerks her hand hard, asking her to stop it and she falls due to the jerk, at a distance!

    He runs to her and holds her and checks if she got hurt, holds her hand that has a bandage on it and asks her fumbling...tumhe kahin...kahin chot toh nahi lagi na?
    Anika cries and says, girne se nahi lagi par aapki baaton se zaroor lagi hai and he looks guilty and stammers to speak but she goes away saying...Shivay please!
    Shivay feels guilty and says, Anika...its...its just a bad day...hamesha ke tarah mera saara gussa, saara frustration tum par nikal jata hai...I am sorry Anika...just...I am sorry, he says this holding hjis chest that is still in pain and Anika looks at him, and in a cold tone asks, Ye sorry aaj ke liye ya aaj tak jo bhi hua uss sab ke liye?

    Shivay gets hit with reality and coughs...and says, Anika...Anika tum sahi kehti ho...jab bhi mujhe gussa aata hai na mera dimag kaam karna band kar deta hai,  he says this keeping a finger at his head 

    He says, aur uske baad main kuch bhi bolne lagta hoon...he falls down saying, galati meri hai...mere dimag ne kaam karna band kar diya and I just started talking rubbish...he hols his chest in pain and says, I am sorry...I am really Sorry Anika!

    He keeps saying I am sorry and Anika comes and holds him and makes him sit, asks him why is he so troubled, is anything bothering him and he almost teary says, I can't share this with u Anika...main...hmmm...samajhne ki koshish karo...mera iss waqt na...Om se baat karna bohot zaroori hai.,...he struggles to speak and stammering says, its very important!

    He looks into her eyes and she says, thik hai...!!!

    He looks at her surprised and says, tum maan gayi?  Bina kisi sawaal ke?  Tum,,...tumne argue bhi nahi kiya...tum?

    Anika says, aapne kaha na aap nahi bata sakte...shayad koi bohot badi baat hogi, isliye aap nahi bata sakte!

    Shivay asks her if she didn't feel bad as he said a no to share with her?  She says, bcoz I know that if u could share, u would have sure shared it with me, but u r not telling me then it must be good for someone,...and anyway, for u, others happiness and their good matters most, even before ur own!

    Shivay gets up and looks into her eyes and smiles, she holds him and he holds her hand...!! 

    Om opens the door and peeps inside and finds Svetlana talking to someone who is behind a wooden wall...he thinks I won't get a better chance than this to find proofs against Svetlana and he looks around, takes out his phone to take pics/video and starts to walk inside slowly looking everywhere around!

    Shivay sits confused with his phone in his hand and Anika says, Shivay all ur tensions will be over wen u talk to Om, right?

    Shivay irritated says, how will I talk wen u have not got ur phone along and there is no battery in my phone? He drops his phone and Anika recalls that wen she was looking for medicines she saw a mota sa dabba with lambi si wire in his car   

    Shivay falls down saying that is called power bank Anika and Anika says, I think I saw it in ur car and that is the one right Shivay?  She runs saying I am gonna get it and Shivay screams at her to stop,  there is heavy storm outside just stop Anika but she doesn't listen and comes out and says,   Ab mujhe koi farq nahi padta, chahe wo aandhi ho ya toofan!

    Precap: Svetlana mocks Om saying, OMG tumhe toh mere baare mein sab pata chal gaya!  Om  points a finger at her and asks her to stop her drama and she smiles wickedly!   He asks her, u have brought me til here, may I know the reason?
    She puts her hand on his shoulder and in a creepy manner says, Jaan jaoge, bass thoda sa intezaar and she comes very close to his faceOuch

    Shivay gets out of the cottage holding his chest in pain and tries to walk with great difficulty,  he falls down on the ground due to the pain and wen he lifts up his head, he finds Anika hanging on the tree!