• Ishqbaaz 13th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 13th January 2017 Written update 

    Title:   Who Wants To Defame Priyanka!

    Sneak Peek:  Mrs. Kapoor says she doesn't have to make much effort to send Dai Maa's recording to Omkara, Shivay recalls Dai Maa's words and  Mrs. Kapoor says, just one click & send!
    Om asks Shivay why did he hide such a big truth from him?
    Later Om is shown alone, super angry and he throws away his phone in anger, in full force!

    Episode starts with Tia complaining about Anika to Pinky and Pinky says, if Anika has really done this with u, today will be the last day of that girl in this house and leaves in anger while Tia smirks and sends a SMS to Svetlana informing the same!

    Svetlana pours oil on the way from where Tia and Pinky were about to pass and runs away and hides!

    Tia shows Pinky the place where she slipped and Pinky steps on it and says, OMM ...this is Oils...that why u slipped!

    Tia acts shocked and says, Anika did this intentionally so that I slip and my baby dies!  She says , u know Pinky Mom, she had threatened me that if I don't leave this house on my own, she will throw me out in her own way!

    Pinky gets furious and says, I will do Anika's OMM now!

    In Shivay's room, AniSHiOmRu are present and Om tells Shivay that wen we know Svet. is lying and targeting u Shivay , then wat r we waiting for?  Why don't we expose her and throw her out of the house?

    Shivay asks him what are we goin to gain from this, neither we will be able to know  the mastermind of this conspiracy nor we would be able to make Bade Papa believe us!

    Om says, Shivay maybe mastermind is Svet. herself and Shivay says, yeah maybe,  but to confirm thi,  we need to find the reason why she is doing all this and on whose instructions and this is only possible wen she stays in this house, infront of our eyes!

    Anika says, and one more thing is by exposing Svet. we can  prevent current happenings, but we would never be able know of her next move,  the target and the time wen it will happen!

    Rudra says, Babhi is right, my smart mind also says we should wait and watch and Om agrees  halfheartedly coz everyone is not of same opinion as his!

    Shivay tells Om who stands miffed, that I know how difficult it is for you to see Svet. in this house, but we have to do it bcoz we have to throw her out not only from this house but also from Bade Papa and Badi Maa's life!
    Shivay asks him if he agrees and Om says, Right!

    RoTiLana have a conference call and Svet. says, our plan is not that easy to understand, and by the time these people are able to understand it,  we will already be successful in our mission and Tia asks her, how is this possible Svet. Di, they already have doubts on u,  Romi says, that is actually good coz  all their concentration will be on Svet. Di so now we both (RoTi)  can carry forward this plan!

    Svet. says, exactly, now u both have to carry on this plan and tonight we will play our next move!

    Anika  stands infront of the mirror and struggles with her MS,  Shivay comes there and sets her hair aside...O Jaana female plays and he stands staring at her through the mirror...makes her turn towards himself and  ties her MS!  Anika keeps staring him surprised and he sets the MS in her neck and properly ties it!

    They get flashes of Wedding Pheras and MS tying scene and finally Shivay makes a puppy face and says, Ho Gaya!  Main jaanta hoon main kaafi good looking hoon, iska matlab ye nahi ke tum mujhe ghoorti raho

    Anika wakes up from her dreams and says rolling her eyes, ghoor kaun raha hai?
    Shivay smiles romantically and says, only 2 of us are present in this room,  and Anika looks awkward and stammers saying aisa,.,...aisa kuch bhi nahi hai...,main wo...peeche wali deewar dekh rahi thi, aap beech mein aa gaye to isme meri kya galati hai, aur aapne ainvayi soch liya ke main aapko Taad rahi thi and Shivay  goes from Aww to Hainn expression and asks her...taade...tad ...wat does that mean?

    Anika  doesn't look into his eyes and says, jab kisi ko aise waise dekhte hain, use taadna kehte hain and  Shivay rolls his eyes and says, Aise Waise...hmm... kaise...hmm?

    Anika:  Mujhe kya pata...aise waise kaise...aur waise bhi main aapko taad nahi rahi thi

    Anika says,  Waise bhi aap koi Hrithik Roshan nahi hain jo main aapko Taadungi!   Zyada chane ke jhaad pe chadhne ki koi zarurat nahi hai and Shivay stands with hands folded, just staring her and nodding and smiling 
    Anika says, u just said I am staring u,  so how do u know that?

    Shivay gets caught and fumbles and she says,  Bcoz I will tell u,  u were also staring me...mujhe pata hai aap jaise ladke kaise Tada-Aasan karte hain ROFL

    Shivay:  Wat?    What are u talking?  He smiles and still hands folded, says with a proud expression, the truth is You...Were...Checking me Out!

    Anika:  Naa hi main koi Maasterni hoon na hi aap koi Ganit (Mathematics)  ki copy hain jo main aapko...CHECK...karoongi!  She says with an Anika style expression

    Shivay says,  That's not what check out means,  Anika asks,  then wat is it?

    Shivay says,  u stay like that...he then takes a few back steps clearing his throat and  looks at Anika from top to bottom and Anika goes Hawww  Her jaw drops and  Shivay smiles... she gets embarrassed and turns away and Shivay gets back to normal and smiles and says, u know, wen someone looks at the  other person...Aise...toh  use check out karna kehte hain and he behaves full on SRK Style in this scene and gets close to her while speaking and almost leans on her, but Anika shows him both her hands trying to stop him there itself  and says...eeekkk minutee  and Shivay does a Hi Five on her hands that she was showing to stop him

    She stammers and says,...aapko kya laga...ke main aapko aise tuchchi luchchi  2 Rs. wali nazaron se dekh rahi thi and  Shivay again  gets confused with her vocabulary and she says,  aapki jaankaari ke liye  main aapko bata deti hu ke  main bohot hi shareef ladki hoon  aur main aisi luchchi  2 Rs. wali  harkat nahi kar sakti, she says looking away, totally embarrassed 
    Anika does a cute gesture like Tauba tauba with both her hands, touching her cheeks at tuchchi luchchi harkat thoughts and he keeps staring her and  looks at her face closely, she gets more embarrassed and feels shy!
    Shivay's phone rings and he keeps staring at her...she says, Ghanti khud ki bajj rahi hai aur mujhe bol rahe hain, still embarrassed not looking at him

    He  says, Last word hamesha tumhara ho hona chahiye na   She looks at him confused and  she asks, last word...kya?   He does a gesture from his hand indicating later and says, baad mein samjhaunga and she rushes out!

    He keeps smiling but reading the SMS gets serious!

    Shivay reaches some other room  and asks Mrs. Kapoor, why did she call him here and she says, I had to call u Shivay,  I had come here to meet Tia  but after coming in this house, I came to know that no one here cares about my daughter, especially u, u have completely  forgotten that she is carrying ur child, she just got saved from that drastic fall and   instead of her, u were dressing Anika's injuries?   What is going on Shivay?

    Shivay who doesn't even look at Mrs. Kapoor and stands facing in other direction  says,   Anika was injured, that too coz of Saving Tia...if u do not know, let me tell u, if Tia's life was saved, it was all coz of Anika!

    Mrs. Kapoor says, I have not come here to hear Anika's praises, I just want to know how far have ur Divorce proceedings reached ?

    Shivay gets shocked hearing Divorce and Mrs. K mocks him saying, No answer?  Is it like u have changed ur mind Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi, gimme an answer!

    She comes and stands infront of Shivay and he again  turns away and says, I don't like someone questioning me like this and she smiles and says, and if someone keeps me in the dark like this,  even I don't like it!

    Shivay sasy, u r threatening me!

    She says, I am just reminding u that I have the recording of Dai Maa's statement and Shivay recalls Dai Maa's words and gets nervous and stammers...just...just stop this nonsense Mrs. K!   I did watever u asked me for,  I signed the Divorce Papers!

    She smiles and says, that is not enough Shivay, u know I have a very bad habit, that is, I cannot wait, especially wen I know the other person can make the work faster!

    She says, anyway I don't have to make much effort to send Dai Maa's recording to Omkara, just one click and its done...Shivay  gets thinking and she leaves with an evil smirk!
    Next Day at Oberoi Mansion,   Shivay talks to his Pvt.Investigator and tells him, I have hired u to find about Svet. not to hear ur stories...there are always some proofs left and Svet. must have also left something, so find it out and do as I say!
    Shivay notices Om watching something on his phone and tensed and he gets terrified...he calls Om  and Om doesn't look at him and says, I don't want to talk!

    Shivay comes asking, what is it Om...what happened?

    Om says, why did u hide such a big thing from me Shivay and Shivay gets nervous and fumbling asks, kaunsi baat?  Om shows him his phone and says, iss video ke baare mein mujhe kyon nahi bataya and  Dai Maa and Mrs. K's words flash infront  of Shivay and he makes a puppy face, all tensed and not knowing what to say!

    He tries to explain to Om but Om cuts him off and says, Shivay u knew everything still u didn't tell me anything?  This!?

    Shivay takes the phone from his hand and says, Om u have not seen this video okay, it doesn't mean anything and Om takes the phone back and says, No Shivay, it means everything to me!

    Shivay says, life will go on as it is and nothing will change between u and me after this video and Om says, it means to me/,...Shivay everything has changed after this video!

    Shivay looks shocked and Om says, u also know this and me too and Shivay tries to explain and talk to him just wen Anika comes there,  she stops them both and asks,  what video is this?

    Shivay says, this is nothing and asks Om to delete it while Om in a very angry tone says, Shivay how can u deny this, I have come to know through confirmed sources and Shivay screams,  Sab galat hai, its rubbish!

    Om looks at him in surprise and Anika asks, will u both please tell me what is it about, even I want to see the video and she tries to take the phone from  Om but Shivay stops her saying no one will see, just relax!
    Anika looks at Shivay confused and Om asks Shivay, Kyon Shivay, Bhabhi ye video kyon nahi dekh sakti?  Unke Husband ne  Businessman of the Year ka Award Jeeta hai aur wo dekh nahi sakti, kyon?
    A new instrumental plays and Anika smiles while Shivay looks at them confused, almost terrified!
    Anika jumps in excitement asking Om if its true and Om says, its true Bhabhi, I came to know through a Journalist friend of mine that Shivay Singh Oberoi has won the Businessman of the Year Award!

    Anika :  O Bete Ki!  Ab toh aap aur bade Tadibaaz ban gaye and Shivay still is lost  in thoughts, Om snaps his fingers to bring him back and Shivay finally responds!

    Om asks him if he knew and why didn't he share with him about this?   Shivay stammers and says, Om last  15 yrs. Bade Papa has been winning this Award...Om says, Shivay from 15 yrs. this Award has been coming in the right house but to the wrong person!   But this yr. this Award  is coming in the right house, to the right person and he taps his shoulder and says, I am proud of u my man and hugs Shivay !   Shivay hugs him with fear of losing him while Om hugs him with proud and says, I am so proud  of u my brother, tu mera Bhai hai!

    Anika watches them both and smiles!

    Shivay almost in tears says, tu mera hi Bhai hai!

    From other side, Rudra screams, Guys!   Obro moment without me?

    ShivKara turn and smile and Om calls him too.,...Rudra gets down the stairs while  Svetlana who was keeping a watch on all of them from behind a pillar calls Romi and asks her to send the video to Rudra and Romi says yes!

    Rudra comes and puts both his hands around both his brothers and kisses them both...Shivay wipes his cheeks and Rudra's phone beeps...he excuses himself and gets confused...Om says, I guess u have also received the same clip and Rudra confused says, this video is not  opening...what is the news tell me?

    Shivay says, its just a regular news and leaves while Rudra asks Om to tell him what is it?   Om says, its a very big news, Shivay ash won Businessman of The Yr. Award and Rudra looks at Anika and they both smile...Om shows the video to Rudra on his phone  and  Rudra hands over his phone to Om and leaves dragging Anika along, screaming Shivay's name to congratulate him!

    Svetlana is shown watching everything and is on call with Romi!

    Rudra stops Shivay and comes to him walking in his patent style  and says, Bhaiya today I finally realized, that in this house, there is another great personality staying in this house besides me and he looks at Anika and asks her the same and they both smile naughtily!
    Rudra tells Shivay, Bhaiya aap mere jitne great ban rahe ho, Bhaiya aap kamaal ho bemisaal ho ...Shivay keeps a hand on his shoulder and says, main samajh gaya...its okay its okay!

    Om looks at Rudra's phone and smiles and says, Tijori...lemme see how many girlfriends he has and  Svetlana gets shocked seeing Om seeing the MMS...MMS shows Prinku changing and  Om fumes and gets disgusted...closes his eyes and Svet. informs  Romi that Om has seen the video instead of Rudra and Romi gets irritated while Svet. smirks and says, Khiladi wo hai jo nishana chookne par roye nahi, balki teer jahan laga hai use hi nishana bana le and both smile wickedly!

    Rudra calls Om for an Obro Moment but Om looks at them all sad and pained...he looks away and Rudra goes to Om and asks him, come with me there...why are u standing here with the phone and he tries to take his ph. from Om asking if 
    he was able to see the video,  but Om  holds his hand and says,  let me try again and leave with Rudra's phone while  Rudra gets confused and  says, mere phone pe hi sab kuch try karenge kya...nahi shayad Dadi ko video dikhane gaye hain and smiles again while Svet. keeps watching everything and smiles some more

    Om walks in the corridors, all broken and hurt...he fumes in anger and throws away the phone furiously...he recalls whatever he saw in the video and stands by a wall  keeping a hand on his chest...gets tear eyed!

    Sahil comes there and picks up the phone and looks at Om confused...he checks the phone and walks upto Om and Om gets shocked seeing him...Sahil asks him, what happened, is there a problem?   

    Om says, no problem and Sahil shows him the phone and says, lag toh nahi raha hai...Om suddenly shakes seeing the phone and fakes a smile  and  tells Sahil, main ek dumm thik hoon Sahil, woh aankh mein kuch kachra chala gaya tha isliye, main ekdumm thik hoon!   

    Sahil says okay looking confused and leaves!

    Om gets a call and he instantly gets up and starts looking for his phone and its Romi, she asks him if he saw the video?  Om looks surprised and she says, dekh hi liya hoga,...kaisa laga ye nahi puchungi, aakhir Bhai ho tum Priyanka ke...par ye zaroor batana chahungi, jo tumne abhi dekha wo sirf ek teaser hai, picture abhi baaki hai!

    Om gets angry some more and asks her, who she is and what does she want and she says,  No!  Don't even think of reaching me, coz if that happens,  what u just saw will be seen by the whole world and Om gets shocked and his eyes remain wide open!       Romi says, Jab Priyanka Oberoi ki sharafat ke parde uthenge, tab sabse zyada maza shareefon  ko aayega  (Dialogue stolen from Dirty picture)

    Om with his teeth clenched screams, Don't u dare and  she says, Josh se nahi Omkara, Hosh se kaam lo!

    Om gets thinking, why would someone do this with Prinku, whoever this person is, if he knows about the accident secret, then?  If all this comes out infront of the world, Prinku would be completely broken!

    Romi tells him to hear her carefully if he wants to save his sister's life and she instructs him something that is muted!

    Om walks and gets  teary eyed hearing all this and Sahil is seen keeping a watch on Om!

    Om comes out and sees Svetlana on a call and he wonders, whom is she talking to, was she the one who called me and Svet. moves her wheel chair disconnecting the call while Om hides behind a pillar and watches her!

    He wonders, now where is she going and follows her!

    Precap:  Om follows Svetlana who is going somewhere out of the mansion, in a car and Shivay sees Om rushing out...Om watches Svet. in the car and  looks like Svetlana intentionally made Om to follow her!
    Shivika also follow Om and Shivay tells Anika to stay back as he doesn't want her to land into any trouble but she comes and sits in the car,  and asks him to drive!

    Tia sees Robin's pic on her phone and cries saying I miss u and ur memories wil forever be with me, Sahil watches her through a window in that state and  goes and informs Rudra that Tia was  doing some dialoguebaazi with her phone!  Rudra asks what was the name she was taking and  Sahil gets thinking and tries to recall the name!