• Ishqbaaz 12th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 12th January 2017 Written Update

    Title: Shivay Tends to Anika!

    Sneak Peek: Anika tells Tia:  Kyon tum ye bachcha Shivay oe thop rahi ho and  Tia looks guilty and makes a crying face!
    Anika says, U r not only doing wrong with Shivay by doing all this but with ur child, ur husband and with urself too and  Tia says,  think watever  u want to, I really don't care  and starts to leave but her she slips and was about to fall on an Antique statue which had a pointed Sword coming out but Anika saves her right in timeShocked

    After this Tia goes to Pinky and complains to Pinky about Anika that she wanted her to fall so that her child dies and Pinky in anger says, agar sach mein sab Anika ka kiya dhara hai toh aaj iss ghar mein us ladki ka akhiri din hoga!

    Episode starts with Shivay on a call and tells Anika that it was the Private Investigator and he informed me that he wasn't able to find anything about Svetlana as no one knows her, nothing is there about her childhood, college,. background...its as if she has removed all the proofs and all the information about her is available only from the time she joined as Bade Papa's secretary in Oberoi Industries!
    Anika says, Kitni pohochi hui cheeze hai, iska matlab apne guzre hue kal par jhadoo pocha maar liya usne and SHivay agrees she is a bigger threat we supposed her to be!

    He says, this can't be a normal business rivalry coz if that was the case,  I would have been the target, there was no need of Svetlana to come here and stay., if she has taken such a big risk than target is not only me but the whole Oberoi Khandan and there is a big conspiracy behind all this, Svetlana has come on a Mission for sure...But I won't let her succeed in her mission, she wil have to face me before troubling my family!

    Shivay Singh Oberoi marr jayega, par apni family par aanch tak nahi aane dega!

    Anika comes and holds his hand saying, u r not alone in this fight, I am with u, both ur brothers,...are both ur arms...Omkara and Rudra are also with u and u don't worry, we all together will face Svetlana and defeat her!

    Shivay thanks her for standing by him in the tough times, says, it means a lot really and they have an eyelock Heart

    Tia passes from there and notices them holding hands and calls Shivay and breaks the moment!

    She walks in and asks Shivay that she had to see the Dr. on Friday so she should take the appointment right and Shivay says,  u can go anytime u want, why are u asking me?

    She says, u are also coming with me right?  Tia looks embarrassed at Anika and screams, coz this is not only mine but ur baby too and u also have some responsibilities towards the child!    Shivay this is our first baby, can u show a little bit of emotion atleast?

    He asks her to relax, almost ignoring and fed up of her rant  and she asks again whether or not he is coming with her?

    Shivay doesn't even look at her and stands folding his hands!

    Tia notices Pinky passing by and starts crying and pleads to Shivay to come with her!
    Pinky gets enraged seeing this and comes inside stomping her feet and asks Tia why is she crying and Tia complains to her Pinky Mom that she has to go see a Dr. for check up and Shivay  doesn't want to come along!

    Pinky asks Shivay why is he saying that and he doesn't look towards them, says, I am busy!

    Pinky:  O My Maata!  Woh toh mujhe dikh hi raha hai  tu kis cheeze mein busy hai par tu Fathers banne wala hai Shivay aur ye tera apna bachcha hai...faltu logon ke liye time hai tere pass lekin apne bachche ke liye nahi hai?

    Shivay still ignores and she says, I don't want to hear any excuses,  u r going with Tia to meet the Dr. that's it and Tia again asks for Friday appointment?   Shivay says, Dekh lo, jo bbhi hai, I'll let u know and Pinky again asks, What u wil Lets know? Abhi bata...I told u u r going with her and Shivay screams saying I already said I'll let her know and leaves the place in angerm Tia fakes some more tears!

    Prinku is shown getting out of the college and finds ACP standing there, waiting for her in style on his open air Jeep and she gets nervous!   He waves her a hand and she sends her driver away saying I'll come on my own!

    ACP jumps down the jeep and she asks, what r u doing here?

    He removes his glares and says, Apni hone wali Biwi se milne aaya hoon

    Prinku's eyes remain wide open and he asks her how was her day?  She says, u again started all this and he asks her to come and get comfortable in the jeep and they can talk there!

    He turns towards the jeep and she says, I know u r not a bad person and he stops!   She says, u saved me that day from the goons, then  why are u doing all this, why are u pretending to be a bad person?

    ACP: Galat!   I didn't save u coz I am a very good person or that I care about u a lot,  I saved u bcoz I don't want someone else to torture u!   Kyonki tumhe torture karne ka haq sirf mera hai,,,...he says looking into her eyes and she gets scared  for a moment and takes back steps !
    Anika was passing through the corridor where Tia comes and stops her saying Hey You! Sadakchaap!  Zyada udo mat!
    Anika folding her hands says, Parr toh tumhare nikle hue hain!

    Tia says, Wow!   So much of confidenfce!  Sa Shivay ke dumm par!   Kyonki khud ki toh tumhari koi aukaat hi nahi hai!

    Anika says, aukaat ki baat toh tum na hi karo toh behtar hai kyonki abhi abhi Shivay ne tumhe tumhari aukaat dikhayi hai!

    Anika starts to leave but Tia blocks her way and says, Oh Please!  Agar tum iss baat par itna itra rahi ho ke Shivay mere saath jana nahi chahta tha to let me tell u, mujhe koi fark nahi padta, it doesn't matter to me!

    Anika looks disgusted and asks her:  Tia tumhare pech dheele hain kya, ya upar ka maala tumhara khali hai?  Kabhi tum kehti ho ke Shivay  ke hone ya na hone se tumhe koi fark nahi padta aur kabhi tumhe Shivay har waqt tumhare saath chahiye!   Tumhe jo bhi Shivay se chahiye tha wo toh tumhe mil gaya hai na, toh fir kyon tum unke aage peeche ghoomti rehti ho?

    Anika asks her if she loves getting insulted as anyway no one in the house respects her,...she asks her to learn to respect herself atleast!

    Tia mocks her again and says, Really Anika?  R u talking about Respect?   Shivay has already signed the Divorce Papers right, still u r lying here?   Where has ur self  respect gone?  MS, Sindoor, Pati Parmeshwar, iss sab ka waasta dekar  kab tak iss ghar mein muft ki rotiyan  todti rahogi?   Waise bhi Anika, Shivay aur tumhare beech  kabhi pati patni wala rishta tha hi nahi and now both of u have already signed the Divorce papers too,  so tell me Anika, with which relation are u still lying here?

    Anika says, Tia, some relations are not dependent on papers, neither every relationship needs to have a name!

    Anika says, mera aur Shivay ka rishta, tumhari tuchchi soch se kayi zyada upar hai, hamara rishta sachchayi, imaandaari aur bharose par tika hua hai jise  tumjaisi jhoothi makkar aur chaalu cheeze samajh hi nahi sakti!

    Tia keeps rolling her eyes with her hands folded and Anika says, tumhare liye rishta sirf ek license hai kuch karne ya kuch paane ka,  tum soch bhi nahi sakti ke rishta  lena nahi, dena hota hai!

    Anika says, I don't know what exactly u want from Shivay but I know this much that I don't want anything from Shivay, I just want to see him happy bcoz I know,  uss gusse wale Tadibaaz Shivay Singh Oberoi ke seene mein bhi ek dil hai jo har kisi ke liye dhadakta hai, sabke liye sochta hai aur jab insaan itna achcha ho, to main uske saath bura hote hue nahi dekh sakti, isiliye main abhi tak iss ghar mein hoon taaki main Shivay ko tum jaisi Cheapdi Chudail se bacha saku aur  tumhara sach sabke saamne laa saku!

    Tia:   Awww !!   Do watever u want how ever much u want  Anika, u still won't be able to get Shivay!   Dekhte hi dekhte Shivay mera ho jayega and I am waiting for that day...kyonki tumhe tadapta dekhkar Anika mujhe bohot maza aayega...she says folding her hands and smirks!

    ACP holds Prinku's arm and asks her to come and she gets nervous...he makes her sit in the jeep and she asks him where is he taking her?

    ACP:  Aaj mera mood bohot achcha hai,  toh socha aapko ek film dikha doon and Prinku refuses...he says, its a good film, I hope u will also like it ...itsa story of a girl who is made to marry a guy who tortures her all her lifePrinku gets scared hearing this and he says, who knows,  u might feel connected to this story and she looks away!

    Tia tells Anika, main tumhe tumhari aukaat dikha ke rahoongi, tumhe aise nikal ke phekungi jaise doodh mein se makhkhi nikalte hain!

    Anika says,  U please do not think about who will throw whom out, I think u should think about ur child!   This is ur child only right?   Sure u are using the child as a weapon right now, but after all this is ur child, then why are u being so wrong with ur own child?
    Tia gets nervous hearing this and Anika says, a pregnant woman should stay happy, think good so that the bad thoughts do not affect the child, don't u think u should be with ur husband at this time?   Tia gets almost scared hearing this  and recalls  Pool incident, Robin's death and doing his last rites!
    She makes a crying face and Anika says,  u should spend some good time with ur husband?

    Tia screams at Anika to just shut up and asks her  to keep her suggestions to herself!

    Anika asks her, Tia wenever I say the truth, why do u feel so much of Michmichi?

    Tia almost cries and Anika says, Tia don't take ur child away from his father coz no one can love a child more than his own father!   Tia gets shocked hearing this!

    Anika says, Kyon tum ye bachcha Shivay oe thop rahi ho and  Tia looks guilty !
    Anika says, U r not only doing wrong with Shivay by doing all this but with ur child, ur husband and with urself too and just think once Tia... Tia screams at her asking how dare she and who is she to make suggestions to her?  She says,  think whatever  u want to, I really don't care  and starts to leave but her she slips over the carpet and was about to fall on an Antique statue which had a pointed Sword coming out but Anika saves her right in time by holding her !

    Tia gets shocked at this and Shivay who was passing by witnesses this!   Tia looks at Anika in horror and Anika asks her if she is fine?    Tia leaves without saying anything and Shivay from a distance watches in surprise and Anika closes her eyes and prays!
    Soumya asks Rudra if he noticed Prinku and Rudra says, she is just going to her room to which Soumya says, I m noticing from many days, she is always tensed, neither she gets along with others nor mixes up well, I am sure there is something that's troubling her and Prinku is seen going inside, all nervous!
    Rudra calls her name and RumYa go to her, he asks her if she is alright and she gets nervous for a second but then says, yes, why?

    Rudra says, Sumo thinks that u r in some problem and Prinku gets more nervous and looks at Soumya!

    Shivay tends Anika's minor injury on the hand she got while saving Tia and he blows air on her hand while applying antiseptic and asks her to be brave as it would burn!

    Anika nods and Shivay gets more nervous than her and asks her to hold his hand tightly and asks her if she is ready?

    She nods and he says, I am ready...he closes his eyes and without applying the antiseptic, asks her, if its burning?

    She says, lagayenge toh jalega na!  Kamaal hai, dawai mujhe  lag rahi hai  lekin darr ke maare sitti pitti aapki gumm ho rahi hai and he asks her wat is chitti pitti and she corrects him!   

    He says, Jo bhi hai but it will burn wen I apply this ointment!  She says, its okay u just apply it and he again repeats...ye ointment hai...jalega...jalega ye! Focus okay Focus Anika...and let me focus too!

    He slowly aims at her hand at if he will throw the cotton ball on her hand and she asks him to hurry up!

    He says, haan aa raha hoon main aa raha hoon and she holds his hand and herself brings it near the wound and instead of Anika, its Shivay who screams

    He looks at her in shock and she presses the cotton ball but he screams at her to remove the hand and wen she removes, he starts blowing air like crazy and she laughs asking what is he doing?
    He says, how can u laugh, I am applying ointment and she asks him, what should I do, Chot Mujhe lagi hai lekin dard aapko ho raha hai and Shivay was about to speak but stops...they have a small eyelock and Shivay's music plays   (Om's words<3)

    He says, tum bhi na ekdum careless ho, dhyan nahi dogi to chot lagegi na and she gets thinking, he again takes her hand to apply ointment!

    Rudra asks Prinku that if there is a problem, she can share with him as he has not built this hot body just to show off and Prinku says, there is nothing like that!   Rudra asks, are u sure and she says yes but Soumya looks at her and observes her expressions!   Prinku leaves and Rudra asks Soumya if she has not eaten her favorite chips from long?  She asks why and he says, that is why u r taking to much stress coz of ur hunger

    He says, u urself are taking stress and giving others too, he leaves while Soumya still stays thinking!

    Pinky asks Tia to take care next time on while walking as God Forbid, if something would have happened to the child or her?

    Tia fakes tears and says, I am worried about the same thing Pinky Mom, if something would have happened to my baby, I can't even imagine and Pinky asks her to stop crying and says, u should be thankful that nothing bad happened!

    Tia says, I am crying on my badluck as such a big tragedy was going to happen with me, I am so upset but Shivay is still with Anika this time as well!

    Pinky says, that guy has gone mad and let me just go and call him here but Tia stops her and says, he will come on ur call but his heart and mind will still be with Anika right, u know Pinky mom, from the time I have informed him about my pregnancy, he has changed and stays away from me but in all this, there is no mistake of him,  its all Anika's mistake, she always instigates Shivay against me...i just hope Anika's evil plans do not affect mine and Shivay's baby!

    She smirks while Pinky gets thinking!

    Anika tells Shivay:   Its not about Tia but her child, what is that innocent child's mistake who is not yet born!

    Shivay asks her that u and Tia do not even like each other, still u care so much about her  child?

    Anika says,  kids are kids,  they can be anyone's but why should children suffer their parents' wrongdoings?

    Shivay says, u r right Anika, kids should not suffer for their parents mistakes and Anika says, but every child should get both parents love as its very tough to live and grow without having ur parents by ur side!

    Anika gets thinking and Shivay keeps looking at her...she says, ek ek saans ke liye duniya se ladna padta hai, duniya mein anaath hone se badi laanat aur koi bhi nahi hai!

    Pinky tells Tia that this child is the heir of this family, of Oberoi Khandaan...Tia smirks and Pinky says, I won't let anything wrong happen with this child and Tia starts crying and says, Pinky mom, I am very scared...I don't want Anika to harm my child to revenge on me and Pinky says, O My Maata!   Why are u saying this Tia?

    Anika says, duniya mein akelepan se zyada kuch nahi chubhta...her voice starts to crack and she gets teary,...and says, jab koi aapke saath na ho...pyaar se aapke sarr pe haath pherne wala na ho, jab aapke hone ya na hone se kisi ko koi fark nahi padta, tab har roz seene mein kuch toot sa jaatha hai!  

    Tia says, Pinky mom, there was no mistake of mine, I was walking very carefully but suddenly I slipped and I got so nervous that I couldn't think anything that time but now I can recall that even Anika was there and Pinky gets confused hearing Anika's name...Tia says, I am sure Pinky mom,  Anika has only done something so that I fall and my baby...she starts crying and Pinky gets up in anger and says,  If really Anika has done something than today would be the last day of that girl in this house!
    She leaves in anger and Tia smiles wickedly!

    Precap:  Mrs. Kapoor is Back  in her checkered blouses and tells SHivay that it won't be any difficult for me to send Omkara, a recording of Dai maa's statement, just one click and its done and Shivay watches in horror!

    Next day, Om asks Shivay about why did he hide such a big thing from him and Shivay gets shocked wen Om says u did not inform me about this video and he tries to explain to Om but Om says, Shivay u knew everything still u didn't tell me anything, Mujhe?   Shivay looks guilty!