• Ishqbaaz 11th January 2017 - Full Episode

    Ishqbaaz 11th January 2017 Written update 
    Title:  ShiOmRu To Expose Svetlana!
    Sneak Peek:  Shivay tells AniOmRu that first and foremost we have to find out whether or not Svetlana can walk!  Anika mixes red chilli powder to Svet. food and tells rudra that now this Langdi Ghodi will run like a Toofani Oont for water, after having this food and I have kept water right infront of  her!
    Svetlana has that food and screams for her nurse to get water but nurse is not around so Svetlana gets down and takes few steps seeing around if someone is watching and AniShiOmRu peep in from behind a wall!

    Episode starts with Tej's drama from yesterday and Om tells that Svetlana can stay here, when Tej was leaving!
    Whole family gets shocked at this statement of Om and TiLana look confused!

    Dadi asks Om If He is  saying this All this and giving a nod to it... to which Shivay says,  Ye hum keh rahe hain Dadi!

    Shivay says, all three of us have decided that Svetlana will stay here and Dadi Pinky Jhanvi look confused at this!

    Rudra says, Maarne wale se achane wala zyada bada hota hai  aur inhone hamare Papa ki jaan bachayi hai!

    Shivay says, Its our  responsibility now to take Good care of her  (achche se khatirdaari kare) 

    Svetlana and Shivay stare each other in anger 

    Dadi again asks Shivay if they really want this and Shivay says Yes Dadi!  Whatever she did, after that how can we let her leave so easily and Shivay smiles looking at Svetlana and Shivay asks, right Om?
    Om says, Ofcourse and stands with Shivay and says, now its our turn,  to payback...Rudra also comes forward and says, means to return the favor!

    All  three look towards each other and smile and Svetlana and all three are shown standing infront of each other...a kind of face off!

     TiLana have a video call with Romi and she confused asks her sisters that  its shocking that those 3 don't have a problem with Svetlana staying there!

    Tia says, I am also wondering how did those 3 brothers agree to all this!

    Shivay's room...Om says:

    Aap ki wajah se Bhabhi Tongue   Had u not informed us, we would have never come to know that Svetlana is behind all this and Rudra says,  U r right ...they would have been shocked with our decision for sure!
    Anika comes forward smiling and says, Shock nahi, Totte Udd gaye the uske!
    Om says, Honestly, I was not so convinced earlier!  Shivay says, but I think, we have taken the right  decision!

    A flashback is shown where Anika informed ShiOmRu that Svetlana is behind all those attacks and Shivay is shown shocked at that!  Anika  says, u think urself, who was responsible for handling all the seciurity?  Svetlana!

    Anika says,  how easy it was for Svetlana to manipulate the security of this house, to bribe security staff and use them as per her convenience, I think even Gayatri was sent by Svetlana and Ajay too was working for Svetlana!

    Rudra asks her how is she so sure about all this and Anika says, Chemical in the coffee and on Svetlana's sandal,  from the  time she has come in this house, attacks started and  whatever happened in this house, has a direct connection with Svetlana! 
    And Tej Uncle's car too had an accident with Svetlana's car only?    Shivay says, there is a point in Anika's claims and  anyway, people like Svetlana can do anything!

    Rudra asks Shivay what is Svetlana's enmity with u and Shivay says, I think the enemy is some one else but he has planted Svetlana!

    Om says, if its like this, m not gonna leave her, first she broke my family and now she wants to kill my brother?  I'll not  spare her and Rudra says, what are u waiting for,   lets go and brong the truth out of her and send her behind the bars!

    Shivay says, No Rudra!  Svetlana is not the types to speak the truth, infact she can even convert lies to truth and we need to do something such that her truth not only comes infront of us all but Bade Papa too and Anika says, for that, we need to keep an eye on her!  So that we can know her next move!

    Shivay says, its only possible wen she stays here, in this house itself!

    TiLana convo with Romi continues and Svet. says, neither those brothers are so good nor that stupid to make me stay here just like that. I am sure something is going on in their mind and I think, they have a doubt on me!

    Romi says, its quite possible Di coz  otherwise how can Omkara ask u to stay there, its impossible!  I am sure there is a big reason behind this and Svetlana says, if this is the case then  those people will try their best to catch us red handed,   we need to be careful from now on  and make each move carefully!
    Anika tells ShiOmRu, we  need to keep an eye on each move Svetlana makes and  Rudra says, Bhabhi u said that her sandal was burnt, this means she added that chemical to the coffee!  But if she can't walk, who is  doing all these attacks on Bhaiya?
    Anika:  Iska matlab Ghodi Langdi nahi hai, chaalak hai   Svetlana can walk but she is faking this injury so she can stay in this house!

    Shivay says, So first and foremost, we need to find out whether Svetlana can walk or not!
    Next Day:   Nurse is shown taking food for Svetlana  just when Rudra stops her on the way and Anika hides behind a wall!   Rudra calls her to a side and indulges her in body building talks and shows off his body to her   In the meanwhile, Anika adds red Chili Powder in bulk in the food and mixes it well!   She gestures Rudra wen its done and  Rudra takes painkillers from the nurse and asks her to go and give food to Svetlana!

    AniRu do a Hi Five and peep inside Svetlana's room!

    Anika keeps water on a table at a little distance and Nurse serves food to Svetlana!

    Anika tells Rudra, Kaam ho gaya hai, ab dekhna, Khana khate hi ye Langdi Ghodi kaise Toofani Oont (camel) ke tarah pani ke liye bhagegi and I have kept water there at a distance!

    Rudra says, she can even call a servant for getting water Bhabhi!

    Anika asks him, tumhe kabhi mirchi lagi hai?

    Rudra smiles naughtily and says, Many times!  Wen Shivay Bhaiya used to learn cooking, I used to feel it everyday!    Anika asks him if he used to wait  for the servant to come and  give him water and Rudra says, Ohh!! this means u have not kept water infront of her but  u have laid a trap!   So that as soon as she feels  the spice, she comes out and ANika says,  yes, our  doubts will get confirmed then!

    Rudra praises her and says, u have become smart in my company!

    Anika asks Rudra to just watch, kaise hamari mirchi Svetlana ki Hawa tight karti hai 
    Svetlana has the first bite and starts coughing, she screms for nurse to get water but she doesn't come,  Shivay and Om come there too and all start peeping inside Svetlana's room and Rudra repeats, Svetlana  Uth !

    Rudra tells Om:  O!  Ye toh ekdum DDLJ ke palat palat  wale moment ka Daily soap version ho gaya hai and ShivKara roll eyes at this  Rudra:  O God!  Meri life kitni exciting hai, he says looking at the roof top almost jumping in happiness
    Rudra again starts saying C'mon Svetlana and Om asks him to relax as all of them are waiting for her to get up but he is getting desperate

    Anika gestures them to keep quiet and watch and Svetlana keeps screaming and looks at the water kept outside the room and screams some more for keeping water so far!

    Anika:  Ye KK abhi tak bahar  kyon nahi aayi and ShiOmRu in chorus ask her wats KK?

    Anika  turns and says, Kutti Kamini  (O God!  this is  daily codeword)

    Om asks, but why KK?

    Anika says, Apne sasuraal mein gaali thodi na de sakti hoon, itni giri  hui bahu thode na hu main?

    Rudra again starts praising Anika to Shivay and Om and Shivay says,  guys this is a nonsense plan and won't work!

    Anika asks him, what if it works?   Shivay says, no chance!  Smart people like Svetlana don't get trapped in such stupid plans by people like u and Anika says,  Laal mirchi ki taakat ka andaza nahi hai  aapko!

     Shivay asks, where did Red Chili come in between and Rudra says something how he got 25 hits after losing a bet from Shivay!

    Just then Rudra jumps seeing Svetlana and all peep in...Shivay's neck is almost above Anika's  and they come close, he  holds her by her shoulder and they have an O Jaana moment...keep staring into each other and Shivay gestures at her cheeks and she blushes!

    He smiles and Om says, nahi aayi and they both come back to reality and  concentrate back on Svetlana
    Shivika feel a little awkward and Anika says...aayegi...Shivay repeats...zaroor aayegi and both nod...OmRu didn't notice their Ishqbaazi
    Tia passes from there and (I guess) she noticed all 4 of them!

    Svetlana says, I feel like I have to get up to get water and she puts her feet down on the floor and Tia notices this...she saw AniShiOmRu keeping a watch on Svetlana and does a facepalm...Svetlana takes few steps and Anika keeps a close eye on her moves...keeps saying aaja aaja...Shivay stands there folding his hands and says, Nahi aayegi!

    Rudra says, Aayegi...haina Bhabhi?  Anika says, Bass aa gayi samajh lo!

    Svetlana takes baby steps and  Tia comes there pretending to talk on phone and stands between Svetlana and AniShiOmRu

    Svetlana notices this and Tia gestures her to go inside and sit back and Svetlana runs back and sits!

    Tia leaves after Svetlana sits and Anika keeps waiting...Shivay says, guys she is not gonna come and we are just wasting our time, if she had to come she would have come by now and this is not gonna happen!

    Anika keeps waiting and Shivay pats her back to call her...Anika looks disappointed and nurse is shown getting inside Svetlana's room...Anika says, but why did she not come out yet?

    Rudra asks, how can such a good plan fail and Shivay rolls his eyes and says, if the plan was so good, it won't have failed like this and Rudra says, no Bhabhi's plan had no problems!

    Shivay teases him saying yeah no problem that is why she didn't get trapped in such a good plan  and Anika says, it can also be possible that Svetlana wanted to come out but she got cautious seeing Tia there!
    Shivay says, Svetlana is so smart that she is not gonna get trapped in these stupid plan of u people  and Anika looks a little sad at this!    
    Om says, Shivay even smart people make mistakes!   Rudra says, yeah right, look at me, sometimes even I make mistakes and Shivay gives a slight  hit on his head 

    Shivay again tells Om that both of us are just wasting our time and she is not gonna come, but Rudra says, Bhaiya aa rahi hai and Shivay again is the first one to jump out to peep but Svetlana is seem coming out on the wheel chair with the nurse and she tells her that take me fast, I need to have water!

    Anika looks down in shame at this and Rudra says, Bhabhi lagta hai ye plan fuss ho gaya hai!

    Anika says, so what if one plan faild, I have 2nd plan and Shivay says, u made a new plan too?  Anika says, its not new, I made 2 plans in the same plan and Rudra exclaims!  Buy 1 Get 1 Free Hun?

    Om asks him to shut up and Shivay blabbers something about the plans...Anika says, Svetlana bahar chal kar nahi aayi toh kya hua, kamre mein to chehel kadmi ki hi hogi usne!
    Shivay makes a confused face and tries to pronounce ChehelKadmi and ShiOmRu look towards each other in confusion while Anika leaves for Svetlana's room and ShiOmRu follow her...Shivay almost hits a vase while on the way to following Anika 

    Svetlana is shown having water and screams at the nurse who cooked her food ?   Nurse says, same cook who prepares everyday and I just got what he handed to me and Svetlana asks her, u didn't even keep water for me?

    Nurse tries to speak that she did but Svetlana cuts her off in between and asks her to leave and nurse leaves!

    Svetlana wonders, no one can put so much of chili mistakenly, someone has done this intentionally and if this nurse had kept water for me there,  then who removed it!

    Tia comes there saying, Anika did it!

    AniShiOmRu enter Svetlana's room and start looking around, Shivay asks her what are we looking for , Anika?

    She says,  Marks!     She asks them to see...here is the proof and says, we were right in our doubts, woh hum sabka pappu bana rahi hai and all three look in shock!
    Svetlana asks Tia how does she know and Tia says, just think Di!  So much Chili in ur food and water being kept at such a distance and Anika peeping inside ur room and keeping a watch on u,  this is all not a coincidence!   Its obvious Di, this was all her plan and I think she was trying to confirm that u can walk or not?
    Svetlana says, I feel she has a doubt on me and Tia says, Yes!  Good that I came on time otherwise u would have been caught and now we have to be  extra careful Di, especially with Anika!

    Anika says, this is the proof that Svetlana can walk and they see a hand print full of turmeric  on a white cloth on a couch, at a distance  from the bed!

    Rudra asks, Haldi?   Anika says, Yes, I had applied Turmeric below her plate so that wen she catches the plate, it applies to her hand and this is clear that with those Turmeric filled hands, she walked here till the Sofa!   (Wah Anika!...does her logic gesture)  
    A falshback is shown of Svetlana touching the sofa cloth and Anika says, she didn't come out coz Tia came there and Shivay says, this means she can walk!

    Om says, it means her injuries, her accident and her falling from the stairs was all fake and Shivay says, it was all a plan, very well planned!

    Svetlana gets up and says, that Anika thinks too smart of herself and Tia says, I had been warning u since the start but u and Romi did not believe me Di and took her lightly,  Anika is not only the biggest hurdle in our way but also our biggest threat so we should first, kill her!

    Svetlana screams, No!  Its too late and now if we make any changes to our plan, everything will get  more confusing and now we can't take any risks!

    Tia says, Anika is the biggest risk and Svetlana says, I understand, there are many other ways to get rid of Anika, killing should be the last option and we won't need to do that if we throw Anika out of this house and Shivay's life!

    Tia smiles and asks her if she thinks its easy?  She says, Shivay doesn't hear a word against her so more than killing her, sending her away from Shivay is more difficult!

    Svetlana says, so wat if Shivay doesn't listen, there is someone who would hear you and believe you and Tia asks, who?
    Svetlana says, Anika is the DIL of this house, and DIL's enemy, MIL...Pinky...Dushman ki Dushman...hamari dost and both of them smirk, Tia says Got it and Screen splits on Shivay and Svetlana!
    Precap:  Tia cries and tells Pinky that I was gonna face such a big tragedy and Shivay is still with Anika in this crucial time!   All fault is of Anika who keeps instigating Shivay against me!
    Tia with Pinky goes to Shivika's room and crying complains to Pinky infront of Shivika that I have to go visit the Dr. for Check Up but Shivay doesn't want  to go with me and Pinky asks Shivay, why?
    He says I am busy and seems disinterested and Pinky says, I can see where u r so busy...Faltu logon ke liye time hai tere paas  par apne bachche ke liye nahi hai?