• Ishqbaaz 10th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 10th January 2017 Written update

    Title:  Anika Suspects Svetlana!

    Sneak Peek: Shivika stand infront of the mirror and Anika blushes and Shivay holds her by her shoulders and says, Ye jo tumhare chehre par sharm ki laali  hai...use Blush kehte hain (My wish fulfilledParty)...Anika blushes some more! 
    Svetlana rolls herself down the stairs and Tej infront of Dadi n Pinky lashes at Jhanvi that bcoz of me today Svetlana is in this condition, u all know this!  But if u all do not want her to stay here than we can go and live somewhere else 

    Episode starts with Anika picking Svetlana's sandals and wondering why its burnt!
    She ignores and drops it, walks out and Svetlana and Tia come out and heave a sigh of relief!  Svetlana asks her who  it was and Tia says, I don't know!  I was so nervous that I didn't come out of the blanket and Svetlana says, Oh No!  even I didn't see and  Tia wonders...Di Anika ke marne ki aawaz bhi nahi aayi  

    Tia says, what if she has not had the coffee and Svetlana gets thinking!

    Anika walks in the corridors wondering why Svetlana's sandal was burnt as she is always inside the room and doesn't go anywhere...she says, it looked as if someone has dropped chemical on her sandals and then she realizes...Chemical!      She rewinds everything, all the accidents right from the start of the show that also shows the first car blast of Shivay and the attack Roop had done on himConfused
    (How does Anika know about these attacks)

    She recalls an incident when she was Shivay's wedding planner and Tej had told Shivay that Svetlana  is coming here with Security plans and we should give her another chance  and then she recalls recent accidents and Pinky's words of Tej's car hitting Svetlana's car out of all others in the world!

    She recalls the coffee incident and then again Svetlana's sandal and says,   O Bete Ki!  Iska matlab Shivay ki jaan ki dushman Svetlana Hai!   Aur main bekaar mein wo Cheapdi Tia par Shakk kar rahi thi!

    Ye sara raita Svetlana ne phailaya hua hai!    She gets thinking !

    Svetlana is shown on a call with Tia and screams  What?
    Tia says, Yes Di!  Anika escaped again, she didn't have the coffee!   I guess she came to know about the chemical in the coffee and Svetlana asks her to leave Shivay's room right away coz if someone sees her there, people will doubt her!

    Tia starts to walk out and says, wen have to think something else to kill Anika as these plans are not working, something big and Svetlana asks her  to relax as Anika is not that big of a threat that they should put all their energy and concentration on her!
    She says, we already wasted a lot of time on Anika, so now we should  forget her and concentrate on our main plan as we have not yet decided how to get Romi in this house and Svetlana gets shocked seeing  someone standing in her front and disconnects the call!
    Its Dadi and Jhanvi who stand infront of Svetlana and she gets nervous!
    Anika comes running to Shivay and says, I need to tell u something Shivay and he asks her to go ahead!
    She says, whatever attacks are happening in this house and have happened in the past...Shivay cuts her off in between and says,  I have already decided Anika that I will hire a private investigator 

    She says, its not needed and he asks her to relax as she stresses a lot...he again says...Just Relax keeping his hand on her face!

    She asks him, how can he be so relaxed as he had been attacked multiple times and someone wants to kill him , is he not scared?

    He says, Mujhe maut se darr nahi lagta Anika and she asks him not to talk about marne maarne all the time!

    He again repeats, this is true Anika, mujhe maut se darr nahi lagta and then he gets flashes of Anika lying almost dead in his arms after Daksh's attack and he gets sad...and says, sirf ek bar laga tha...she asks wen?   He says, jab mujhe laga tha maut mujhse kuch cheenne wali thi and he caresses her face!   

    He gets close to her and blows air on her forehead and says, kuch ...kuch laga tha yahan par...he holds her face in his hands and says, lekin kuch hua nahi hai...its ...its...and shegets astonished at his behavior and starts to leave in a hurry!

    He holds her hand  and stops her...O Jaana music plays and wind blows! 

    She turns back, blushes and turns her face  infront again...he comes close and stands behind her with her hair touching his face...he touches her hair very lightly and looks into her eyes and smiles...she also keeps looking at him and blushes 

    Dadi tells Svetlana that I have to talk to u something and Svetlana asks her...what?
    Dadi says, whatever u did in  the past, and I am still very angry at u for that...but whatever u did this time...and Svetlana gets nervous but Dadi says, for that, I feel obliged!

    Svetlana smirks and Dadi  continues, u have done a big favor on all of us, by saving Tej's life and u know, wen it comes to this family,  people make a mountain of the molehill and so, I do not want this time, people get a chance to point fingers at my family, that is why I have come here to  talk to you!

    Dadi says, seedhe aur saaf shabdon mein kahoon toh...Jhanvi completes Dadi's sentence and says, please Oberoi Mansion ko chodkar chali jao!

    Jhanvi says, I am not saying this as Tej's wife but as Omkara's mother, the only person who has always been most hurt with ur and Tej's relationship is my son Omkara!

    After so many years, finally I see my son again being happy and normal and I don't want to see him in pain once again that is why I have come here to request you to leave our lives as now, even Om's life is in ur hands Svetlana, please save him, I'll forever be obliged to u

    Svetlana shows her a hand and in anger says, Na mujhe kisi ki bheekh chahiye, na kisi ka ehsaan...Svetlana apni  zindagi apni sharton par aur apne dumm par jeeti hai...rahi baat iss ghar mein aane ki toh main iss ghar mein  aayi nahi hoon, layi gayi hoon.   Khair!  Agar aap nahi chahte main iss ghar mein rahoon,  toh main nahi rahungi, chali jaungi, woh bhi aaj!

    Dadi says, I had full faith that u will understand what we wanted to say!

    Jhanvi thanks her and they both leave from her room while Svetlana fumes in anger!

    Tia walks inside Svetlana's room and asks her, what now...just then she gets Romi's call!
    Romi is shown at some location where she is keeping a watch on Tej...Tej gets down from his car and Romi smirks and informs them, Tej Singh Oberoi has reached the Mansion and TeLana smirk!   Svetlana says, Great!  m ready!   She asks Tia to go and check if she is ready or not!

    Anika blushes and fumbles...says, what happened?  Why are u looking at me like this?

    Shivay smiling says, Main dekh raha hoon ke tum fir se blush kar rahi ho and she turns her face and says, Nahi...woh...main...blush toh mere make up wale dabbe mein hai 

    He smiles and says, By the way who is that talented person who told u the meaning of blush?
    She blushes some more and says, hai koi...jisne bhi bataya, bataya toh sahi and he says, 100 Percent!...turns her towards himself  and she shows her teeth He says,   Galat bataya hai!    Blush ka matlab ye nahi hota hai and Anika gets confused!

    He says, jo main keh raha tha aur tum samajh rahi thi usme kuch faasla tha kyonki jo main keh raha tha uska matlab ye...ye ...he touches her cheeks and says, ye gaal pe lagane wala...ye nahi hai!

    He starts walking and she takes back steps...she asks if there is any other kind of blush and he ties his hands at his back and says,  Haan Haan!  Hota Hai!

    She asks, which one and he asks, do u want to know?

    They reach near a wall and Anika has nowhere to move now, she stands there and he pulls the flying curtains and she says, that is why m asking, I want to know!

    He holds her and her voice shakes and she asks, are u telling me?

    He also almost lost into her completely, says...Main...main...she says, aapko nahi batana toh main jaa rahi hoon and she turns to leave, he holds her by her arms and keeps his hand on her eyes!
    Shivay brings Anika infront of the mirror, removes his hand and she blushes! 
    He asks her to Look!   Ye...hai...jo tumhare chehre par sharm ki Laali hai, use Blush kehte hain and he does some hand gestures showing her the glowing cheeks!

    He says, Waise!  Ek baat samajh nahib aa rahi...tum ye blush tab hi kyon karti ho jab main tumhare aas paas hota hoon?  I don't get it and she smiles and feels shy, so looks here and there and he leaves taking back steps, she keeps smiling and blushing seeing him through mirrior!

    Tia leaves Svetlana on Wheelchair near the stairs and runs away!  Jhanvi passes from there and  sees Svetlana alone near the stairs so goes to help, just wen Tia calls her name and she turns to look...Tia indulges her in talks and Svetlana herself moves her wheelchair and goes down the stairs, rolling, along with the wheelchair!

    Jhanvi watches in horror from top, while Tej who just walks in runs to Svetlana  screaming her name and asks Svetlana who didn't get a scratch after such a great fall,  what happened?

    Svetlana crying tells him, I don't know Tej, I felt like someone pushed me from behind and Tej looks in shock, towards Jhanvi who stands same place from where Svetlana fell!

    Dadi and Pinky come there too and Tej lashes at Jhanvi and says, I don't believe this Jhanvi!  You pushes Svatlana? You tried to kill her?

    Jhanvi crying asks him, if he really this she can do something like that and Tej says, I don't have to think anything, Svetlana was pushed by someone from there  and only u were standing there!
    Jhanvi cries some more and asks him, how can he think something like this about her as he knows her so well?

    He shows her a hand and says, No! I don't know u!

    TiLana smirk behind Tej!

    Tej says, I don't know this Jhanvi and Tia smiles wickedly!
    Tej to Jhanvi:  Main kabhi soch bhi  nahi sakta tha tum itna girr sakti ho!  Sach kehte hain, jealousies and insecurities insaan se kuch bhi karwa sakti hain!

    Jhanvi keeps crying and asks him , Really Tej?  Just for this one misunderstanding, u r doubting 30 years' understanding between us

    Dadi asks  Tej what is he talking about as Jhanvi can never do something like this and Tej tells her that I have seen with my own eyes!

    Dadi says, Kabhi kabhiAankhon dekha bhi sach nahi hota hai puttar! Mera dil jaanta hai ke Jhanvi aisa nahi kar sakti!

    Tej says, wen it comes to Svetlana Maa!  Then Jhanvi doesn't behave herself!    Svetlana asks Tej to stop but he says, u stop,  but Svetlana asks him not to spoil the atmosphere of the house bcoz of her and she holds Tej's hand!     She says,  This is Jhanvi's house Tej and if she doesn't want me to stay here, then I won't stay here!  That is why probably Jhanvi asked me to leave this house!  I had packed my bags that very moment and infact, I was about to leave this house  but this happened and Tej gets shocked hearing this!

    he goes near Jhanvi and asks her if she asked Svetlana to leave the house and Jhanvi says, Yes!  I thought...Tej cuts her off by showing her a hand and asks her not to give any explanations, Just say a Yes or a No!

    Jhanvi says Yes!  But there was a reason to it!
    Tej says, I know ur reasons very well Jhanvi!
    TiLana smirk some more seeing the drama 

    Dadi asks Tej not to blame Jhanvi as it was her decision and Tej says, don't lie to save Jhanvi Maa!

    Pinky :  O My Maata!  Mummy Ji se baat kar rahe hain aap!L Jethani Ji ki to O My Maata kar hi chuke hain ab kamse Mummy Ji ka to lihaaz kar hi lijiye, she says folding her hands!

    Tej asks Pinky to keep quiet, she speaks back and asks, why should I keep quiet,?  U always shut everyone up!   What has Jethani Ji done so bad if she asked Svetlana to leave? 

    Pinky says, Ghar unka, Pati unka aur aap unhi ko jali kati suna rahe hain?  Arey!  ye to Jethani Ji ki sharafat hai jo itni respects ke saath apni Sautan ko ghar se jaane ko keh rahi hain, main hoti na toh baal pakad ke chittar maar maar ke ghar se dafa karti iss aurat ko 

    Tej points a finger at Pinky and asks her to  mind her language and says, don't interfere in my personal matters!

    Pinky says, personal matters?  This is our house too JethJi and here, it is about family's reputation and if any outsider comes and starts staying in this house, won't we have a problem too?
    She asks him to tell her, he has two sons, if tomorrow they bring a Full Wife and a Half Wife in this house, how would he feel?   That is why m asking u to make this 2nd No. woman leave this house and Tej asks her to control her tongue and screams at her!

    Pinky:  Hum zubaan ko lagaam de par aap apni harkaton par lagaam nahi denge?

    Dadi  cries and screams at both of them to shut up and sit calmly and find a solution to all this!

    Tej says, Maa! Solutions are found to problems but here, Svetlana is not a problem!  Problem is with the thinking of these people, he says pointing towards Jhanvi!

    Tej says, I am saying Svetlana will stay in this house itself, with us!  Jhanvi turns to leave but Dadi holds her hand and stops her and tells Tej that this is not right!

    Jhanvi pleads to him to think about their kids, how will they feel about all this and he asks her not to use their kids as an excuse to fulfill her own selfish motives 
    Jhanvi looks at him in shock at his words and Dadi says, not only Jhanvi, but all of us  believe the same and Tej says, Fine!   If u all want Svetlana to not stay in this house! No problem!

    Svetlana is in this condition today bcoz of me, I hope u are all aware of that!  So today, Tej Singh Oberoi promises Svetlana that till the time she gets fine, I won't leave her!

    The whole family gets shocked hearing that and Tej says, if u all want that she doesn't stay here, then we  both can go somewhere else and stay...Okay Svetlana...Come!  He starts pulling her wheelchair and takes her out with him while Dadi keeps screaming this is not right Son!

    Jhanvi runs after him and pleads to him to understand that Om won't be able to handle all this, he would be shattered but Tej doesn't listen and keeps moving!

    Om's voice comes from behind:  Mujhe koi problem nahi hai and Tej stops!

    Svetlana smirks and TejVi turn to look back and find Om standing there with his hands folded...ShivRu come and stand at both his sides and all three stand in a pose!   Anika comes forward and stand near Shivay!

    Om says:  Yeh yahan reh sakti hai and all get shocked!

    Precap:  AniShiOmRu as a Team and Shivay tells them that first of all we all have to find out that Svetlanan can walk or not!
    AniRu mix red chilli powder in bulk in Svetlana's food and nurse serves the food to Svetlana and Anika and Rudra watch from a distance and Anika tells him that now just watch, after having this food,  Ye langdi ghodi Toofani Oont (camel) ki tarah paani ke liye bhagegi!   And I have kept water right infront of her at a distance!

    ShivKara also come and Svetlana starts coughing after having food and they all peep inside from a distance!   Svetlana screams for water and stands up and they all watch!