• ChandraNandni Competition amid Helena-Nandni for Chandra's queen

    Helena (Tanu Khan) and Nandni (Shweta Basu Prasad) fight becoming queen of Maghadh in ChandraNandni
    Start Plus historical love saga ChandraNandni is going to bring interesting competition between Chandra’s wives Helena and Nandni.
    Dadi keeps a competition between Helena and Nandni for becoming queen of Magadh in which she makes three rounds for Helena and Nandni.
    First round belongs to sword fight, second round is related to knowledge and third one is sastra fights.
    Both Helena and Nandni is expert in fight so they clear it but Chhaya helps Helena is second round of knowledge which makes the tie situation between Helena and Nandni.
    Dadi makes a solution in which she asks members to vote for Helena and Nandni which will decide as who will become queen of Maghad.
    Chandra (Rajat Tokas) supports Helena against Nandni in queen competition
    Chandra votes for Helena as he has developed hate corner for Nandni post her dance with Malayketu.
    Who will become queen of Magadh between Helena and Nandni?
    Keep reading this space further exciting update sof Star Plus ChandraNandni.