• ChandraNandni: Chandra announces Nandni as queen of Maghadh

    Chandra (Rajat Tokas) makes queen of Maghadh to Nandni (Shweta Basu Prasad) under pressure of Chankya in ChandraNandni
    Star Plus’s popular historical show ChandraNandni will bring eye catching drama of Chandra and Nandni’s love-hate love story.
    As per the track, Helena and Nandni participate in a competition of becoming queen if Maghadh in which create a tie situation.
    Chandra’s dadi announces for people votes will decides as who has right to become queen of Maghadh.
    Chandra has full support to his first wife Helana as Helena provokes him much against Nandni.
    However, Chankya spoils Helena’s plan by pressurizing Chandra to support Nandni as people will never accept foreigner queen.
    Roopa takes advantage of Nandni's queen identity against Chandra

    Chandra has no option and finally announces that the queen of Maghdh is Nandni which makes Helena furious.
    Nandni gets crowned by priest and thanks people for their love and supports.
    Nandni will not sit along with Chandra after getting tag of queen of Maghadh.
    However, Roopa will use this opportunity against Nandni defaming her in Chandra and people eyes.
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