• ChandraNandini: Helena provokes Chandra against Nandini-Malayketu

    Helena's (Tanu Khan) jealous incresed seeing closeness between Chandra (Rajat Tokas) and Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) in ChandraNandini

    The upcoming episode will show that Helena is jealous seeing Chandra and Nandini getting closer after Nandini saved Chandra’s life.

    Helena mother suggest her to apologize to Nandini make place in Chandra’s heart and Helena do it which makes Chandra happy.

    Furthermore, Nandini tells Chandra about that if some in love then he is ready to sacrifice his beloved things for his beloved ones.

    Chandra starts recalling the moments that he spent with Nandini in Taxila while Nandini is also turns melt down realizing Chandra’s thinking over woman respect.

    However, Helena is in jealous seeing closeness between Chandra and Nandini so she makes a plan to fill hate in Chandra’s heart for Nandini.

    Helena traps Nandini by asking her to prepare crown for Malayketu’s birthday and she agrees it.

    Helena fills Chandra’s ears against Nandini by telling Nandini is still in love with her ex fiancé Malayketu.

    Chandra accuses Nandini having affairs with Malayketu

    Chandra is furious on Nandini and abused her while Nandini also asks him that he hates her so why he is worry as she has relation with anyone.

    Nandini cries over Chandra’s accusation and makes crown while Helena shows Chandra that Nandini is still making crown for Malayketu ignoring his words.

    Will Helena get successful keeping Chandra and Nandini away?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.