• ChandraNandini: Chandra unwillingly celebrates Teej with Nandni

    Nandni (Shweta Basu Prasad) keeps fast for Chandra (Raja Tokas) on Teej for dadi's happines in ChandraNandni
    Star Plus historical show ChandraNandni will show that Chandra’s foster mother keep fast on Teej and wishes as Nandni would keep it for Chandra.
    Dadi and Rajmata ask Nandni to keep fast and Nandni find difficult to say no to them.
    Nandni has developed love for Chandra so she herself wants to keep fast for Chandra’s long life.
    Nandni falls ill having fast for entire day and then Chandra helps to her to complete her fast.
    Entire royal family gathers doing pooja of moon in which both Nandni and Chandra’s foster mother perform moon and their husbands.
    Helena fusrious seeing Chandra and Nandni closer again
    Nandini takes blessing from Chandra touching his feet and wishes to get his love too.
    Helena gets furious seeing Chandra and Nandni again coming closer.
    Chandra and Nandni also feed to each other completing Nandni’s fast.
    However, Chandra is not in mood to forgive Nandni while Nandni’s love for Chandra gets increased seeing him closer to Helena.
    How will Chandra and Nandni get closer?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.