• Chandra Nandini 24th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Chandra Nandini 24th January 2017 Written Episode 

    Chandra says she cut it,Nandini asks what,Chandra says your nails so that maliketu doesn’t get hurt,Nandini say is never had big nails are you drunk,Chandra says oh really and these marks on my back,am I a monkey that I made these marks my self,Nandini starts smiling and says may be you look like one,Chandra says few minutes back you called me handsome and now monkey and don’t forget I’m king,Nandini says you surely are drunk and don’t forget even Bali was king and was a monkey,Nandini says are those marks hurting,Chandra says no I don’t need your help,Nandini makes him medicine and helps him apply.

    Chandra says do you really find me handsome,Nandini says again,when did I say this,Chandra says even these marks, Nandini says no they aren’t now don’t
    act like a kid let me apply the medicine. Durdhara hears helina and her mother talk,Helina mother says eat fresh fruits these are stale ones and if you Don’t get me fresh fruits I’m so hungry I will eat you,durdhara says oh no Even mother eats human this way no humans will be left in mahal,helina and her mother walk to durdhara,helina says what are you doing here, durdhara gets scared,Helina mother says don’t be rude to her she is pregnant,will you have some food with us,durdhara says Rajmata calling and runs away,helina says always one excuse,Helina mother says concentrate on Nandini and Chandra and not her.

    Dadi says Nandini and Chandra did you two make a decision,Nandini asks about what but,Chandra says sorry I didn’t tell her,Nandini it’s my mothers bday and we need to think of something to gift her,dadi says you two think together even will I and leaves.

    Nandini thinks did you find a gift,Chandra says I just met her so I know nothing about her,should I gift jewellery or some ancient thing,Nandini says gift something that is close to her heart she is mother and so her child is closet to her and your question has your answer and that is can you gift your childhood to your mother as she Hasn’t seen you grow. Chandra removes a box of childhood memories and says these are all my belongings when I was a kid, like this is what I wore when my ma left me in shelter and this my sling but I can’t gift this,Nandini says you should this is what your mother will like,and decorates it and says this is how you present.

    Chandra hears Nandini sing and says your voice nice,Nandini (Roopa ) says and you handsome,Chandra says had alcohol again,you said I look like monkey and these nails,how are they back and are these fake and if yes how did you hurt me with it,and you called me monkey,Nandini says you are the most handsome man ,who said you look like a monkey.helina mother sees Chandra and Roopa together.

    Everyone watching monkey show,and enjoying it,helina doesn’t enjoy it,durdhara says wow how entertaining. Helina says stop what is this monkey show,how about some stunt show,Chandra says why but,monkeys are good too,lets continue the show.Nandini sees Chandra scratch his back and remembers calling him monkey and smiles,Chandra says she is so different last night called handsome and monkey in morning,his friend says you are right wives are weird every sentence of theirs have two different meanings, I’m tired of one,how do you manage three,Chandra says right war is better option then marrying women.

    Helina mother says Roopa stay away from Chandra and stop calling him handsome,Roopa says if you don’t play with enemy it’s not fun and what’s wrong Chandra is handsome, Helina mother says do as asked to,here is letter for maliketu which reads dear maliketu I miss you,I want to meet you all alone,come to see me at hum am I will be waiting for you,all yours Nandini,Roopa says how will this help,Helina mother says as said do as asked to.

    Nandini (Roopa) walks to maliketu and Chaya,Nandini hugs Chaya and behind Chayas back gives maliektu letter and says I hope you are fine Chaya and oh I have work and leaves,maliketu says Chaya I have a little headache you go do your routine and Chaya leaves,maliketu reads the letter and gets very excited.Maliketu walks to Nandini and says good to meet alone,Chandra walking to hum am too,Maliektu sees him and hides,Chandra sees nanidni(Roopa) in Hum am,Maliektu thinks is this nandinis plan to reveal my true face. I have to be careful.

    Precap : Nandini asks Chandra to apply body wash on her back,Chandra while doing so in awkwardness ,Nandini says I have to tell you something I really like you and we should give it a fresh start don’t you think so maliektu.