• 5 Reasons why you are Thapki of Thapki Pyar Ki

    Colors’ popular daily Thapki Pyar Ki (Shoonya Square and SOL) is quite loved by the audience because of its great cast and amazing storyline.
    The protagonist of the show, Thapki (Played by Jigyasa Singh) has now become a household name and she is someone who can be found among all of us. There are some of the key qualities of Thapki which is quite relatable to many of us.
    From the beginning of the story till now, the viewers have got to witness so many shades of Thapki and here we list down a few of those traits of the pretty lady which are relatable. So, have a good read and check if you connect with Thapki by having any of the following qualities –

    Thapki is a sharp minded girl and she has proved about her intelligence many a times, be it at her home or at the workplace.

    Thapki is known for her stuttering habit, which is quite difficult to deal with but the girl stands out a winner and if you too are facing the same thing then you are quite similar to her.

    The term ‘hardworking’ defines Thapki the best. She has set an example for being a hard working girl when she joined Dhruv’s company on the show.

    One must take some inspiration from her when it comes to being confident. Nothing can beat her confidence level and the biggest example is how she has overcome her stuttering problem with full confidence.
    You never lose hope
    Are you the one who always hopes for better and never lose hope no matter what? If yes, then you are quite similar to Thapki because she is the one who never lose hope no matter how the situation is.
    So, which of these qualities of Thapki you have in your life? Do share with us.