• Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th December 2016 Written Episode

    The Episode starts with Mishti cutting the birthday cake. Everyone sing birthday song. Mishti feeds cake to everyone. Gayu gets a call. She says yes, I understood. Mishti asks Naitik to eat cake of Akshara’s share also. Naitik eats. Kartik gets leaving. Naira looks on. Devyaani asks Kartik can I say something, I know I have no right to say between you and Naira, the one who got mother after fighting with fate after many tears, then she lost her mother suddenly, think of her, its big thing, I know she did wrong, but not intentionally, we all did mistake, you have forgiven us, but you are annoyed with Naira, we call can see that, maybe this is love, you can understand Naira is much hurt now. She goes.

    Lav and Kush ask Kartik to come fast, their maths teacher will be coming.
    Kartik says I will leave now. Gayu says you don’t take them on bike, its cold outside. He says they came same way. She says go by bike, we will send them by car. Kartik says fine. Lav and Kush say we will come again, we had fun. Mishti says fine, don’t talk much. Devanshi gives some homemade snacks. Kartik sends them in car. He sees I m sorry written with pebbles and goes. Naira cries. Gayu comes. Naira says you told me to give this later, its his Dadi’s love and devotion, I have to give this, this is imp than saying sorry. Gayu says yes go, now it will be fine, you both can talk alone. Naira says s you have sent Lav and Kush. Gayu gives her car keys. Naira goes.

    Kartik is on the way and recalls Devyaani’s words. Yahan wahan …..plays…. Naira follows him. He sees the road blocked and says way was fine when I came, I have bike, I can go that side. He goes to check. Gayu says yes, I have sent Naira after Kartik. Kirti thanks her. Gayu says I have sent Lav and Kush in other car. Kirti says my theatre friends will act like goons. Gayu says their love story wants action.

    Kirti says yes, after this drama, I don’t want any more drama, everything should be perfect, Kartik will understand Naira’s pain, as he knows mother’s sorrow. Kartik sees the goons. He asks them to keep watch and leave him. The man says we have seen your dad taking you in lap and crying, we know you are Manish Goenka’s son, we will kidnap you and take money. Kartik gets angry. They all catch him and ask why are you becoming hero, we have done many kidnappings. Naira comes and whistles. Kartik gets shocked. Kirti calls Gayu and says my friends did not reach the point, our plan flopped, what will happen there. Gayu says fine, if they both fight in anger then. Kartik asks Naira to sit in car and leave. Naira asks them to leave Kartik.

    They say he is ours. She says he is mine and will not be of someone else. Kartik asks what nonsense are you saying, go from here. She says I will not leave you here, I will see them. Kartik asks her to go. She apologizes and says it was my mistake, I want to rectify my mistake, forgive me. He says check the place and what to talk, we can talk later. The man scolds them. Naira says I will beat you all. The man says we will take her also and get double payment. Kartik asks Naira to run. She says I will run with you, holding your hand, not alone. They catch her. She asks them to leave Kartik. Kartik calls her stupid.

    Lav and Kush come home and ask Suwarna about the teacher. Suwarna says we have sent him, where is Kartik. They say he is coming on bike and go to play. She sees Manish and says he will come soon. He says it will be better else I will not leave that girl and her family.

    The goons drag Kartik and Naira. Kartik asks Naira why did she not go. She says I love you, how can I love you. He calls her idiot. She asks what will you do being in my place. He says its different. She asks why, because you are guy. He asks do you know whats happening. She says I know they are kidnapping me. He calls her mad and asks why do you want to be with me, who am I. She says my friend, love and my would be husband. He calls her mad. She asks why, will you not marry me. He says no, I will marry someone else. She says I will give her supari, you saw my love, not my anger, I will take you from mandap. I love you. You are mine. He says you always blame me, what a love and see this way to express love. The men shut her mouth.

    Kartik says leave her, I told you not to talk Naira. The men shut his mouth also. Gayu waits for Naira. The goons take them to the car. Kartik signs Naira to see soil and thinks I can’t make her fall in risk. She thinks to save him any way. They both kick the soil on the goons’ eyes and run in jungle. Goons follow them.

    Dadi asks Manish to listen. He says you are unwell. She says this is necessary, mahurat is also right. Kartik and Naira come far. They remove the cloth from their mouths. Yahan wahan….plays……. He helps her. He asks her not to stare, even you were staring at home. She says my eyes, my wish, why do you care. He says I told you not to stare. She says no. He says fine. She slips and falls. He asks are you fine, I told you to look straight and walk, I told you I love you, you did not listen, I told you I did not do accident, but…. you came infront of goons when I told you to go, why don’t you understand me. He holds her and asks what shall I do of you, I can’t hate you, I can’t love you. She asks him to forgive her, as she can’t stay without him, please don’t go, she loves him a lot. She says I love you so much Kartik and cries. He cries and hugs her. Yahan wahan…..plays………..

    He says I was mad to love a mad girl, I want you in every girl. He hugs her and smiles.