• Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th December 2016 Written Episode

    The Episode starts with Naira and everyone celebrating Mishti’s birthday. Naira sings Dil se bandhi ek dor…..Rishton ki bagiyaan…. Everyone dance. Naira imagines dancing with Kartik. Naira gets sad and waits for Kartik. They all look at the door. Kartik comes with Lav and Kush. Mishti hugs Kartik and apologizes to him. Kartik introduces his brothers Lav and Kush. He wishes Mishti happy birthday and gives gift. She says I want you, not gift. He asks her to take gift, he got by love. He says I came to meet Mishti, I will leave. Mishti asks him to stay back. He says sorry, I have to go.

    Naira goes to him and gives kachoris. He greets all of them and goes. Naira cries. Mishti also cries. Kartik comes back and hugs her. He says I will have birthday cake and leave,
    don’t cry. Dadi asks Suwarna where is Kartik, he does not tell you anything, but you may know. Suwarna says I m not sure, but I guess he went to birthday function, Lav and Kush called me. Dadi asks whose birthday, Singhania family girl’s birthday, what relation does he have. Akhilesh and Surekha look on. Dadi asks the girl’s age. Akhilesh says Mishti is very young, but her sister….

    Naira cries and holds ears to apologize to Kartik. Gayu says we will play a game. Gayu says everyone will tie clothes except me, and you have to throw the ring, one who gets inside the ring will be partner for dance. Everyone get blindfolded. Gayu puts ring on Naira and Kartik. Naira apologizes to Kartik.

    Manish asks what, did Maa got to know about that girl, why did Kartik go in birthday, when will he listen, does he have self respect or not, his Dadi got unwell, and now he is not at home. She says they love Kartik, they went through sorrow. He says Kartik was much hurt, did they love him then, I can’t tolerate this. Everyone talk in party. Bau ji asks where is Naitik. Naira goes to call Naitik. Mishti asks Kartik to wait for some time, I will cut cake after Naitik comes. Naira goes to Naitik and asks him to please come, mumma wanted this, party is for Mishti. Kartik comes there to talk to Naitik. Naira sees him.

    Kartik says everyone is waiting for you, if you have problem with me, I will leave, I would have gone, Mishti stopped me. Naitik cries and hugs him. Naira cries seeing them. Naitik apologizes and says I m very ashamed, forgive me, I raised hand on you. Kartik says don’t apologize, your family happiness is important, you become a part of the happiness, it will be good, don’t miss this chance. Naitik sees the wind chimes. Naitik agrees and goes with Kartik. Kartik gets the thread fallen on ground and tells Gayu. Gayu says give it to Kartik later, you can get chance to apologize to him.

    Mishti cuts cake. Everyone clap. Naira goes out to Kartik.