• Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th December 2016 Written Episode

    The Episode starts with Ishita seeing Ruhi and Raman and thinking to do something. She takes sambar in a bowl and says sambhav always helps. She adds chilli powder in the sambar. She says Raman’s state will get bad, sorry. She takes sambar for him and asks him to taste it and say how is it. He says I m having tea. She says Pihu asked me to make good sambar, just tell me. He tastes it and says you got mad. He starts coughing. Ruhi sees him and rushes to get water. She feeds him water and icecream. Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita smile seeing this. Ruhi asks are you feeling better. He says mad madrasan wanted to kill me. Ruhi says she is not like you. He stops Ruhi.

    Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to wait, let them fight and get anger out. Raman says what should I do seeing a guy in my daughter’s
    room. Ruhi says it was too much. He says okay, but I could not ask him to have tea and snacks, when its about you, I can’t control my anger, I m sorry. Ruhi says leave all that, you got my fav icecream, we both will eat it and make our mood better. He feeds her icecream. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla smile. Mrs. Bhalla says after all blood is blood, come. Mrs. Bhalla says this is too much, icecream came for everyone and eating alone.

    Ruhi asks her to make tomato chicken for her. Ishita says its chilli sambar for Raman and laughs. Ruhi laughs and hugs Raman. Ishita serves Ruhi her fav tomato chicken. Abhishek comes there. Raman asks what happened, is this related to Nisha’s case. Abhishek asks did anything happen yesterday. Raman says yes, Suhail came in Ruhi’s room by window, I got angry and beaten him. Abhishek says I got complaint against you and Romi.

    Raman asks who did the complaint. Kirti comes and says I did it, Suhail stays alone, it does not mean he has no one, I m part of his family, I will not be quiet. Ruhi says Kirti… Kirti says you here. Raman says she is my daughter. Kirti says oh I see, so you came there to convince him not to complaint against your dad and uncle. Raman asks is this true Ruhi. Kirti says as if you don’t know, you act well, Ruhi came in morning, she is selfish. Raman says mind your tongue, Ruhi did you go to meet him. Abhishek says sort out personal problem later, its complaint of physical assault, Raman and Romi have to come with me. Ishita defends Raman. Raman says Ishita let it be, we will fight case legally, call lawyer, Abhishek you can do your duty, come Romi.

    Ruhi asks Abhishek not to take Raman. She asks Kirti to please take complaint back. Kirti refuses. Suhail comes and says don’t arrest them, I fell down stairs. Kirti says they should be punished. He asks her not to get in this matter. She goes angrily. Abhishek says Raman accepted that he has beaten you. Suhail says yes, I respect him, he is elder, if he raised hand on my mistake, it does not mean I file case, I take complaint back. Abhishek goes. Suhail apologizes. Raman asks is your drama over, you filed complaint and acted to become hero, you will not become great in my eyes, be away from Ruhi, next time you will not be saved. They all go. Ruhi sees Suhail.

    Raman says he thinks we are fools, he is doing drama to impress Ruhi. Suhail comes after them and says I m not doing drama, I did not know Kirti complaint. Raman asks him to leave. Ruhi asks Raman to listen to Suhail. Romi says enough Ruhi, Raman is right, Suhail get lost.Ruhi says Papa is wrong, why are you supporting Papa, Suhail apologizes and took police complaint back, can’t you see his goodness. Ishita asks Suhail to just leave, can’t you see matter is getting worse. Raman says end this matter, be away from my daughter, I know such guys, he want to prove he is great, he is breaking our family.

    Suhail asks why will I do this, I don’t have any enmity. Raman says I don’t know, but I dislike you, be away from Ruhi, this is my house, get out. Ruhi asks what are you saying. Raman holds him and pushes him out. Ruhi shouts. Ishita asks Raman what are you saying. Raman asks what, did you hear what Kirti said, Ruhi went to meet him. Ruhi says yes, but I took permission from Ishita. Raman looks at Ishita. Ishita says I can explain the reason. Raman says shut up and goes.

    Ishita goes after him. Mr. Bhalla says this can create fight between them. Raman asks Ishita why did you send Ruhi. Ishita says she was worried and wanted to meet Suhail, if I refused, she would have hidden and went, so I have sent Aaliya. He says I m her father, how can you decide for her. She says I m her mother, I did what I felt right, atleast she trusts me, one day she will rebel. He asks will I let her rebel. I know how to control her, I m her father, and have more anger. He goes. She says why does he not understand.

    Simmi gets glad that her designs are approved. She says now I have to work harder, I will tell everyone, they will jump happily, but they are upset, with whom shall I share this good news, Ananya is sleeping with Pihu. Gaurav calls her and says sorry, I wanted to ask about Ananya. She says Ananya is fine. He says she is my friend, so I was worried, okay good night. She says I want to tell something if you are not busy, I m so happy that my designs got approved. He congratulates her and asks for party. She says sure, party done. He says I was thinking how did you agree, we will party when you are free, our friendship just started, slow and steady wins the race. He ends call. She smiles.

    Ruhi thinks of Raman scolding Suhail. She calls Suhail. He says I hope you are thinking I did police complaint, Kirti did that, I did not wish to do all that. She says I trust you, I called to say, Papa has misunderstanding about you, I know him well, its difficult to convince him, its clear that I can’t do your concert, Papa is not letting me meet you. He asks how can you do this, you know it will be big loss, I will lose my goodwill. She says I can’t do anything, its not in my hands. I can’t go against Papa. He asks why did you call me then. She says I m really sorry. He says I m sorry, parents are imp part of life, we should value them, I don’t have parents support, so I don’t know the meaning of their support, take care, I will do something. He ends call. She says he looked so disturbed, its not his mistake, he is good and always helped me, why did Papa do this, its all because of me. She cries and says I can’t ditch him, what shall I do.

    Ishita tells Raman that Ruhi is with Simmi. Simmi comes home and says Ruhi is not with me, she said you called her for urgent work. Ishita says why will I call her, where did she go. Raman hears all this on phone and worries.