• Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th December 2016 Written Episode

    The Episode starts with Raman going to Ruhi and Suhail. He asks Ruhi is this your meeting, your work, were you busy here. Ishita says we will go home and talk. Ruhi asks Papa are you doubting on me. Raman says yes, is there any reason for not doubting. Ruhi says we discussed about shoot and Suhail told about ayurvedic shop, I came here to get headache relief medicines for Ishita. Suhail says I told Ruhi about this shop. Ruhi says no need to justify, Raman does not believe me. Ishita says its not like that. Ruhi says Papa checked my phone yesterday and today he said this, why should I justify. Suhail asks Ruhi to calm down. Ruhi says no, Papa always does this. Ruhi leaves with Suhail. Raman asks Ishita to see, fine I can be wrong, but she should have manners, I m her father. He gets angry
    and goes.

    Simmi meets that guy in cafe. She says sorry, I got late, meeting took much time. He says relax, have some water. She thinks its awkward, what to talk, did I do right or wrong by coming here. He asks are you think why you came here. She says I feel awkward, don’t know what to talk. He introduces himself as Gaurav Bajaj, and says I have my own business, I write plays and love music, I m single. She says I m Simmi Khurana, Simmi Bhalla. He says you are confused about surname. She says no, I m divorced, and single mum, I have a 10 year old daughter. They order food. They talk about their likes and nature. She says we are different. He says opposites attract, sorry its just a saying, I did not wish to make you uncomfortable.

    Raman asks Ishita what is it. Ishita asks him to give space to Ruhi. He asks did you see Ruhi’s behavior, she feels we should not ask her anything. She says she is working and will meet people, she was defensive. He says she should have manners to talk to father. She says Suhail is her producer, he was there, you spoke rudely infront of Suhail. He argues. She asks him to calm down. He gets angry.

    Suhail asks Ruhi to calm down. Ruhi says I m irritated, what happened to Papa, he was shouting without any reason, can’t I get my space, I don’t have a life, I m getting angry on him and myself, how will I face him at home. He says he loves you a lot. She says I know, but I m not a 5 year old kid. He says you are not too grown up, you should be happy that your Papa loved you, my Papa does not remember me because of his Alzheimer, you are lucky. She says I understand what you mean, but I know my Papa well, he is different, he gets angry soon, he is stubborn, I m like him, I don’t know will he accept my apology or not, and if I can tell him sorry or not.

    Gaurav checks fortune cookie and says its written my fate will change. Simmi says I don’t believe in all that. He checks her cookie and says its written you are going to meet your love. She says its late, my house is far. He says sorry I did not know, thanks for good time, I will drop you. Beggar comes. Simmi gives money. Gaurav calls him lazy and asks him to find work. Simmi asks beggar to go. She says you don’t leave anyone. He asks why are you feeling bad, is that man/beggar your love, you should be saved from such people. She thinks he is strange, he says right thing, but way is bad. He asks her to come.

    Ishita asks Raman to have food. Mihika says ruhi is saying she will have food later. Raman goes angrily. Ishita stops him. He says Ruhi came home and went to room, ask her to behave well, she did not come for dinner. She says you know anger and fights will not make things fine, come have dinner, Ruhi is your daughter, her anger is like you, calm down. He says last time.

    Ruhi says I know I should not behave like that with Papa, why is he doing this. Suhail calls Ruhi and says she is not answering, I hope Raman did not say anything, I can’t go there, Raman will beat me, I will call on landline. Raman answers call. Suhail ends call. Raman says this blank call is surely for Ruhi. Suhail says what to do, Raman answered. Romi and Adi ask Raman to have food. Raman says I m not hungry, I m worried for my 17 year old daughter. Ishita says you think Suhail will call, have food. Mihika says there are many internet apps and mobiles, who will give missed call on landlines. Ishita asks Raman to have gajar ka halwa.

    Raman says even Ruhi loves gajar ka halwa. Ishita says you are still concerned for her in anger. Mr. Bhalla says he loves Ruhi a lot. She asks Raman to take halwa for Ruhi and have it with her. Mihika asks Raman to go. Ishita says talk to her and end matter with love. Raman says if he talks bad then… Mr. Bhalla says leave anger here, clear the doubts, I m sure Ruhi will be feeling guilty. Raman asks them to put more halwa. Mrs. Bhalla hears them and goes. Ishita thinks what happened to mummy ji.

    Suhail comes to meet Ruhi. He sees Ruhi in window and calls her out. She goes. He says I can’t go by door, what can I do, I have to go by climbing pipe. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla why is she worried. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi did not come home, I m worried, I hope she is fine. Ishita says she will be fine.

    Suhail climbs by pipe and reaches Ruhi’s room. Ruhi gets shocked seeing him. Raman says I will give halwa to Ruhi. Suhail says you did not receive my call and I came to see you, I was worried. She says I m fine, go if anyone sees you. Raman enters room and gets shocked seeing Ruhi with Suhail. Ruhi gets tensed. Raman slaps Suhail. Suhail falls over the bed. Ruhi says Papa…… Raman says shut up.

    Everyone hear Raman shouting and go to check. Ruhi says don’t beat him. They all get shocked seeing Suhail. Raman says he came here by hiding. Raman and Romi beat Suhail. Ruhi, Ishita and Mr. Bhalla stop them. Ruhi cries and says Suhail, get up, I m with you, open your eyes. She asks Raman why did you beat him, wgats his mistake, he was worried for me and came to meet me. Raman scolds her. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman and Romi to come out Ishita sees Suhail’s state. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla to take Suhail to hospital. Ruhi cries.

    Ishita cries and says Ruhi will have attraction to someone, if we react like this Raman, she will hide everything, I want her to come to us and tell us everything.