• This is what happening tonight on Kumkum Bhagya

    Pragya and Abhi see a cockroach and scream. Abhi starts chanting mantras. Pragya finds him silly, but she is also scared. He asks her to do anything. Pragya shows her slipper to cockroach and throws it to hit the cockroach. She misses to hit the cockroach.

    Abhi and Pragya get too scared and jump on the sofa. Abhi and Pragya get scared seeing cockroach as if its is a lion or ghost. They read mantras. Pragya thinks to do something. Pragya tells Abhi that she is not beating him, so he has to stop his overacting. Both did not had courage to face cockroach. Pragya asks Abhi to give his shoes. Abhi holds Pragya and asks her not to shaken up. Both of them have same problems and fears.