• Swaragini 12th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Swaragini 12th December 2016 Written Episode

    First few mins will be added soon.

    Laksh tells Ragini that he will bring medicine and asks her to add in food. Ragini says okay. Ragini asks God to help her save her family from this trouble. Sanskar and Swara come to bank in car. Swara says bank came. Sanskar asks if we will rob the bank. Swara says if we couldn’t do this, then they will kill Mishka. They get down the car and try to enter bank silently, but Sanskar keeps his foot on crushed bottle alerting the guards. Guards ask who is there? Swara and Sanskar hides. Sanskar says may be there is an alarm system here. Swara says but we have to take risk. He tries to open the back side door lock and touches it. He says there is no alarm here, but if we break the lock then guards will catch us.

    Nikhil tells everyone that they will have food before them. Laksh comes to Mishka and asks her to come and have medicine. Nikhil asks him to bring medicine there. Laksh asks Ragini where is the medicine. Ragini says one is in Uttara’s room and other is in Durga Prasad’s room. Utara tries to talk, Laksh signs her to be silent. Nikhil lets Laksh go. Laksh goes to room and gets the sleeping pills medicines. He hides it under his clothes. Swara shares her plan with Sanskar. Sanskar says he can’t let her go alone. Swara convinces him. Swara sits in the car and drives the car till the door and then stops. She keeps her head on steering so that beep sound comes. Meanwhile Sanskar breaks the lock with stone. Guards come to car looking concerned. Swara acts to be unconscious.

    Rest comming soon.