• Spoiler alert: SHOCKING twist in Sony TV’s Kuch Rang...

    The maker (Beyond Dreams) of Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is definitely piping up the drama quotient!
    In the upcoming episodes, viewers will be treated to some more interesting twists and turns.
    We have already informed audience that Ayaan (Arpit Chaudhary) is entering in a deceptive fake relationship with Dev’s (Shaheer Sheikh) sister Ria (Ankita Bahuguna). Reason? He is eyeing Dev’s fortune.  Now, Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) has turned an investigating officer to probe the matter.

    As per a source, Sonakshi created a fake profile of a boy on social media to trap Khushi (Shagun Sharma), who is Ayaan’s real girlfriend. Sonakshi fixed a date with her but unfortunately the meeting did not transpire.
    Now, Sonakshi will fix another meeting with Khushi.  She will get closer to her ‘unravelling the truth’ mission and would further decide to visit Ayaan’s house to fish out more fishy details.
    Sonakshi will sneak in, only to get caught by Ayaan and Khushi who will enter the house hand-in-hand.
    Meanwhile, at Dixit house, Elena (Prerna Panwar) and Vicky (Vaibhav Singh) will inform Radha Rani (Alka Mogha) about their lunch date with Bose family. As they are Brahmin and Bose family eats non-vegetarian food, Radha Rani will pack a lunch box and a water bottle for Vicky.

    This will irk Elena. However, Vicky will manage the situation.
    Furthermore, to keep an eye on her son, Radha Rani will reach Bose house. The lady will be caught by the family peeping from the window. She will be shocked to see chicken in the bowl and will faint.
    This will turn out to be fun sequence.
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