• Shakti 19th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Shakti 19th December 2016 Written Episode 

    The Episode starts with Raavi telling that don’t know what happened to Harman, he left Mum’s delicious food and eaten kinnar’s cooked food. Shanno says Harman left beautiful girl like Mahi and running after a kinnar. Preeto asks them to eat food else go to their rooms. Soumya gets sad hearing this. Harak Singh gets up and goes to his room. Preeto comes to him and asks to come and have food. He says he don’t want to have food. Preeto says even I don’t want, but you have to have trust on your Preeto. She says whatever I am doing is for our son and home, have to eat food for her. She says you are a tiger, my tiger. Harak Singh cries and says all tigers fail infront of their children. He says I can’t have food without him, how can I eat? Preeto cries keeping her head on his shoulder.

    Soumya asks Harman to have food. Harman says I can’t have food. Soumya says if you don’t eat food then how you will take medicine. Harman says I know even Harak Singh haven’t eaten food. He refuses to eat food. Soumya thinks Harman loves his family. Harman asks did you say anything? Soumya says I will bring hot milk for you. Harman says he needs to go out and have fresh air. Soumya says okay and says she will take him.

    Varun talks to his mum and says I will take revenge. He says Harman is making their life hell. He says I will come only after my revenge is completed. He asks why did you go far from me, you would have let me grown up? He says I used to talk to you daily like this, dialing your number, you left me so early because of these people and I will take my revenge.

    Soumya takes him out. Harman tells her that he feels complete whenever he is with her. He says you are my heart’s right decision…Gulabo. He says now world seems to be beautiful to me, and asks her to go and stand there. Soumya asks why? Harman says just because I am saying. Soumya stands far. Harman looks at Soumya and the moon. Soumya asks why you are looking at me. Harman tells that he is comparing her with moon and says that moon is fake as it sparkles taking light from sun, but my moon doesn’t need any light to sparkle itself and it is very beautiful. Soumya blushes. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays………………

    Soumya asks him to come to room and says you needs to take medicine. Harman sees broken star and tells her. He wishes that his Gulabo shall be with him always. Soumya prays that Harman shall marry soon and she shall go away from him. He asks what did you ask? Soumya says I asked that everyone shall be fine always. Harman asks did you ask something else. Soumya says if I stay with you then how can everything be fine. She asks him to remarry. Harman says we have been married, and asks her to tell when to marry her again. Soumya asks him to marry someone else. Harman asks her to sit and says he understands everything. He says we will adopt baby, and says he will love her like this for forever. Soumya says family members need bahu and their own heir. Harman refuses for marriage and gets upset. He says he will go inside. Soumya thinks if she should be happy that he loves her so much, or should be sad as she can’t express her love for him. She cries.

    Maninder tells Abhishek that he is God’s devotee as he is accepting Surbhi after so much happened? Abhishek says he is lucky to have Surbhi and says marriage shall be fixed soon. Surbhi smiles. Maninder gives him sweets. Surbhi tells Nani that she will tell Soumya about her decision to marry Abhishek on her birthday party tomorrow. Abhishek says he will give her party tomorrow and tells Maninder that he will leave now. He leaves.

    Soumya asks Harman to have medicine. Harman asks her to go and take medicine with her. He says you will tell the same thing again. Soumya says you care about me, but don’t care about your own family. She says I have became bad in everyone’s eyes and couldn’t make place in their hearts. Harman asks what about me, who gave you place in his heart and you want to go away from his life and heart. He asks do you have an answer?

    Soumya is speechless and comes out of his room. Preeto asks if Harman agreed? Soumya nods no. Preeto asks then what you was doing in his room? If you was trapping him. She tells strictly that she needs Harman’s approval. Shanno hears them. Abhishek leaves. Maninder tells Surbhi not to take Soumya’s name and keep distance with her till her marriage atleast. Surbhi says Soumya is part of her life. Maninder is angry.

    Soumya thinks what to do? She thinks I can’t make Harman understand and at the other side, Preeto wants his approval. What to do? Shanno comes and asks Soumya what she wants to make him understand. Soumya says I mean….Shanno asks her to tell and says may be I can help you. Soumya looks on.

    Soumya asks if he will do as he thinks only. Harman says you are making me drink kada since many days. Later Soumya tells Surbhi that she needs something from her. Surbhi looks shocked.