• Shakti 15th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Shakti 15th December 2016 Written Episode

    The Episode starts with Surbhi asking Maninder what those neighbors were saying? Maninder says they are saying that you had eloped with your Jija ji and that you are having an affair with him. Surbhi says you know why did I go with him. Maninder is angry and tells your motive is to ruin me and not to protect Soumya. Surbhi says it is not like that. Maninder says I have to see this day and that’s why I didn’t die with poison on that day. He asks her to hold pistol and shoot him thrice. Surbhi is sad. Harak Singh calls Harman’s name and asks him to come down. He says he brought papers for the partition. Viren says Harman is innocent and childish. Harak Singh says when a son steps in his father’s shoes, then that child is not childish and becomes his dad’s father. He says lets do partition. Harman
    comes. Varun asks him to be careful. Harak Singh gives him papers. Harman reads the papers.

    Soumya asks God to stop this partition and says if this happens today then I can’t forgive myself. She looks for Preeto and thinks where is she? She goes to her room and begs infront of her requesting her to stop the partition. She cries and accuses herself for the partition. She says when I got married and came here, the wanted the family to stay united, but today they are separating…I can’t see this. She asks her to give poison to her and asks her to stop the partition, says I will do whatever you says. Preeto looks angrily at her. She thinks about Surbhi’s words that to let her sister stay here, and if she wants to tell something then she can tell her. She recalls Surbhi praising Harman to be a good human and husband. She recalls Harman asking for partition. Just then she gets Maninder’s call and picks it.

    Maninder tells her that his family reputation is ruining because of her family. He says people are joining Surbhi’s name with Harman as she went with him insearch of Soumya. He says why didn’t I die before hearing this and ends the call. Preeto doesn’t say anything as a storm of conspiracy is going on in her mind. Soumya cries. Harak Singh asks Harman to read properly and not to tell that he has snatched his rights. Harman gives papers. Harak Singh asks for pen to sign. Preeto comes and stops him. She takes the papers and tears it. Soumya smiles happily.

    Harak Singh asks what you have done? Preeto says we have just one son, everything is his. She says there will be no partition as everything belongs to him. She tries to emotionally blackmail him and says everything is yours. She tells everyone that we will follow Harman’s orders and nobody will interfere between Harman and Soumya.

    Surbhi recalls Abhishek supporting her and assuring her that he will handle his family. She recalls soumya telling her that she will leave Harman’s house after death. She recalls Maninder telling that people said that she ran away with Harman. She comes to him and says I want to say you something. She says I am ready to marry. Maninder looks on, but Abhishek and his family will not agree. Surbhi says I will talk to them and asks him not to worry. Soumya thanks God for stopping the partition. Preeto comes there and closes the door.

    Surbhi meets Abhishek at a coffee shop and tells that she is ready for marriage. She asks are you ready? Abhishek says he is ready and asks if she will return him back again from mandap. Surbhi says she wants to marry for her Papa’s happiness. Abhishek asks if you are marrying for yourself or your Papa. He asks I mean do you like me or not? Surbhi says I like your honesty and says I couldn’t get understanding life partner like you. She says my choice would have been you only if I had taken time also. Abhishek says he is very happy. Surbhi asks if your family will agree? Abhishek says they will not agree, but he will convince them. He asks her to have coffee. Surbhi smiles.

    Preeto tells Soumya that if she agrees to her saying then she will not ask her to leave. Soumya says she will do as she says. Preeto says everything will be fine if Harman remarries. Preeto tells her that Shanno will not get Mahi marry Harman now. She says even no handicapped woman will accept you with Harman and says society will send you back to kinnar world, then my son will search you and same thing will repeat, which we don’t want. Soumya asks what I shall do? Preeto says I don’t know how this will happen, but you have to do. She asks her to get Harman marry Surbhi. Soumya is shocked.

    Soumya asks Harman to marry again. Harman asks when to marry? He tells that he will marry her again and will adopt a baby. He says I will always love you and looks at her lovingly. Preeto scolds Soumya for spending time with Harman. Soumya says she was trying to convince him.