• Shakti 12th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Shakti 12th December 2016 Written Episode

    The Episode starts with Preeto stopping Soumya from making kada and asks how dare she to come in her kitchen. Soumya tells her that she is making kada for Harman so that he will recover fast. Preeto asks how dare she to show that she is more worried for her son than her, and asks her never to step inside her kitchen again. Soumya sadly leaves. Doctor checks Harman. Harak Singh asks how he is now? Doctor asks them not to worried and gives medicines on time. Meanwhile Soumya makes kada for Harman in her servant quarters. Police comes there and tells that Harman met with an accident as his car brakes was failed. He says question is if the car brakes failed by itself or done by someone else. Varun gets tensed and says what do you mean? Inspector says we came to know that Harman went to meet her sister’s
    sasur and then stepped down to buy vegetable. He says don’t know what happened then.

    Soumya makes kada and tries to go to Harman’s room while everyone is busy. Preeto senses someone is going and looks back. Soumya hides. Harak Singh asks who asked Harman to buy vegetable. Shanno says she asked him and gets tensed. Soumya comes to Harman’s room and tries to wake him up. Varun asks Inspector to catch the culprit. Soumya sees him sleeping and thinks how to keep glass here as Preeto will understand. She thinks to take kada back after sometime. She is about to go, and sees Harman holding her hand. She asks are you awake? Harman says no, and says he has woken up feeling her presence. Soumya asks him to drink kada fast. Harman says I will be fine if it stays here. He says I want you to miss me.

    Soumya says if anyone sees me here, then it will be a problem. Harman says so everyone asked you not to meet me. He asks her not to tell anything and says today I want to tell you something. That day I told this because of people’s pressure. He says today I want to tell you something from my heart…..He says Gulabo…I love you holding her hand. Tera Ishq Hai Meri Ibadat plays…………..Soumya is shocked and asks him to drink kada. Harman holds her hand and asks her to keep on her head and tell that she doesn’t love him. He asks her not to take fake promise else he can die. He asks her to tell if she loves him. Soumya says a kinnar can’t love anyone, not even you. Preeto hears them and gets angry.

    Inspector says we will inform you once we come to know anything. Preeto hears Harman’s confession and gets restless. Harak Singh and Varun ask what happened? Shanno asks her to tell what happened? Even Viren asks her to tell…..Harman holds her hand and says you might be kinnar for the world, but you are human for me. Soumya says everyone’s thinking will not change and says society will call me kinnar only. Harman says he don’t accept their rules. He drinks kada and coughs. Soumya asks him to be careful and cough slowly else someone will come. Harman says let them come, I will see. Harak Singh asks what happened? Preeto asks him to get dumb, deaf, handicapped or any girl to get her married to Harman. She says only Harman’s wife will kick Soumya out now. Shanno asks why other girl and speaks about her sister. Preeto says your sister is a fool and don’t have strength to fight for Harman. She says once a girl gets married, she will bear anything but she can’t share her husband even with a kinnar.

    Soumya is still in Harman’s room. Harman says he was making face and that kada is not bitter as it is made by her. He says you will not understand as you don’t feel like me. He asks when you will come to meet me, and pretends to be in pain. He says it seems I have to drink kada twice. Soumya leaves. Raavi and Others see Soumya coming out of Harman’s room. Raavi asks Preeto to teach her a lesson in her way. Preeto comes infront of Soumya and holds her hand to take her to hall. She plays bhajan recording so that Harman couldn’t hear Soumya’s voice. She then slaps Soumya hard. Everyone is shocked. Soumya keeps hand on her cheek.

    Harman brings Soumya and asks Preeto who have slapped Soumya. Preeto says I have slapped her. Harman says I understood and says now we will not stay and asks Harak Singh to give his share of property. Everyone is shocked. . .