• Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd December 2016 – Full Episode

    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd December 2016 Written Episode

    Jaggi walks behind holding tea for her. Gopi stops seeing Kokila and tries to speak, but Kokila ignores her and walks away. Jaggi tries to speak, even Gopi ignores him and leaves.

    Gaura on wheelchair tells family that she will go once she meets her geat granddaughter. Vidya brings Priyal and Shravan tells Priyal that Gaura is her badi baa. Priyala greets her. Gaura says she is her Moti baa and gets emotional. She then tries to move her wheelchair and leave and falls down. Shravan rushes to her, lifts her and takes her to her room.

    In the morning, Modi family gathers for morning aarti. Gopi tries to start aarti. Urvashi says let Jaggi come. Urmila asks Gopi to start aarti, Jaggi willl come hearing her voice. Gopi tries to start aarti again, but Kokila in
    her usual high pitched voice shouts stop Gopi… Everyone turn and are surprised to see Kokila dressed in her old avatar with 1-inch thick makeup and heavy jewelry. She snatches aarti thali from Gopi and says she cannot do aarti as only bahus and betis can perform aarti in this house. She continues her usual long heavy dialogued speech that she gave her right to perform aarti as she became her beti from bahu, but she disappointed her by marrying someone else and giving Ahem’s right to someone. She continues. Urvashi tries to speak, but Kokila asks her not to interfere as she is her sautan, not behan or dost. Parag tries to speak, but she shuts even his mouth. Her dialogues continue and family silently listen to her. Jaggi starts singing bhajan and doing aarti. Everyone gather around him. Kokila feels bad that she has to do this.

    After aarti, Urmila chats with Jaggi. Jaggi says he knows solution for every problem, Kokila loves Gopi a lot and is just acting as trying to be so tough.

    Mona and Pari chat during their breakfast. Mona says she gained 300 g while vacationing in Singapore and has to drink a lot of green tea now. Pari says with their new mission, she will lose 3 kg. Mona asks really.. Pari says already Kokila and Gopi have developed differences due to Gopi’s wrong act and they have to create more differences between them. Urvashi comes and says she has to perform muh dikhayi of Gopi tomorrow. Pari asks not to worry, she will call neighbor ladies.

    Doctor treats Gaura and says she is fine now, but needs some time to recover, so she should not move much. Shravan tells Dharam that he will drop Gaura in their farm house once her condition stabilizes. Meera says she cannot withstand Gaura for her heinous acts. Dharam says Shravan is right, Gaura is his mother and he cannot leave her like this, let her get well, then they will send her to farm house.

    Kokila sits on sofa sipping tea. Gopi brings her favorite dhoklas. Kokila ingores her. Neighbor ladies enter. Kokila asks why did they come. Ladies say they came for Gopi’s muh dikhayi on invitation.

    Precap: Neighbor ladies taunt Kokila that Gopi married Jaggi as he is Ahem’s look-alike. This is what happens when one give too leniance to bahu and make her beti.