• Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th December 2016 Written Episode

    Dharam tells inspector that Ahem was in his car when accident happened. Gopi, Urmila and Urvashi are shocked. Gopi asks if he is sure. Dharam says if she remembers, Ahem was driving car with him and when car broke down, Ahem sent him on horse to stop Meera and her boyfriend’s marriage and waited for mechanic. When mechanic did not come, he booked taxi for Ahem and Ahem even spoke to me while traveling in taxi. Inspector asks constable to get records of that day.

    Pari and Mona serve food to Kokila. After finishing food, Kokila asks if she has to call someone else to take these plates. Pari hesitantly picks plate yelling in mind. Mona adds oil on ghee with her comments.

    Inspector checks records and says 2 accidents happened that day. Jaggi rammed white
    car for sure. Dharam says he was still feeling guilty that he sent Ahem in taxi that day and accident happened. Gopi is shocked and feels guilty for wrongly alleging Jaggi and runs into police station. Dharam asks inspector how will he solve this case. Inspector says both cars fell from cliff that day, but Ahem’s dead body was found far away, that created a confusion. Jaggi can get bail now.

    Gaura speaks to someone over phone and gets very happy. Chanda asks why she enjoys cat and mouse game. Gaura says is a tigress and enjoys torturing people, nobody can understand how factory caught fire. She says after just 60 days, Chanda will be rich. Chanda gets happy. Gaura says she should be rewarded for keeping babies in. Chanda says she needs naulakha haar. Vidya brings juice for Chanda and hears their conversation.

    Gopi cries in front of Urmila that she did a big mistake by misunderstanding Jaggi. Urvashi says anyone would have done same and asks her not to feel guilty. She requests to prove Jaggi innocent in front of everyone, especially Kokila as Kokila cannot see Jaggi’s goodness and is hell bent on proving him wrong. Dharam comes. Gopi requests him not to inform Meera and Vidya about it yet, else they wil be tensed. Dharam says okay and leaves.

    Meera orders 2 cradles for babies. Vidya enters and says their fear came true and tells what Gaura told Chanda. Meera fumes Gaura has not changed at all. She angrily goes to Chanda’s room and shouts at Gaura that she has not changed at all, why did she tell all that to Chanda. She can confinue her with Chanda in this room. Gaura holds Meera’s legs and says she told that as Chanda told she will call goons and will escape from there, so she was pampering Chanda.

    Gopi goes to meet Jaggi. Jaggi thinks he is imaging Gopi again, if he stays in jail, he will go mad like Gopika. Gopi says she has come for real. Jaggi says he does not want to live as he blew off Modi family’s lamp/Ahem. Gopi says he is not guilty and apologizes him for misunderstanding and troubling him. He asks not to say that.

    Meera asks Chanda if she really said so. Chanda says so what. Meera shouts. Vidya warns Chanda not to come under Gaura’s sweet talks as she doe snot have anything to give and if she wants a good life after delivery, she should mend her ways. Chanda says Gaura….Gaura starts acting as getting severe pain. Vidya takes her from there. Chanda tells Meera that old woman is lying. Meera as usual (jumps to conclusion without using brain) shouts to shut up.

    Jaggi tells Gopi that he was cursing himself that he killed Ahem bhai, she relieved his guilty. He asks who was in car then. Gopi says nobody was and police is investigating case. Jaggi says Urvashi that Gopi once again proved him innocent. Gopi says she will investigate case and will find out truth.

    Precap: Modi family watches new in which reporter shouts like Kokila that in Rajkot’s respected family, one brother killed another brother and married his wife.