• Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th December 2016 Written Episode

    Kokila collapses. Whole family waits outside her room while does her checkup. Doc comes out and informs that Kokila got a minor heart attack. Whole family is shocked. Pari says they should take her to hospital then. Doc says Kokila wants treatment at home itself, so he will arrange all the necessary equipments at home and keep a nurse to monitor her. Pari tells Mona that this time issue is serious. Mona says what if she is acting like last time. Pari says she should get Oscar award then. Mona says dramebaz daadi. They both smirk. Gopi goes and sits at home temple and reminisces Kokila shouts and yelling on her and then getting heart attack. Kokila is seen resting on bed and Jaggi in jail.

    Meera tells Vidya that they should increase multivitamin supplements in Chanda’s
    diet. She then sees Vidya tensed and asks what happened. Vidya says she feels something is wrong with mom and they should go right now. Meera says they cannot go at this time and says she must be feeling home sick, so they will go in the weekend and enjoy a lot. Shravan calls Vidya to give his shirt. Meera asks her to smile and go.

    Gopi cries in front of Kanhaji how can she make such a big mistake, a man who killed Ahem is in this house. She reminisces Kokila’s shout that her decision to marry Jaggi was worst in her life. She cries how will she go in front of Ahem after she dies, Kokila is paying for her sins. Jaggi in jail thiks because of his sins, Gopika is suffering and he has to save her at any cost. Gopi prays Kanhaji to take her life and protect her maaji. Jaggi in jail prays to take his life and protect Gopika. Nurse injects Kokila while Parag, Urmila and Urashi stand around Kokila. Gopi continues praying not to do disaster to her maaji.

    Sahir brings new born babies to kitchen. Sona asks if Jai and Veeru slept. He says yes, they were adamant to meet bade papa. He says they should inform Vidya and Meera. Sona says no, already their family is tensed after factory burnt.

    Urmila takes coffee to Urvashi and asks if she met Jaggi, what did he say. Urvashi says yes, she met him, he is completely shattered. Urmila asks if she informed Jaggi about Kokila’s heart attack. Urvashi says no, else he will blame himself for Kokila’s health. Urmila asks if she knows who killed Ahem. Urvashi says her Jaggi cannot be as god cannot be too cruel to let one brother kill another brother. Their emotional discussion continues.

    Dharam angrily tries to leave room at night. Meera asks what happened. He says he will go and confront Baaji, how can she keep pregnant Chanda tied like this. Meera says Chanda is not innocent and informs him whole story. Dharam fumes hearing this. Meera says Chanda forced her to ask for divorce and she was very helpless.

    Urmila meets Jaggi and informs about Kokila’s heart attack. Jaggi says it happened because of him. Urmila says she feels someone else killed Ahem and it is not Jaggi, not to worry, she will find out truth. Constable says it is time up and she leaves.

    Doc comes for Kokila’s check up and whole family waits outside room. Doc comes oout and Gopi asks how is maaji. Doc says Kokila is out of danger and they should keep her out of stress. Gopi tries to enter room, but Pari stops her and says doc told not to give stress to Kokila, so Gopi is biggest stress for Kokila and got heart attack because of her. Gopi shouts what rubbish is this. Pari says before heart attack, Kokila’s last words were she does not want to see Gopi’s face, so she should stay away from Kokila. Urmila scolds Pari. Pari says truth is bitter and warns Gopi to go in and kill Kokila at once. Gopi shouts enough. Pari says she care for Kokila and will not let Gopi in.

    Precap: Jaggi reaches Modi bhavan. Urvashi says she knew he is innocent and police freed him. He says he escaped form jail. He then goes to Gopi and pleads to forgive him.