• Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th December 2016 Written Episode

    Kokila with her usual nerve beaking shout shouts at Jaggi that he below off the lamp of her house Ahem and wanted to become lamp of this house. She shouts at Urvashi that she knew her son killed Ahem, even then she brought her son here. Parag asks what is she telling. Kokila shouts Jaggi rammed his truck into white car with GJ04-DN-5539 in which Ahem was traveling. Jaggi says he had made an accident. Urvashi asks what is telling. He says he made an accident in 2011. Kokila shouts he was heavily inebriated and driving truck. Gopi falls down crying. Kokila shouts at Gopi if she remembers Ahem’s car number or if she forget everything with Ahem. Jaggi rammed his car on her Ahem’s car because of which Ahem left her forever. Gopi asks Urvashi if she wanted
    to hide this secret from her and cries Jaggi killed my Ahemji…this cannot happen.

    Urvashi says Jaggi made accident, but they did not know it was Ahem’s car and Jaggi’s license was cancelled, but police told it was a misunderstanding and Jaggi did not kill anyone. Parag asks how can it be. Kokila says they are just cooking up a story, truth is Urvashi’s son killed her son. Police comes. Inspector greets them in. Urvashi asks why did she call police. Kokila shouts there will be no explanation now, truth is Jaggi killed her son, so he called police and asks inspector to arrest Jaggi. Urvashi pleads not to do this misdeed. Kokila shouts she is doing right, Ahem did not get justice 5 years ago and now will get justice, so she asked police to reopen case. Inspector that that is why he has come to arrest Jaggi with a warrant. He orders constable to arrest Jaggi and constable hand cuffs Jaggi. Jai and Veeru discuss why police is taking bade papa again. Jaggi looks at Gopi and asks even if she thinks he is a culprit. Gopi asks inspector to take away her Ahem’s murderer. Urvashi pleads Parag to save their son, he is not a murderer. Gopi reminisces marrying Jaggi and cries in Hemalini’s style that who had erased her sindhoor, she married him. Jaggi says Gopika..Gopi shouts not to take her name from his mouth and orders inspector to hang Jaggi.

    Meera tells Vidya that she fed Chanda, if she fed baaji. Vidya says long ago. Dharam and Shravan enter. Meera asks if they incurred huge losses. Dharam says, but insurance company will be take care of. Dharam says after a long time he will have home food and gives his favorite food list. Meera says he has to eat whatever is prepared. Dharam says okay and walks towards his room with Shravan. They both see something in Chanda’s room and stop.

    Mona and Pari comments like usual. Urvashi pleadsd Kokila to take back her case. Kokila says never. Gopi pleads Kokila to forgive her, she did not even think in dream that Jaggi could kill Ahem. Kokila shouts she will never forgive her as she married Jaggi against her will. She then shouts at Urmila that she was encouraging Jaggi like he was her own son and was taunting her in her own house. Urmila says she did not know all this. Kokila shouts bas……

    Shravan and Dharam see Chanda’s leg tied and see electronic device. They call Vidya and Meera and ask why Chanda is tied. Vidya says she tried to elope many times, so Gaura suggested to keep her tied. Dharam says there is some other reason, why will someone tie for a simple reason.

    Kokila continues shouting and lashing at Gopi that Gopi married her Ahem’s murderer even when she opposed her. When Krishna who served Gopi for 5 years, she married him to Gopi and did wrong, but when she realized her mistake, she apologized god and cleared her mistake. She warned her many times, but she did not listen. Gopi pleads again to forgive her. Kokila says she will never forgive her and collapses after a heart attack. Whole family get concerned and surround her. Tolu calls ambulance.

    Precap: Kokila prays god that because of her, her maaji got heart attack, she will never forgive herself for that. She pleads kanhaji to take her life but save her maaji.