• Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th December 2016 Written Episode

    Gopi cries in front of kanhaji that she loves only Ahem and cannot give his place to Jaggi or anyone. Jaggi comes and sits next to her with his wrestling ground’s soil and says he is submitting his wrestling ground soil to kanhaji and is closing his wrestling ground. Gopi says she took a right decision. He says he has decided about another profession and as a friend needs her help in decision making. She asks what..He says he has thought of working as truck driver, though it is a small job. Gopi says no job is small, because of truck drivers we get good from all aorund the world and they have kept whole India united. She does not have any problem in his profession. He praises her that she finds positivity in everything, she is comparing truck drivers to our soldiers. She
    seems like a light house which shows way to lost boats, he is a broken boat. He will go and rest now as he has to start his new job from tomorrow. She smiles. He thinks at last she smiled.

    In the morning, Vidya speaks to Shravan over phone and asks to take care of himself. Gaura asks if they came to know who burnt their godowns. Vidya says not yet, police is investigating. Meera comes and worriedly says Chanda’s condition is worsening and she will go into depression if she is confined in a room and this will adversely affect her children. Gaura says if they leave Chanda away, she wil elope and then Meera will have to run behind police station and just like other people, even her dream will be shattered. Vidya says Baaji is right, they should not let Chanda out. Gaura says she has seen many girls like Chanda in jail, who wait for a chance to elope. They are giving so many luxuries to Chanda, what else she needs. Meera says as she says and leaves. Gaura thinks she has to cut Chanda’s feathers now.

    Urvashi sees Jaggi getting ready in the morning and asks where is he going in the early morning. He says he is restarting his truck driving profession. She says his 5-year-old secret will be out if he restarts truck driving, if he realized it. He leaves She continues and sees Gopi in front of her and gets tensed.

    Gaura goes to Chanda’s room and sees her munching apple and scolds she can escape from here, but then she will vanish forever. She has duplicate keys of this room and she knows what she can do, if she should remove her confines. Chanda pleads not to. Gaura orders her to go and rest now and thinks Chanda is habituated to luxuries now and this is in her favor.

    Gopi asks Urvashi why she is tensed and gives her water . Urvashi says she needs to talk. Gopi gets Vidya’s phone and goes out. Urvashi thinks she has to inform Gopi about the secret before she comes to know from somewhere else. Gopi passes from hall to kitchen seeing Kokila sipping tea. She picks call and asks if everything is alright, Chanda’s due date is coming soon and they have to take care of her well. Meera comes and takes phone from Vidya and asks Gopi why she calls only Vidya and not her. Gopi smiles and asks why Vidya is not speaking. Meera says nothing to worry and disconnects call. She consoles Vidya not to worry, everything will be fine.

    Kokila continues sipping tea. She gets a call on landline from RTO officer who asks if Jaggi stays there as he has come for license renewal. She says yes. Officer informs something and she tensely drops phone and tries to leave. Mona clashes with her and asks what happened. Kokila says she is having some important work and asks to move aside. Gopi asks her what happened. Kokila yells if she forgot her sanskar that they should not stop anyone if they are going out. Mona informs Pari that Kokila has gone out and what if they make her accident and blame it on Gopi. Pari asks if she has gone mad, it is not easy to make accident and blame it on someone else.

    Gopi with Urmila tensely wander in living room thinking where Kokila went. Jaggi comes and gathers whole family and says he has a good news for them. Urvashi says Jaggi if he forgot what happened 5 years ago. Jaggi says past is past. Gopi asks Urvashi what happened 5 years ago and insists. Kokila enters and says she will tell what happened. She gives Jaggi a tight slap and says he is a murderer. Whole family is shocked to hear that. She asks Gopi if she wnats to know whom he killed.. He killed Ahem..Whole family is more shocked to hear that. Jaggi falls on his knees.

    Precap: Inspector come with arrest warrant for Jaggi and says Kokila reopened case, asks constable to arrest Jaggi. Gopi shouts to take this man away from her eyes.