• Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th December 2016 Written Episode

    So asks Kokila and Urvashi to have some food. They both say they will not until Gopi returns. Door opens and they think Goopi returned, but wowen protection organization women enter chanting Jaggi haai haii..slogan with police and ask inspector to arrest Jaggi. Inspector says Sheetal has given complaint herself and he has to arrest Jaggi. Gopi on the other side makes Sheetal realize her mistake and says since many years, women are molested and when women wrongly allege men, nobody will believe her when she is really molested. Sheetal agrees to correct her mistake. Gopi says they have to save Jaggi first.

    Inspector asks constable to arrest Jaggi. Urvashi says he cannot arrest her son. Women shout they will how she will stop police. Kokila enters and i her usual style
    shouts to stop shouting and do whatever they want silently, she does not want any drama in her house, they can arrest Jaggi. Urvashi asks what is she telling. Kokila shouts she does not need any drama in her house.

    Constable arrests Jaggi and drags Jaggi from there when Gopi enters shouting stop…they cannot arrest Jaggi. Sheetal enters and Gopi says she is the one who complained against Jaggi wrongly. Sheetal agrees. Women shout Gopi frightened Sheetal to lie now. Gopi says she is not and she has recorded Sheetal’s statement in recorder. She reminisces how she with Tolu plans all this. Women ask Sheetal who asked her to lie. Sheetal says someone gave her money to lie. They ask who. She points towards Kokila. Urvashi asks if she tried to send her son to jail.

    Gaura over phone orders someone to burn her Mehsana godown. Vidya entes with food and Gaura acts as asleep. Vidya wakes her up, keeps food on table and leaves. Gaura relaxes that choti chatanki/Vidya did not hear her conversation, else her plan would have ben exposed. She smirks that in a few days, everything will be back under her control and she will take final revenge from Vidya and Meera.

    Gopi drags Pari and Mona in front and says they gave money to Sheetal to lie. Uvashi says they took a mother’s curse now and they will not be happy Women shout family members themselves tried to ruin Jaggi’s image and they will blacken their face now. Gopi stops them and says they are this house’s bahus and dignity of this house, so they should be spared. She continues tongue lashing Pari and Mona. Pari shouts enough and says Kokila that Gopi is wrongly alleging them as they are helping her, they also don’t like Gopi marrying Jaggi, so they are with her, but Gopi is twisting the truth in her favor. Gopi shouts to stop lying. Pari shouts she gave money to Sheetal as she needed sports equipment and tries to frighten Sheetal. Gopi shouts she cannot frighten Sheetal like this. Pari shouts that Sheetal wanted to join self-defence classes and lied. Sheetal says she gave with a condition that she will tarnish Jaggi’s image. Pari shouts she is lying and tries to convince Kokila. Kokila shouts enough now and asks police to leave. Inspector leaves warning that he is sparing Pari and Mona now but will not next time. Kokila warns Pari again that she is sparing her now and will not next time and walks out. Pari walks behind her. Jaggi stops her and confronts next. Pari leaving fuming.

    Precap: Jaggi offering tea to Gopi says with today’s incidence, it is proved that their friendship has moved to a stage of husband and wife. Gopi breaks tea cup and shouts they are just friend and will be always.