• PMHMD: Naina confronts Veer doing injustice with Raghav

    Dadi handovers property to Veer (Laksh Lalwani) in Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil

    The upcoming episode of Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil will show that dadi keeps a party where she handover all business and property to Veer.

    Sanjna is on cloud nine seeing it as Veer is her would be husband so she will enjoy all luxurious life.

    Veer represent the presentation which Raghav prepared for him and everyone clasp for Veer which makes Naina angry.

    Veer starts drinking getting all property on his name and Naina then scolds him for neglecting Raghav.

    Naina tells Veer that Raghav prepared everything for him entire night and he took all credit which is not right.

    Naina (Drashti Dhami) scolds Veer for neglecting Raghav (Arjun Bijlani)

    Veer tells Naina that Raghav is servant and servant can never take credit of anything but Naina is not convinced with it.

    Naina feels pity for Raghav as he did not get right place in family and business.

    Naina wil now fight for Raghav’s rights as she starts feeling melt for her husband Raghav.

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