• PMHMD: Dadi amid happiness gifts entire property on Veer's name

    Dadi amid happiness of becoming grandmother gifts ebtire property on Veer's (Laksh Lalwani) name in Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Dadi and Veer in the daily soap.

    It so happened that dadi gets to know that she is going to become great grandmother of Veer and Sanjana's child.

    Now, as Veer has given dadi the biggest gift of her life, it was dadi's turn to give something in return to Veer.

    Dadi names the entire property on Veer and Sanjana's name post lietening to good news.

    Veer extremely happy

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Veer and dadi in the ongoing serial.

    Veer post getting the property on his name gets extremely happy and starts partying.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Veer post getting property declines marrying Sanjana?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.