• Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 16th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Pardes Mein Hai Meraa Dil 16th December 2016 Written Episode

    The Episode starts with Naina coming home. She hugs Chanchal and Asha. Asha asks about Raghav. Asha says he will come from office. Chanchal says its good he works a lot. Asha says its good, we will talk, come sit. Asha says I m very happy you got a perfect guy. Chanchal asks Asha to give them some time, we have to talk something personal. Naina says I will help Asha. Chanchal says I helped her, come with me and talk. Chanchal tells Naina that its big cheat with us, Raghav is not Mehra, his work is of servant. Naina says you know this.

    Sanjana asks Raghav to get another drink. Raghav asks her to say where to drop papers, I have to go to inlaws. She asks why, you used to talk to me a lot before. She holds him. Someone takes their pic. She asks him to imagine their life if they
    were together. He says no. She asks him to look at her and see Naina. She jokes on Naina. He says if I married you, if I was someone else, I can’t live with any if, this is my life, I will make it better and be happy. She says so cute. He says you are much drunk, come I will drop you home. She says no, you show you are happy, you have everything left by Veer, even that girl, your life is by charity.

    Chanchal says Raghav is servant, we wanted to get you married to Veer. Naina says I know Raghav is servant, I don’t care by this truth, it was bad that my heart broke and Raghav married me, but his status is poor, he does ordinary job, I don’t care by it, I care by his character, and now I worry for Asha’s health, how will she react knowing this, Raghav is not so bad. Rajeev comes and says we are bad, your husband is a nice man, see this pic. Naina gets shocked seeing Sanjana and Raghav. Chanchal says even Mehra’s servant have habit like owners, he got married and has another girl. Asha asks Naina to call her husband. Rajeev says he is busy, give food to us. Raghav comes and asks will you have food without me. Asha blesses him and says Rajeev says anything when he is hungry.

    Raghav says I feel like I have come India, I will finish food. Asha asks him to wait. She makes Naina sit with him and feed each other. Naina asks why formalities. Asha says its rituals, Naina will be shy, you make her eat. Raghav feeds sweets to Naina. Asha asks Naina to feed kheer now. Chanchal says kheer is made by costly badams. She taunts Raghav. Naina manages and asks Raghav to have kheer. Kal ho na ho…..plays…….

    Raghav says I got gifts for everyone, I got balm for Asha’s knee pain, its cold here. Asha thanks him. Raghav asks her not to call him Jamai ji, but call him beta, whatever you like. He gifts Chanchal some gond laddoos as she is pregnant. He gives baby carrier to Rajeev. Chanchal says how cheap, I mean how sweet is that, we shall have food now. Asha serves food. Naina sees Sanjana calling Raghav. Raghav thinks Sanjana did not take him for any work. He tells Sanjana that he has to leave now, he will drop her home. She says I will complain to Pam. He says Dadi asked me to go to Naina’s house, sorry priority changed now, come. FB ends. Raghav disconnects call. Asha packs pickles for Naina. She says you are still little girl for me. Naina says yes. Raghav smiles seeing them talking.

    Rajeev asks Raghav to be careful, I got to know everything, you cheated and married, you are servant, tell your family that I will file such case that Dadi will go jail along with Mehra family, I will file fraud case on you all. Raghav gets shocked. Asha asks what are you talking. Rajeev says nothing, I was explaining relations. Raghav goes to Asha. Rajeev signs my eyes are on you.

    Raghav and Naina are on the way. He says I had some office work. She says you were with Sanjana, Rajeev saw you two together and showed me pics, what you did for Maa, it was sweet, I will not stop you if you want to go with Sanjana. He gets shocked. She says Rajeev felt bad for me, I did not feel bad, I don’t live you, every relation is not of love. Relation has trust and truth also, I can bear anything, but not lies, your sin pot filled, and if you lie again, pot will break, I don’t want to get fooled, you lied to me about office work, I don’t care.

    He says I know, but listen to me, I lied to you, but not always, I really had work in office, Sanjana stopped me and said…. She says I really don’t care, just don’t lie, have courage to say truth, this marriage is lie. He asks how many times will you say this, I m not a liar, I have no habit to lie, a person’s mistake does not define him, I will not lie to you. Sabki apni majburi hai….. plays… They leave.

    Dadi is with children. Sanjana asks Pam to listen. Pam scolds Sanjana and drags her. Dadi asks what happened. Naina looks on. Pam says Sanjana is pregnant, how to tell you. Everyone get shocked. Pam says what shall I answer my sister. Dadi asks whose child is this. Sanjana says I m ashamed, I know I did sin. Pam says this is my house, its Dadi’s heaven, get out of here. She kicks out Sanjana and hugs Dadi. She cries. Dadi says we will talk and see what we can do. Naina starts going. Sudha stops her and says this did not happen right, your husband could not control himself when he was around Sanjana. Naina gets shocked.

    Sanjana meets Raghav and says will he accept me or not, I fell lonely. Raghav consoles her. Naina sees them together.