• Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 13th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Pardes Mein Hai Meraa Dil 13th December 2016 Written Episode

    The Episode starts with the lady saying your card has been declined. Veer asks what, and pays by cash. He calls Sudha and says Dadi has blocked my cards. Sudha says I told you Dadi will do this, you did not understand. He asks for cash. She says I have 10000 euros cash. He says thank God, this week will go fine. She says what, learn to manage in less amount, I will send 2000 euros. She checks and says there is no money here, your dad…. He asks whats his problem. She says I will manage. She checks her jewelry. Pam asks her why is she doing this, you gave Naina the jewelry as she was becoming Veer’s bride. Sudha says yes, now Naina’s jewelry is not hers, she did not marry Veer, thanks for this help. Pam says always welcome. Sudha goes. Pam says I will not forget how you tried
    to make Sanjana away.

    Sudha goes to Naina. She asks are you fine, I did not get time to explain. Naina asks her not to give explanation about Veer. Sudha says every girl knows about Veer, I m here to talk about the jewelry, I made it by love for his bride. Naina says you are right and returns the jewelry. She asks her to count it. Sudha asks for the earrings. Naina says sorry and removes earrings and chain. Raghav comes and looks on. Sudha says I wish you did not need to do this. Naina says its okay. Sudha goes. Naina cries.

    Raghav gets the ring and says you know my truth, I have nothing to give you, I know it does not matter to you, you don’t want to become my wife as I m a liar, but now we are married, whatever is mine is yours, so I have something, which I m giving you. She says I don’t want anything from you. He keeps the ring. She sees the ring and asks from where did you get this. He says there is a shop in down town, an Indian girl came to sell this, maybe she needed money for paying rent, I bought it thinking I will get blessings, but what will I do of blessings, even that blessings is yours. He goes. She recalls Asha and wears the ring.

    Pam and Sanjana relax at home. Raghav asks Balraj about his salary. Balraj says I have cut the salary, you worked less. Raghav says there was work at home. Balraj says go and complain to Dadi, rules are rules, if I don’t cut salary, what will others say that I m partial. Pam asks Balraj to give top to Raghav, he is newly wed, we give something to office staff. Raghav says thanks but no thanks.

    Sudha comes and asks Raghav to come. She asks him to go to cafe and give money to Veer, how is he managing without credit card. He asks are you sending her money after all this. Sudha asks him to remember limit, you must thank him, you got married because of him, else who will give girl to you, give money to Veer. Sanjana hears them and says I m coming Veer to show how much I love you. Naina says there is no food, I m getting dizzy. She thinks where does Raghav eat food. She goes out and asks maid where does everyone eat. The lady says dining hall, come. Naina thinks I will not dine with family, and asks is there any cafe nearby. The lady tells her.

    Dadi asks where are children today. Sudha says house looks lonely without children, till when will you punish Veer. Dadi asks did you not call Raghav and Naina for dinner. Dadi calls out Naina. Pam says I thought to give them time, they are in outhouse. The lady tells Naina went for dinner, Raghav is not at home. Shaurya tells about the blizzard storm news, who are out from home today. Sudha worries for Veer. Dadi says Naina and Raghave are outside, and worries.

    Naina feels cold and says I m hungry and getting headache, I will eat one more sandwich. She hears Raghav and turns to see him. She sees Raghav and Veer. Raghav asks Veer to keep money. Veer says thanks. But it will end in two days. Raghav says keep it. Naina thinks to whom did I marry, Veer insulted me, and Raghav is with him, he knows everything now. She does not eat sandwich and says my hunger died. Raghav asks Veer to have food, you just drink, whatever you need, call, you will get it. Veer says sure, you are my helper, my genie. Naina goes. Raghav says whatever I said is Sudha’s words, I would have never come here if she did not send me. Veer goes.

    Naina says Raghav was my angel, I regarded him friend and trusted him when he chose Veer for me, but he was Veer’s friend, he has put my life at stake for those people. Raghav stops Veer to ask something. Veer pushes him away and asks who are you to ask me, stay in limit. Raghav holds his collar. Veer says leave me Raghav. Raghav says you broke Dadi’s heart, you played with a girl’s life. You feel I m a servant and doing this, you are my brother, I did what you said, I asked one thing, not to break Naina’s heart, you cheated everyone, if anything happened to Dadi, you are selfish, I wear your second hand clothes, you have everything as you are Indu Mehra’s grandson, what would you do if anything happened to Dadi, that girl hates me, your life would have changed if you married me, I feel bad that nothing good happened in your life, you moved your life towards hell. Veer says great, you moved to heaven, you married her. Raghav says she is better than me, but you don’t deserve her. Veer says stay in limits.

    Raghav scolds him a lot. He calls Veer a coward and asks him to keep money, and not come to him now to get papers right. I will not do any work now, as I m just a servant, not your brother. He goes. Veer gets angry. Sanjana comes there to meet Veer and says I m getting frozen. I m doing this for Veer to impress him. The lady says there is blizzard outside, take your burger, I have to shut cafe. Veer says I need a drink. She says its getting shut. He sees Sanjana and runs. Sanjana says I think I have seen Veer. She calls him out. He says she has come here after me. He sees ambulance and says wait, I m hurt. He sits in van and goes.

    The cop stops Naina and says there is a blizzard, you can’t go. She says let me go. The cop asks the indian man to explain Naina. The man explains Naina. She says I understand english, I m not afraid of storm, there is bigger storm in my heart. He asks where is your house. She recalls Raghav’s words and says that side, my house broke and the other house is not my house now. He says you look worried, but there is a storm, don’t go that side. The cop asks her to stop. She walks ahead.

    Raghav sees Naina. He sees the board falling and shouts Naina. He saves her. She looks at him.