• Naagin Season 2 17th December 2016 – Full Episode

    Naagin Season 2 17th December 2016 Written Episode

    Akhilesh/Anki 2 shows his puppet half buffalo/half human to Yamini. Yamini bets afraid. Anki 2 warns her to be in her limits and not try to be oversmart, he will get 50% nagmani at an cost, till she should keep her mouth shut. Yamini nervously nods okay. Rocky sees divorce papers in Shivangi’s hands and thinks she wants to give him divorce. He says if her happiness is in separating from him, he will divorce her. Shivangi tries to speak, but he continues and leaves. Shivangi thinks if he does not love her, why he is he worried about her happiness, he is her mom’s murderer.

    Rocky then sits for breakfast and cuts his hand while using knife. Sesha asks shows concern, but he asks her to stand aside. Shivangi comes and asks to be careful and cleans his wound. Rocky
    says he is fine and leaves. Sesha asks Shivangi if there is any problem between her and Rocky, she can tell her as a friend. Shivangi says everything is fine and thinks Shesha played game with her and now she will see her game. Shesha goes to Yamini’s room and tells she disguised herself as Rocky gave Shivangi divorce paper, now if Shivangi signs paper, Rocky will be hers forever. Yamini thinks she does not care if she gets Rocky or not, now she has another nagmani key/Rudra. She then goes down and tells Rocky and Shivangi that it has been 1 month since their marriage and she wants them to go to temple. Shivangi thinks how will she know what is Anki 2’s protective cover and how to get it away from him. Yamini insists and sends them.

    Sehsa fumes that Yamini is playing game with her, she will kill her. She goes to Yamini’s room as snake and tries to bite but cannot due to garud mani in Yamini’s neck. Yamini wakes up and their argument starts. Yamini realizes that there is one more nagin in this house apart from Shesha. Sesha asks how to know. Yamini says let us go to Kapalika.

    Rocky and Shivangi travel in car. Shivangi think why Rocky acts as loving her so much. Their conversation starts.. Rocky does nnot see a speeding truck in opposite direction. Shivangi sees it and alerts Rocky. Rocky takes a steep turn and applies brake escaping accident. Truck then rams an old woman and speeds away. Rocky runs towards lady and gets worried seeing her bleeding. He gets her into car and rushes towards hospital. Shivangi thinks he is so kind, but why he killed his mother.

    Yamini with Sesha and Anki 2 reaches Kapalika’s cave and ask her to find out who the other nagin is. Kapalika asks Sesha to give her poison. Shesha spits her poison in a bowl. Kapalika starts black magic and sends her magical hawk to get another nagin. Shivangi while traveling with Rocky sees her skin turning and gets tensed that Rocky should not see her face. Her body starts turning to snake and she sees a hawk following them. She turns into snake completely and hawk takes away her. Rocky does not notice her at all. Hawk takes her and drops in front of Yamini and puppets. Kapalika orders to come into her real form and does black magic. Shivangi turns into herself. They are all shocked that Shivangi is nagin. Yamini shockingly says her bahu is nagin. Shivangi turns into Yamini, Anki 2, Sesha, each familly mmber, Kapalika, etc., says she is nagin to confuse them. They all look in a shock. Sesha asks to show her real face, turns into nagin and grips Shivangi in her tail. Shivangi also turns into snake and their fight starts. Shesha bites Shivangi. Shivangi drills hole and escapes. Shesha shouts where did she go. Yamin in her witty style says she escaped.

    Rudra prays shivji to show what is protecting Anki 2. When he is about to know the secret, A storm starts and he stops prayers thinking Shivangi must be in danger. Shivangi reaches there injured. He asks if she is fine. She says Yamini and her puppets know now that she is nagin. He asks how. She tells incident. He says they have not yet identfied her. On the other side, Kapalika says Shivangi is nagin for sure. Anki says they are all nagin then. Sesha says she is also sure Shivangi is nagin and will kill her. Yamini stops her. Their argument starts. Shivangi feels dizzy and collapses. Guruji says Sesha an 118-year-old powerful nagin bit her, so poison has affected her. Rudra sucks poison. Guruji gives him holy ash to eat. Rudra asks Shivangi to reach home before Yamini and her puppets reach home.

    Yamini asks Shesha to test if Shivangi is nagin or not and thinks even if Shivangi dies, she has another nagmani key/Rudra. Shivangi reaches home and mingles with family. Sesha and Yamini return home and see Shivangia already there, so they think Shivangi is not nagin.

    Precap: Guruji tells Shivaangi that ichadhari nagin’s powers are in her skin and if she removes her skin, she will be powerless. Anki’s buffalo gives him a coin and says whenever there is nagin around, its nails will turn red. Yamini sees Rudra’s nails red. Rocky asks Shivangi why she is against his family, why she hates them so much.