• Naagin Season 2 10th December 2016 – Full Episode

    Naagin 2 10th December 2016 Full Episode, Written Update

    Akhilesh tells Yamini that he’s nothing like her husband, who happens to be his twin ( Ankush Raheja). She won’t be able to twist him around her little finger as she did with her husband.. Akhilesh tells her, he knows her inside out and she can’t play her tricks on him. Shivangi asks her husband if she can go meet a friend who has come down from Mumbai, Rocky (Karanvir Bohra)  says she doesn’t have to ask. Coming back to Akhilesh and Yamini, he threatens Yamini, he blackmails saying he wants a share of Nagmani. He then threatens to expose her. He makes Yamini do demeaning things. Shivangi and Rudra meet up to find out more about Akhilesh. Ishan, Rocky’s friend spots the two of them together.Kali Naagin confronts Yamini and demands an explanation for Akhilesh.

    Kali Naagin asks her why he has come here, that’s when Yamini reveals for the same thing as her – Nagmani. Yamini then tells Kaali Nagin to get together with Madhumakhi and kill Akhilesh off while  he is sleeping. Yamini asks Kali Naagin to finish him off but Madhumakhi gets there first, and stings her but nothing happens to him. Akhilesh wakes up and then talks out loud, saying he knew that Yamini would send both of them to kill him. That’s when he makes a promises himself to teach her lesson that she will remember forever. Madhumakhi and Kali Naagin tell Yamini that he has special powers because they are unable to kill him. Also Read: Naagin 4th December 2016 Full Episode, Written Update: Shivangi revives Rudra while Ankush Raheja’s twin brother Akhilesh makes an entry

    Next day Rocky overhears Ruchika crying.  He enquires why she is crying. Ruchika confesses that she misses him. He just quietly consoles her. Ishan calls up and tells Rocky that he saw Shivangi with her guy. Rocky tells Ruchika about the conversation. Ruchika tries to manipulate him but he stops her right there and tells her to not even try creating misunderstanding between a wife and husband. Meanwhile Rudra and Shivangi continue plotting, they decided to create a rift between Akhilesh and Yamini.

     Meanwhile Rocky enquires about Shivangi’s friend and realises she is lying. They then have a romantic moment. Yamini is snooping in Akhilesh’s room when he turns up out of nowhere. Akhilesh scares the hell out of her and suggests that she will make him a garuda Kavach. After a strange phone call, Yamini and Akhilesh introduce the house to a new guest – Rudra! Shivangi is wondering whether is Rudra on their side. Rocky is furious to see him when Yamini reveals that Rudra is Srivaastav’s son. Yamini also reveals that Rudra is actually innocent. Shivangi then confronts Rudra and asks him how he landed up at the house as a guest. Rudra then explains to Shivangi that he called Yamini and Akhilesh to the Panchner Haveli and  told them that he is Rudra, their relative. He reveals some people had kidnapped saying he was the key to Naagmani. Yamini eyes open wide on hearing that. Rudra convinces him that he is indeed the key to Nagamani because he has a tattoo symbol on his back.

    Shivangi asks where he got suryavansh symbol from. Rudra then explain through some spells he got the symbol. Rudra and Shivangi plot to create a misunderstanding between Yamini and Akhilesh. Yamini then finds out that Aaliya, Rocky’s sister is crushing on Rudra. Aaliya was scared of Yamini’s reaction but she unexpectedly breaks into a smile. That’s when Yamini promises Aaliya that she will go talk to Rudra’s parents and ask for his hand in marriage. Of course her ulterior motive is keep the key to Naagmani close to her. Akhilesh and Yamini get into an argument that Shivangi and Rudra overhears them. Akhilesh threatens to expose her if Yamini doesn’t give him, his share of money. Yamini isn’t afraid of his threat. Rudra and Shivangi plan to kill Akhilesh off tomorrow. They are talking when Rocky spots them together and wonder what his wife is doing with Rudra.