• Naagin 2: Rudra sucks Shesha‘s poison from Shivangi’s body

    Shesha (Ada Khan) to bite Shivangi (Mouni Roy), Rudra sucks Shesha‘s poison from Shivangi’s body in Naagin 2
    The upcoming episode of Naagin 2 will show that Shehsa traps Shivangi and both get stuck in huge fight taking their naagin avatar.
    Shesha is in 118 years old naagin and very powerful than Shivangi so she bites her in end of fight.

    Shivangi gets unconscious and manages reaching to Rudra where Rudra gets panic seeing Shivangi and ask baba to do something.
    Rudra (Kinshuk Mahajan) saves Shivangi from Shesha's poison
    Baba tells Rudra that he is himself a powerful snake so he is only capable to digest Shesha’s poison and Rudra saves Shivangi’s life finally.

    Rudra and Shivangi realize as now their mission of killing culprit get tough for them as Shivangi gets exposed to everyone.
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