• Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th December – Full Episode

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th December 2016 Written Episode

    Dev prays god not to take away his family and Sona’s happiness. Sona enters Ishwari’s room at night. Ishwari asks what happened, if she wants to tell her something. Sona hesitates. Ishwari says she should give her a chance to make her as 4th daughter, she should forget her inhibitions. Sona says everything happened suddenly, if they should be happy before confirming pregnancy test. Ishwari says a mother gets signal first and as an experienced mother, she can tell everything is fine, they will go to hospital tomorrow.

    In the morning, Ishwari with Dev and Neha takes Sona to hospital for checkup. Dev takes Sona in while Ishwari with Neha waits in a waiting area nervously. Neha asks why she is showing so much love to Sona, she will snatch Dev completely
    from her. Ishwari says nothing will happen, Sona is becoming mother and she should get all the love she deserves.

    Bejoy informs Asha and Sourav that he has accepted society’s secretary post as he wants his grandchild be proud that his grandfather is a housing society secretary. Sourav says he took a right decision.

    Doc takes Sona’s blood sample. Dev looks nervously. Sona asks him to relax. They both walk out. Ishwari asks if everything is fine. Doc comes behind and says yes, they will get report in 1-2 hours. Dev says he has some work nearby, so he will bring report home. Ishwari leaves with Neha and Sona.

    Elena gets ready in a short dress for her youth party. Vicky taunts her. She says she is not behanji like Sona to wear full dresses, why did she become pregnant so early after marriage. He says women are born to bear children and should do same. She says so funny.

    Riya gives pregnancy do and don’t list to Sona and says she downloaded it from net. Nikki mimics pregnancy with big tummy. Ishwari sees her and scolds. Sona and Riya laugh.

    Dev waits in doc’s room. Doc says her husband told a man gets nervous in 2 situation, one before his wife’s pregnant test confirmation and two during his wife’s labor. Dev asks if reports came. Doc says yes and looks at report carefully. Dev nervously looks at her.

    GKB with Vicky waits for Elena to return from party. Elena returns. GKB is shocked to see he wearing short dress and asks what is this. Elena says party was so rocky, Vicky should have also come, she enjoy butter chicken. GKB asks what….Elena says she cannot live without nonveg and is not a goat to eat grass. GKB asks her to take a bath soon. Elena asks why and tries to hug her. GKB asks not to inform anyone outside. Elena asks why, then says she will tell everyone that she is a grass eating animal. Vicky hits his head on sofa nervously.

    Ishwari force feeds juice to Sona and says she has to make a diet chaaarat/chart now. Nikki laughs chaarat. Dev returns. Ishwari excitedly says she knows what is in report, but he should tell. Riya and Nikki ask if they are becoming aunt or not…Dev says maa according to report, she is right, Sona is pregnant. Ishwari happily hugs Sona and says she knew. Dev reminisces doc telling report is negative and Sona is not pregnant. He thinks maa thought her that a lie told to unite someone is not wrong, he does not want to break Sona and Ishwari’s new relationship. Soon truth will be out, but by then, Sona and Ishwari’s relationship will be so strong that neither him nor god will be able to break it. Ishwari says Dev that he should take care of Sona well now.

    Precap: Sona tells Ishwari that they both will go and pray for even Dev. Dev says why for him, maa used to tell always that he comes between her and her god, he will go today alone and pray god. He goes to temple.