• Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th December – Full Episode

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th December 2016 Written Episode

    Dev stands in a shock after Sona informs him that she is pregnant. Whole family celebrates. Ishwari forcefully takes Sona to finish her dinner and feeds Sona with her hands. Bejoy sees that and tells Asha that Ishwari become mother from saas and feeding Sona with so much love. Dev sees Ishwari taking care of Sona so well and reminisces Sona and Ishwari’s earlier arguments. He goes to his room and checks Sona’s medical reports and thinks if these reports are wrong or mom and Sona, may be reports are wrong as they are very old. He does not know if he should believe these reports or Sona and mom…he should live in today and not past. He tears papers. Ishwari comes and asks him what is he doing. He says throwing old papers. She asks how to tell dhanywad
    in English. He says thank you. She hugs him and says thank you for making me daadi. She gives him moral gyan that he has to spend as much time with Sona as he can, he has to become a life partner from husband now. She sees him staring at her and asks what is he looking at. He says he is looking at her, he is very happy that she has accepted Sona like she loves him. She says she knows what he means, even she is feeling difference in her, grandchild’s desire made her maa instead of saas, she wants too become daadi now. She hugs and thanks him again.

    Ishwari takes Dev down and asks him to sit next to his wife, she will bring halwa for him. Bejoy asks Asha if she needs boy or girl. She says girl, what if boy becomes like him. Bejoy fumes and Asha smiles. Dev tells Sona that he is angry on ther that she informed everyone first except him. She says mom wanted to see his expression and asks him to smile now. He smiles. Ishwari brings halwa. Bejoy asks Dev while is he not eating. Ishwari says Sona is holding hand. Riya says bhabhi should hold bhaiya’s hand tightly now as it is double celebration. Ishwari asks Dev to feed Sona and make her double her weight. Nikki says she did not know pregnancy has so many benefits. GKB signals to keep quiet. Neha fumes in jealousy seeing all this. They all hear dhol sound. Bejoy says he called them as it calls for celebrations. Whole family dances. Dev takes Sona aside when did she come to know about her pregnancy. She says in the morning. He asks if she got a checkup. She says no, mom is very experienced and she cannot be wrong.

    Vicky takes Elena to their room and starts nok jhok with her. She jokes that she will remvoe mangalsutra. He says he will kill her if she removes it. She says he is so possesive. He says let us give good news to everyone and drags her. She pushes him and runs.

    At Bose house, Asha asks till howmuch they have to wait. Daadi says 9 months. Bejoy says he has decided names for baby and says Sanjoy, dhanajoy, nirjoy. Asha says they all sound same like his name. Bejoy says yes. Souav says Ishwari aunty will pronounce Sanjay, Dhananjay, Nirjay…Bejoy says yes, that woman cannot see his happiness. Asha says Ishwari is their samdhi. Bejoy says that is why he jokes.

    Sona while resting on bed emotionally speaks to her unborn baby that she was having so many problems with maa, but after he/she came, they both forgot all their differences. Dev on the other side prays god to not break family’s hope, he can break his heart and self-respect, but not Sona’s hope, he cannot see her shattered. He reminisces Sona asking why he does not believe in god. He says a human can do anything he wants. He folds his hands in front of god and pleads not accept his prayers.

    Precap: Doc gives Sona’s reports to Dev. Dev returns home. Ishwari asks what is written in report, she knows already. Dev nervously says according to report…